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13 Dec 2017 description


World Humanitarian Data and Trends presents global and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance. Its purpose is to consolidate this information and present it in an accessible way, providing policymakers, researchers and humanitarian practitioners with an evidence base to support humanitarian policy decisions and provide context for operational decisions.
The information presented covers two main areas: humanitarian needs and assistance in 2016, and humanitarian trends, challenges and opportunities.

13 Dec 2017 description

Concerns for hundreds of unaccompanied children sleeping rough in Greece this winter

NGOs launch roadmap for handover of refugee response to Greek Government

More than 2,000 unaccompanied children are on the waiting list for safe shelters in Greece, according to a new report by 12 organisations. The chronic shortage of accommodation for children is just one of the gaps in services that is worsening as the Greek Government prepares to take full control of the refugee response.

13 Dec 2017 description


A number of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 have targets that relate to health.

12 Dec 2017 description
report BioMed Central

Massey et al. Conflict and Health (2017) 11:29
DOI 10.1186/s13031-017-0133-x



11 Dec 2017 description

As of 6 December, 110 clinically diagnosed cases of diphtheria, including six deaths have been reported, with most cases in the Balukhali makeshift settlement (BMS), located in the larger Kutupalong–Balukhali expansion site. Other cases have been detected in Jamtoli and Thangkhali settlements. Low vaccination coverage amongst the camp population increases their vulnerability to the disease, which is particularly deadly for children. Congestion in sites, unevenly distributed health facilities and poor WASH infrastructure facilitate the spread of the disease, particularly during winter.

08 Dec 2017 description

The objective of the VAS is to provide baseline data to map the basic needs and critical gaps of services in areas of high return and to share the findings with government authorities and partners for better planning and targeting of transition and recovery activities. Wau County was prioritized by the Inter Cluster Working Group (ICWG) in Wau due to the increasing number of returnees observed to be moving from the PoC AA site and collective centres (churches) back to their home areas in Wau County. Ninety-four per cent of IDPs staying at PoC AA are from Wau County itself.

08 Dec 2017 description

Situation of Education in the Current Conflict and Humanitarian Context

08 Dec 2017 description


749 Schistosomiasis and soiltransmitted helminthiases: number of people treated in 2016


749 Schistosomiase et géohelminthiases: nombre de personnes traitées en 2016

06 Dec 2017 description


L’étude sur le coût de la faim en Afrique (CDFA) est une initiative régionale menée par la Commission de l’Union Africaine à travers laquelle les pays sont en mesure d’estimer l’impact social et économique de la sous-nutrition chez l’enfant pour une année donnée. Au vu de l’importance des questions de nutrition pour le Mali, le Gouvernement a décidé de mettre en oeuvre cette étude afin d’apprécier les conséquences sociales et économiques de la sous-nutrition des enfants de moins de cinq ans dans le pays.

06 Dec 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

17 million babies under the age of 1 breathe toxic air, majority live in South Asia – UNICEF

As the highest-level decision-making body on the environment takes place over the next three days in Nairobi at the UN Environment Assembly, a new UNICEF paper warns that 17 million babies across the the world are breathing toxic air, putting their brain development at risk.

UNICEF urges immediate action to reduce air pollution amid emerging evidence on how toxic air can affect brain development in young children

05 Dec 2017 description
report World Bank

1. Resumen Ejecutivo

La región ha logrado avances significativos en la lucha contra la pobreza y la desigualdad de los ingresos