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21 Oct 2018 description

Le Tchad fait face à des crises humanitaires interconnectées, dans un contexte de pauvreté chronique et de faible développement économique et social. La situation sécuritaire dans les pays voisins continue d’engendrer des mouvements de personnes vers le Tchad, en particulier au sud en provenance de la République Centrafricaine (RCA), ainsi que des déplacements internes dans la région du Lac. En outre le retour volontaire des réfugiés se poursuit, avec 353 réfugiés soudanais au Darfour et près de 4 000 réfugiés tchadiens du Soudan dans le Sila.

21 Oct 2018 description

Chad faces interconnected humanitarian crises in a context of chronic poverty and low economic and social development. The security situation in neighbouring countries continues to generate population movements, particularly from the Central African Republic (CAR) in the south, as well as internal displacement in the Lac region . In addition, the voluntary return of refugees continues, with 353 Sudanese refugees back in Darfur and approximately 4,000 Chadian refugees from Sudan in the Sila region.

21 Oct 2018 description


La situation alimentaire au Tchad se détériore, à l’image de la tendance régionale dans le Sahel. Selon les résultats du cadre harmonisé de mars 2018, 4 millions de personnes devraient être en insécurité alimentaire pendant la période de soudure (juin-août 2018), auxquels s’ajoutent environ 510 000 réfugiés et retournés. Parmi ces personnes, 991 000 sont en insécurité alimentaire sévère (phases «crise» et «urgence») - ayant épuisé leurs réserves alimentaires et ne pouvant subvenir à leurs besoins alimentaires de base.

21 Oct 2018 description


The food situation in Chad has deteriorated, as is the case of the regional trend in the Sahel. Based on the results of the March 2018 harmonized framework, 4 million people are due to be food insecure during the lean season (June-August 2018), to whom we add approximately 510,000 refugees and returnees. Among these people, 991,000 are severely food insecure ("crisis" and "emergency” phases) - having exhausted their food reserves and unable to meet their basic food needs.

20 Oct 2018 description

referrals issued to Gaza patients to health facilities outside the Palestinian Ministry of Health

of Gaza patient and companion permit applications to Israeli authorities for exit via Erez approved
Gaza patients
Gaza patient companions

of West Bank patient and companion permit applications to Israeli authorities approved

Gaza patients called for security interview, application approved

20 Oct 2018 description

Panama/Geneva, October 20, 2018— Red Cross societies are providing medical care and support to thousands of people moving north through Central America.

Red Cross volunteers report that many of the people they are supporting, a majority of whom are women and children, are suffering from dehydration, stomach infections, and foot injuries as they walk the long journey.

Walter Cotte, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Regional Director for the Americas said:

20 Oct 2018 description
report United Nations

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General (SESG), Christine Schraner Burgener, undertook her third visit to Myanmar from 10 to 20 October where she held consultations with State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, other government and military leaders, ethnic armed organizations, local and religious leaders, NGOs, UN agencies and the diplomatic community.

“Accountability is one of two important pillars for national reconciliation, the other is inclusive dialogue,” she said repeatedly. “Credible fact-finding is the first step towards accountability.”

20 Oct 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


Cameroon: Two confirmed cases were reported from the Extreme North Region for the first time since the begining of the outbreak. The risk of propagation to Chad remains significant.

D. R. Congo: continuing decrease in Kasai Oriental but lethality still high. The overall situation is still concerning.

Niger: Encouraging decrease in the number of new cases over the past two weeks. However, the risk of further propagation remains high as border districts are still affected.

20 Oct 2018 description


• Despite increased efforts of humanitarian partners, living conditions for families displaced by the drought remain harsh.

• Families displaced by the drought have consumed their food assistance and negative coping mechanisms like marrying off girls are on the rise.

• The attack on Ghazni City in August trapped thousands of families in their homes during days of heavy fighting.

• The UN officially launched Awaaz Afghanistan, the first inter-agency nationwide call centre that people in need can reach tollfree by dialling 4-1-0.

20 Oct 2018 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity provides the opportunity for the generous donors to fund other projects through the “Gaza the Right to Live” campaign.
Qatar Charity’s (QC) office in Gaza has implemented 15 health projects in the Gaza Strip during the period 2008-2018 at a cost of QR66mn, which benefited around two million people.

20 Oct 2018 description
report Sphere India

1. Executive Summary

With the state receiving 758.6 mm rainfall between 1st August and 19th August, 164% more than the average of 287.6 mm, Kerala faced unprecedented flooding. Kerala received 42% more rains than usual since the onset of the Monsoon in June. By midAugust, there had been 2346.3 mm of rainfall instead of an average of 1649.55 mm. The highest rainfall was in Idukki district, which received 92% more rains. This was followed by Palakkad, which received 72% more rains.

20 Oct 2018 description
report Caritas

Caritas Internationalis has launched a campaign with UNAIDS and PEPFAR to promote the diagnosis and early treatment of childhood HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The announcement came after more than 130 religious leaders and health providers met in Kisangani on September 18 to discuss ways to better identify cases of AIDS in children and how to better mobilise communities to improve the diagnosis and treatment for children living with AIDS.

20 Oct 2018 description

A strategy meeting on the Horn of Africa and Yemen was held by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, in Addis Ababa on 13 and 14 October to develop a framework and action plan to guide the Fund’s work and partnerships in the region.

Forced displacement, family separation, and lack of basic protection mechanisms and essential services put women and girls at risk of sexual violence in particular. Together with high fertility rates, this scenario is putting pressure on limited resources and negatively impacting the future of youth.

20 Oct 2018 description

Un taller organizado por la OPS capacitó a 35 oficiales de salud del Caribe sobre cómo responder rápida y efectivamente a cualquier caso importado de sarampión o rubéola.

Washington, DC, octubre 19 2018 (OPS / OMS) - Han pasado más de 25 años desde que el Caribe reportó su último caso endémico de sarampión. Pero el riesgo de casos importados ha persistido porque el virus continúa circulando en países de todo el mundo.

20 Oct 2018 description

aracas, 19 de octubre de 2018 (OPS / OMS)- La implementación de planes integrales para incrementar las coberturas de vacunación, controlar la malaria, disminuir la mortalidad materna y neonatal e integrar la red de atención primaria de la salud fueron los temas centrales planteados por las autoridades del Ministerio del Poder Popular de la Salud (MPPS), con apoyo de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud / Organización Mundial de la Salud (OPS / OMS), durante la presentación del Plan de Acción de Salud: Nueva Etapa, el 18 y 19 de octubre de 2018, en la Escuela Venezolana de …

20 Oct 2018 description
report MERCY Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 19 October 2018… Wah Seong Corporation Berhad raised RM50,000 in a charity car wash held recently at its Bukit Kemuning facilities in support of MERCY Malaysia’s post-disaster recovery aid for the people in Palu.

Over 100 staff, suppliers, friends and customers across their four subsidiary companies – PMT Industries Sdn Bhd, Mackenzie Industries Sdn Bhd, Jutasama Sdn Bhd, WDG Resources Sdn Bhd – participated in the event, with around 80 cars and one excavator being washed by staff volunteers.

20 Oct 2018 description


  • Although the number of attacks appear to be decreasing, the casualities and losses in resources is rising. The nature of the attacks has significantly changed and the effects of the attacks are becoming more severe;

  • An alarming number of Health Personnel has been attacked. Health Personnel are constantly being harassed, detained, kidnapped or the worst happens and they get killed. A total number of 13 Health Personnel were killed during multiple attacks this year;