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16 Aug 2018 description
report BioMed Central

S. Benjamin Doty, Emily E. Haroz, Namrita S. Singh, Sergiy Bogdanov, Judith K. Bass, Laura K. Murray, Karis L. Callaway and Paul A. Bolton

Conflict and Health 2018 12:34


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16 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

posté le 14 AOÛT 2018 par YVES WILLEMOT

KINSHASA, 14 août 2018 – L’UNICEF expédie 90 tonnes supplémentaires de fournitures sanitaires, d’eau et d’assainissement pour aider à contenir l’épidémie de maladie à virus Ebola dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC).

16 Aug 2018 description


  • 14/07/2018 : Declaration chine epidemie de cholera au Cameroun par le Ministre de la Sante Publique (2 regions en epidemie et 5 regions a haut risque)

  • 07 nouveaux cas suspects enregistres depuis le 10/08/2018

  • Au total 168 cas suspects, 17 confirmes, 12 deices (7 communautaires) avec un taux de letalite de 7,1 %

16 Aug 2018 description

ZAHEDAN (IRGC), Aug. 15 (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has launched a humanitarian campaign under the title of “Water Offering” to offer services to the deprived people of the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan. Over 50,000 in-kind contributions have been provided to the needy by benefactors.

This campaign is mounted in three sections, including, “health”, “providing clean water”, and “livelihoods services”. For this purpose, Iranian Red Crescent dispatched 19 health caravans from different provinces to Sistan and Baluchestan.

16 Aug 2018 description
report Direct Relief

By Lara Cooper

As Ebola casualties continue to rise in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Direct Relief has shipped critical protective equipment to the region to safeguard patients and healthcare workers from the disease.

Ebola is an infectious and often fatal disease that results in fever and severe internal bleeding. It is highly contagious through infected bodily fluids such as sweat, blood, and saliva, and remains infectious even after death. Access to proper protective gear is critical to prevent the spread of disease.

16 Aug 2018 description

Key Messages


  • Fighting in Ghazni City centre has subsided with the Taliban reportedly regrouping in the northern, western and southern areas. Afghan National Security Forces reinforcements continue to arrive and clearance operations are ongoing.

16 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

Children returned to Central America and Mexico at heightened risk of violence, stigma and deprivation

UNICEF Child Alert report shows dangerous journeys and deportations intensify root causes of irregular migration

15 Aug 2018 description

Each year on World Humanitarian Day, we stand in solidarity with the millions of people affected by conflict and the aid and health workers who risk their lives to assist them. We take the day as an opportunity to remind the world of our collective responsibility to bring that suffering to an end.

World Humanitarian Day marks the bombing of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad on 19 August 2003, in which 22 people were killed.

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15 Aug 2018 description

El Gobierno Nacional, a través de la Secretaría de Gestión de Riesgos (SGR), coordinó la habilitación de cinco Centros Temporales de Tránsito como medida de respuesta ante el masivo flujo migratorio de ciudadanos venezolanos en el país. Estos espacios fueron instalados en las Unidades Multiuso de la Policía Metropolitana Carcelén, La Delicia, La Y, La Tola, La Gatazo.

15 Aug 2018 description

Mauritania hosts over 2,000 urban refugees and asylumseekers and more than 56,000 Malian refugees in Mbera camp established in 2012 in the arid south-eastern region close to the Malian border.

Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, large-scale returns of Malian refugees are not expected due to persistent violence in northern Mali. In July alone, 19 new arrivals were registered in Mbera camp.

15 Aug 2018 description

About 3ie

The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) promotes evidence-informed equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. We support the generation and effective use of high-quality evidence to inform decision-making and improve the lives of people living in poverty in low- and middle-income countries. We provide guidance and support to produce, synthesise and quality assure evidence of what works, for whom, how, why and at what cost.

3ie impact evaluations

15 Aug 2018 description

San Juan, Puerto Rico (August 15, 2018) – Following the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Maria, Save the Children is teaming up with Puerto Rico’s Department of Education and Rocky Mountain Institute of Boulder, Colorado to support 12 schools that were greatly impacted during last year’s historic hurricane season. Save the Children will focus efforts on helping the schools and their communities become more resilient in the event of a future natural disaster and strengthening social and emotional learning for the entire school populations.

15 Aug 2018 description


• Residents of Chyhari flee in search of safety and protection

• May 2018 – the deadliest month in 2018 so far

• Water and sanitation facilities are targeted yet again

• UNSC briefing on Ukraine was held in New York

• Positive legislation developments on access to essential services

• Halfway through 2018, Humanitarian Response Plan is only 22 per cent funded

Civilians flee Chyhari as armed clashes rapidly escalate

15 Aug 2018 description
report People in Need

(Prague, 13 August 2018) 65 million people had to flee their homes last year because of armed conflicts. The number of armed attacks on densely populated areas – villages and towns - has been increasing. Hostile parties have been using civilian targets to demonstrate their power.

According to the United Nations, the number of civilians killed or injured during explosive attacks in 2017 increased by 38% in comparison with the preceding year; which means that out of 42 972 casualties 31 904 were civilians.

15 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Yves Willemot

For Jean-Pierre Masuku, the fight against the new Ebola epidemic in North Kivu, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is not new. He witnessed the disease in Equateur Province, 2,500 kilometres west of the newly affected areas. “But whatever it is, you do not get used to fighting a highly dangerous, contagious and deadly disease like Ebola,” he says.

The work is definitely not over. We still have a lot of people to sensitize

15 Aug 2018 description
report Rotary

“The fact that no new cases of wild poliovirus have been detected in Nigeria points to the improved surveillance and rapid response protocols Rotary and its Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners have established, particularly in insecure and inaccessible areas,” said Michael K. McGovern, chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee. “While this progress is promising, it’s time to redouble our efforts so we can continue to maintain the political and financial support necessary to end polio for good.”

15 Aug 2018 description

Le Niger fait face à une nouvelle épidémie de choléra, qui s’est déclarée dans le district sanitaire de Madarounfa, et s’est etendue au district sanitaire de Maradi commune, dans la région de Maradi.

Les trois premiers cas ont été admis au Centre de santé intégré de N’Yelwa dans la nuit du 4 au 5 juillet 2018, en provenance de Jibiya, au Nigéria voisin. Le 12 juillet, une analyse biologique a confirmé l’épidémie de choléra.

15 Aug 2018 description

The southwestern state of Kerala has been facing the worst monsoon season since 1924, causing severe flooding and landslides especially in the northern part of the state, where eight districts remain on red alert. As of 14 August, over 60,000 people have been evacuated to some 500 relief camps across the state, and 39 deaths have been reported. Beginning 8 August and as 14 August, this is the second major flood in Kerala this monsoon season, and the impact is greater than in July, when over 34,000 people were displaced in 265 relief camps.