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04 Jan 2019 description

The Panama Ministry of Health has reported an increase in cases of hantavirus infection in Los Santos Province, Republic of Panama, to the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). Between 1 January and 22 December 2018, a total of 103 confirmed cases of hantavirus have been reported at the national level, 99 of which were reported in Los Santos Province. In Los Santos Province, 51 cases were classified as hantavirus fever1 (HF) without pulmonary syndrome and 48 cases were classified as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome2 (HPS), including four deaths.

15 Mar 2018 description
report World Bank

Washington, March 15, 2018—The World Bank Board of Directors approved a US$80 million project today to improve the infrastructure and quality of health, education, water and sanitation services in 12 Indigenous territories of Panama. The innovative project is based on the priorities established by the Indigenous communities and their traditional leaders.

16 Feb 2017 description

A. Situation Analysis

Description of the Disaster

For the time being, weather conditions in the country have improved and no further damage from the rains has been detected, which has allowed communities to begin the post-emergency recovery phase; the Red Cross Society of Panama is continuously monitoring the affected areas through its provincial branches.

06 Jul 2016 description
report Redhum

Panamá, 06 de Julio 2016
Fuente: Estrella de Panamá

La cifra de personas fallecidas por el virus A(H1N1) aumenta a 42 y al mismo tiempo, el Ministerio de Salud (Minsa) informó de tres muertes por dengue.

Desde el último reporte del Minsa, el pasado viernes, hasta la fecha se confirmaron las tres nuevas muertes por A(H1N1) y a pesar de que los cosos del dengue aumentaban en el país, las autoridades de Salud no habían informado de fallecimientos por esta enfermedad, que es transmitida por la picadura del mosquito Aedes aegypti.


11 Apr 2016 description


  • FLOODS: The number of people affected by floods in Argentina has increased.
    More than 16,000 people have been evacuated.

    Two million people need humanitarian assistance in Haiti. The humanitarian community is requesting US$193.8 million to address this and other emergency needs in the country.

05 Apr 2016 description


  • MIGRANTS: 3,613 Cuban migrants are stranded in Panama and cannot continue their journey to the United States due to the closing of Costa Rica and Nicaragua borders.

  • RAINS AND FLOODS: In Peru, the rainy season, strengthened by El Niño, has affected some 103,267 people as of the end of 2015. In Argentina last week 1,400 people were displaced due to rains, while 19 provinces of Ecuador remain on alert.

30 Mar 2016 description

On 15 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Panama informed PAHO/WHO of a case of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) with concomitant Zika virus infection.

30 Mar 2016 description

On 18 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Panama notified PAHO/WHO of a newborn with concomitant microcephaly, occipital encephalocele and Zika virus infection.

01 Jan 2016 description
report Redhum

Panamá, 01 de Enero 2016
Fuente: La Tribuna

Autoridades del Ministerio de Salud de Panamá confirmaron hoy la existencia 24 casos de Zika en el país desde el pasado 12 de noviembre, todos en la comarca indígena Guna Yala, en el Caribe de Panamá..

En una conferencia de prensa la directora General de Salud del Ministerio de Salud (Minsa), Itza Barahona de Mosca, dijo que el Hospital Gorgas confirmó hoy la existencia de 15 de estos casos de un total de 60 sospechosos.

22 Dec 2015 description

Disease Outbreak News
22 December 2015

On 14 December 2015, the National IHR Focal Point (NFP) of Panama notified PAHO/WHO of one (1) additional laboratory-confirmed case of Zika virus infection.

As of 17 December, 4 cases of Zika virus had been confirmed by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). All laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika virus infection are female ranging in age between 25 and 59 years.

18 Dec 2015 description

On 15 November 2015, a group of approximately 1,300 Cuban migrants flew to Ecuador and then travelled by their own means through Colombia to the border town of La Miel, Panama. The National Maritime Service of Panama (SENAN) in the province of Colon mobilized the migrants to Puerto Obaldia in the province of Darien, where they completed a seven-day migratory process.

20 Jul 2015 description

By María Mercedes Martínez

Driven by the humanitarian imperative that underlies the mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the Costa Rican and Panamanian Red Cross Societies have been cooperating for years to provide ambulance services to whoever is need in the border zones between their countries. However, this sometimes requires either the provider or the patient to cross a border, which can raise regulatory issues.

05 Sep 2013 description

(Panama City) September 4, 2013 — Panama and other countries in the region have long felt the spillover effects of the armed conflict in Colombia. Since the fighting began in the early 1960s, more than five million Colombians have been internally displaced; another 400,000 have fled to other countries seeking international protection, with 113,605 officially recognized as refugees by UNHCR (as of December 2011). For decades, Panama has been receiving—and in some cases expelling—refugees fleeing violence.

07 Aug 2013 description

Summary: 52,450 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 30 November 2012 to support the Red Cross Society of Panama to carry out assessments and deliver immediate assistance to some 750 beneficiaries. On 20 December, the budget was revised to reassign expenditure lines and increase the number of beneficiaries to 2,757 families (13,785 beneficiaries).