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17 Jan 2019 description

De acuerdo al último relevamiento permanecen 3374 personas desplazadas en todo el país. De ese total, 1048 son evacuadas y 2326 autoevacuadas.

17 Jan 2019 description

WHO is supporting the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar to respond to an unusually large measles outbreak. Madagascar last experienced measles outbreaks in 2003 and 2004, with reported number of cases at 62 233 and 35 558, respectively. Since then, the number of reported cases had sharply declined until the current outbreak. From 4 October 2018 to 7 January 2019, 19 539 measles cases and 39 “facility-based” deaths (case fatality ratio: 0.2%) have been reported by the Ministry of Public Health (MoH) of Madagascar.

17 Jan 2019 description

Kinshasa, 17 January 2019 – Since the end of December 2018, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been running an emergency medical response to provide primary healthcare and to support secondary healthcare for people affected by last December’s eruption of violence in Mai-Ndombe Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

17 Jan 2019 description

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine – “We had been together for 12 years, but over a year ago, he started battering me,” Anna* described, recalling her husband’s increasingly erratic

behaviour. Then a few months ago, he threatened her with a knife and she knew it was time to get away.

The following day, she pretended to take her two sons to school, then fled to her sister’s house in another city.

But the ordeal left her children reeling, and Anna did not know where to turn.

17 Jan 2019 description

17 January 2019, Damascus, Syria – The World Health Organization expresses severe concern about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Rukban settlement close to the border with Jordan, and calls for immediate access to the settlement to assess the health situation, provide essential medicines and medical supplies, and support the medical evacuation of critically ill patients.

17 Jan 2019 description

Bruxelles, le 16 janvier 2019

Alors que le nombre de personnes frappées par des crises humanitaires dans le monde ne cesse de grossir, l'UE a adopté pour 2019 un budget initial annuel pour l'aide humanitaire sans précédent, d'un montant de 1,6 milliard d'euros.

Entre conflits régionaux de longue durée au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique et incidence grandissante du changement climatique sur la planète, les crises humanitaires s'aggravent, tandis que les combats compromettent le bon acheminement de l'aide aux plus nécessiteux.

17 Jan 2019 description

Committee on the Rights of the Child

16 January 2019

The Committee on the Rights of the Child today concluded its examination of the fifth periodic report of Syria on measures taken to implement the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

17 Jan 2019 description

A Bognor Regis business in West Sussex is helping children in some of the world’s poorest countries to receive lifesaving vaccines

Published 17 January 2019

From: Department for International Development and The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP

17 Jan 2019 description


In mid December intercommunal clashes between people of Banunu and Batende ethnicities in Yumbi territory (Mai-Ndombe) left almost 900 people dead and some 465 houses and buildings destroyed. Around 24,000 people fled to neighbouring Congo-Brazzaville. The new refugee influx places additional pressure on the 10,000 members of the host community already in need of humanitarian assistance. The renewed violence is believed to be related to tensions surrounding the recent election process.

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17 Jan 2019 description
report Save the Children

Global Hand washing day and World Toilet day raise awareness of the facts and the essential interventions to prevent death and disease from water borne disease. These days aren’t glamorous, but they are fun and effective ways to prevent diarrhoea.


17 Jan 2019 description

Key Figures
- 5,159: Total incidents January to November

November developments

17 Jan 2019 description
  • The situation in the so-called “berm”, the no-man’s land to the north-eastern border between Jordan and Syria, remains precarious. Approximately 50 000 Syrian refugees, mostly women and children, are still stranded with no access to Jordan and changed to permanent link very limited access to assistance.
  • DG ECHO's partners continue to receive alarming reports about deteriorating conditions including food scarcity, excessive food prices, scarcity of fuel and degrading heath conditions.
17 Jan 2019 description
report ACTED

Grâce au soutien du Conseil du Cercle de Douentza (centre du Mali) et du Conseil Départemental de l’Essonne (réseau EDDN) le projet a permis la guérison de plus de 142 enfants malnutris et de leurs familles.

La soudure, une période à haut risque à Douentza

17 Jan 2019 description

Nearly 36 million children in Ethiopia are poor and lack access to basic social services, a new report reveals

An estimated 36 million of a total population of 41 million children under the age of 18 in Ethiopia are multi-dimensionally poor, meaning they are deprived of basic goods and services in at least three dimensions, says a new report released today by the Central Statistical Agency and UNICEF.

17 Jan 2019 description
report Human Rights Watch
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War Crimes by Saudi-Led Coalition, Houthis Go Unaddressed

(Beirut) – The Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi armed group engaged in a conflict in Yemen which have turned the country's humanitarian crisis into a full-blown catastrophe, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2019.