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16 Dec 2009 description

By Chris Herlinger/CWS

The Dec. 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami was one of the largest-scale disasters in modern history, both in terms of its geographic reach (it affected more than a half-dozen countries) and the global response it prompted.

11 Dec 2009 description



Dr. Kashif Islam, a health project officer with Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan, says that volunteer health workers from CWS mounted a medical response assisting more than 3,000 people displaced by the military conflict in Swat earlier this year.

"The doctors and staff who started working for us voluntarily knew that... they needed to help these families...," says Dr. Kashif.

Because of the volunteer work, communities and aid workers have been able to avoid significant disease outbreaks, explains Dr.

30 Nov 2009 description


"By joining my youth working group, I not only gained new friends, but also learned how to run my own small business, selling oranges," explains 13-year-old youth caregiver Andrew Tumusiime. "This has helped me to care for my mother, who is HIV-positive, and my younger brother."

Tumusiime is taking part in the Church World Service-supported Giving Hope Program. Through the program, young people are empowered to continue their education, grow food, make items to sell, or start small businesses.

20 Nov 2009 description


As the world observes Universal Children's Day (Nov.

16 Oct 2009 description

Appeal Number: # 699-K

Appeal Goal: $3,861,762

Funding Received To Date: $2,517,341

SITUATION: This updates information for the expanded CWS appeal issued June 3, 2009.

The fighting between Pakistani military forces and Taliban insurgents in the northwest part of the country uprooted more than 2 million people earlier this year.

According to recent news reports, more than two-thirds of those displaced people returned home.

16 Oct 2009 description

Appeal Number: #699-P

Appeal Amount: $202,000

SITUATION: As it did with the Philippines and Cambodia, Typhoon Ketsana struck Vietnam in late September, causing serious damage. The storm, hitting Vietnam on September 29, killed 163 persons in 14 provinces in central Vietnam. More than 258,000 houses were destroyed or damaged; flooding affected nearly 295,000 others, more than 100,000 of them in the central province of Thua Thien Hue.

Other infrastructure damaged included roads, schools, health clinics, agricultural land, irrigation systems and dykes.

08 Oct 2009 description

Appeal Number: #699-L

Appeal Amount: $2,361,540

(PLEASE NOTE: This appeal is for the earthquake that struck Sumatra on Sept. 30, NOT the appeal for the quake that struck West Java Province on Sept. 2, 2009. A separate CWS appeal was issued for that disaster, #699-K, on Oct. 5.)

SITUATION: The official death toll from the West Sumatra, Indonesia, earthquake that struck Sept. 30, now stands at 704, the Associated Press reported, a figure that has both climbed and dropped. However, officials still believe thousands died and remain missing.

03 Sep 2009 description

A 7.3 Richter Scale (RS) earthquake struck Tasikmalaya, West Java on September 2, 2009 at 14.55 PM. The epicentrum was located 142 km from Tasikmalaya at a depth of about 50 km. The earthquake was not felt only in West Java, but also in Jakarta, Jogja, Purwokerto, and Bali. A tsunami warning was issued but withdrawn one hour later.

Post Earthquake Situation

The earthquake has caused some destruction in several districts in West Java.

27 Jul 2009 description

By Matt Hackworth/CWS

SWABI, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan - The scorching sounds of intense fighting near her home in the Swat Valley drove Saeeda away so quickly she didn't have time to save many belongings.

Fortunately, she didn't have to pack the most critical item for her newborn.

"I am not going to be bothered to hide myself and my daughter to feed her," the young, nursing mother said, enjoying a respite of fresh air near the door of a home where more than 30 people have sought shelter.

"I guess we all have to adjust in one way or another, …

19 Jun 2009 description

ISLAMABAD -- Uncertainty exists in all aspects of the lives of those uprooted and displaced by fighting between Pakistani government forces and the Taliban in northwestern Pakistan.

They question when they can return to their homes and what will happen when they do. With each passing day, displaced persons wonder how long host communities can continue to support them. Even those who received relief items wonder for how long they can sustain their families without jobs or money.

10 Jun 2009 description

A graphic report compiled by Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan staff on the unique difficulties faced by women who have sought refuge in camps for displaced persons as a result of fighting between the Pakistan military and the Taliban.

Islamabad -- During crisis situations, it is women who face the most serious challenges, as the recent humanitarian crisis in Pakistan proves. Displaced women here face severe health, protection, psychosocial and cultural problems.

Elemental things.

28 May 2009 description

ISLAMABAD--Humanitarian agency Church World Service has begun taking medical care to people displaced by fighting between the Pakistan military and Taliban insurgents in the country's Northwest Frontier Province.

The agency's basic services to people displaced in Mansehra and Abbottabad include treatment for common diseases, identification of pregnant women and providing free medicines.

11 Feb 2009 description

Appeal Number: # 699-I

Appeal Amount: $2.2 million

SITUATION: In the four-plus years since the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Church World Service and its partners, working with affected communities in Indonesia, have laid the foundation for recovery efforts in the disaster-affected areas.

Some 150,000 people have benefited from various emergency food and non-food items; seeds, tools, and provision of bicycles, taxis and fishing boats have assisted some 2,400 people to recover their livelihoods; more than 200 permanent houses have been built; some 43,000 people are …

09 Jan 2009 description

Appeal Number: # 6824

Appeal Amount: $100,000

SITUATION: Israel has rejected a UN ceasefire resolution and is continuing its military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has also reportedly rejected the resolution, the New York Times reported. Israel did say it would stop its military action for three hours later today to allow humanitarian relief into the besieged territory. The U.N. Relief and Works Agency, which distributes humanitarian supplies to Gaza, has suspended operations after the death of one of its drivers.

07 Jan 2009 description

Appeal Number: # 6824

Appeal Amount: $100,000

SITUATION: Israel has announced plans to halt its military operations near Gaza city for three hours a day in order to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, Reuters Alertnet reports. (Hamas, meanwhile, has said it will stop launching rockets into Israel during the three-hour intervals.) At the same time, the humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire, with the UN saying movement of its staff responding to Palestinian refugees has been restricted, and the UN news agency IRIN reporting that civilians are having difficulty finding food.


05 Jan 2009 description

Appeal Number: #642-E

Appeal Amount: $1.5 million

SITUATION: The humanitarian crisis in the western region of Darfur, Sudan, is now entering its sixth year, and has developed into an increasingly complex situation, with Darfur rebel groups fragmenting, and inter-tribal conflict increasing, with each group seeking to seize and hold its own territory.

The lack of security in rural areas has lead to widespread banditry, making road travel precarious in many parts of Darfur.