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20 Dec 2007 description
report AmeriCares

As 2008 begins, the crisis in Darfur moves into its fifth year and hundreds of thousands of Sudanese face another year of living in refugee camps and relying on the international community for aid and comfort. AmeriCares is preparing its tenth airlift of medicines and medical aid to deliver in the coming months and to be distributed by our partners in the region. The continued response by AmeriCares comes after aid workers Christoph Gorder and Riaz Khalil traveled to Darfur in August to assess the programs that AmeriCares is supporting.

27 Nov 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Emergency medicines and medical supplies are being distributed in the remote towns in Bangladesh that suffered the most damage from Cyclone Sidr, including in the Barisal district in the southern part of the country.

26 Nov 2007 description
report AmeriCares

A second AmeriCares air shipment of almost 40,000 pounds of emergency medicines and supplies arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Saturday, Nov. 24. Along with the first shipment that arrived on Thanksgiving, the 35 pallets in total were expedited to Barisal, a southern district devastated by Cyclone Sidr, arriving at 10 p.m.

23 Nov 2007 description
report AmeriCares

AmeriCares first shipment of emergency medicines arrived in Dhaka on Thanksgiving Day and is on its way to Barisal, a southern district in Bangladesh devastated by Cyclone Sidr. A second, larger shipment of essential medicines and supplies is also scheduled to arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh later this week.

21 Nov 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Emergency Response Expert is in Bangladesh and available for comment

Stamford, CT, November 21, 2007 - AmeriCares is sending emergency shipments of critical medicines to Bangladesh in response to Cyclone Sidr, which devastated coastal towns throughout the country and has left hundreds of thousands homeless and killed more than 3,000 people.

AmeriCares emergency response manager, Jonathan Hodgdon, arrived safely in Dhaka on Monday and is meeting with our partners on the ground to assess the needs and determine any further assistance AmeriCares can provide.

Two emergency shipments, …

01 Nov 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Earlier this week, Mexico experienced one of its worst natural disasters in its history. Heavy rains flooded the Grijalva River in the southern state of Tabasco forcing thousands from their homes. As emergency response teams continue to rescue stranded civilians, the state government reports that about half a million people were made homeless as the floods destroyed tens of thousands of homes.

AmeriCares is responding to the disaster, as an emergency airlift of essential aid is already en route to Mexico City.

31 Oct 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Noel have caused massive flooding and mudslides in the Caribbean. The storm has left some 30 dead and destroyed at least 6,500 homes in the Dominican Republic. Hundreds of thousands of people have sought emergency aid. In response to a desperate call for help from our partner in the country, the Dominican Association of the Order of Malta, AmeriCares is preparing an emergency air shipment of vital medicines and supplies to meet the immediate needs of those affected.

"We are water saturated! Never seen so much rain!

18 Oct 2007 description
report AmeriCares

AmeriCares recently reached a milestone in its 25-year history - delivering more than $7 billion in aid to people in need around the world.

AmeriCares President and CEO Curt Welling announced the news at the organization's annual fundraiser, the AmeriCares Airlift Benefit, which was held at Westchester County Airport on October 13.

04 Oct 2007 description

Stamford, CT, October 4, 2007 - AmeriCares and International Medical Corps (IMC) are delivering critical medicines to Iraq in an emergency airlift responding to the cholera outbreak in that country.

Cholera and other forms of dehydrating watery diarrhea have spread through northern Iraq recently, affecting some 30,000 people there. The first cholera cases were reported in Baghdad at the end of September. According to healthcare workers in the country, there is a shortage of medicines to control these disease(s) that can spread widely and rapidly.

13 Sep 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Stamford, CT, September 13, 2007 - In the aftermath of Hurricane Felix, which ripped through the Caribbean leaving much destruction, AmeriCares, the international relief organization, is sending an emergency airlift of critical medicines and aid to help the people affected in Nicaragua and Honduras.

AmeriCares will load the relief at its warehouse in Stamford, CT, and deliver it via truck to Miami, FL, where an additional supply of emergency aid was shipped by AmeriCares in preparation for the violent hurricanes that recently swept through the Caribbean.

17 Aug 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Stamford, CT, August 17, 2007 - AmeriCares, the international relief organization is launching an emergency airlift of critical medicines and aid to help the tens of thousands of people affected by the devastating earthquake in Peru.

Two trucks are scheduled to be loaded with more than 25-thousand pounds of aid from AmeriCares Stamford, CT, warehouse Friday afternoon at 3pm and 4pm (EST). The shipment will include antibiotics, rehydration solutions, blankets and gloves.

07 Aug 2007 description
report AmeriCares

In Lascahobas, a small town in Haiti nearly three hours northeast of Port-au-Prince, a single health clinic serves a population of 70,000 people. The waiting room is constantly overcrowded. Between three and five pregnant women arrive each day needing labor and delivery services, but the clinic only has beds to accept two. In order to alleviate the strain of this clinic and to provide more services and improved conditions, AmeriCares has committed funding to build and equip a new medical facility to complement this clinic and to refurbish the existing one.

16 Apr 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Colombia has endured one of the longest ongoing civil wars in recent memory: Darfur is the only other area with more internally displaced persons due to violent strife. Decades of conflict have included warfare waged against defenseless people, and resulted in the forced displacement of entire communities.

28 Mar 2007 description
report AmeriCares

With the Darfur civil conflict now in its fourth year, the humanitarian crisis persists for the more than two million Sudanese who have been displaced from their homes.

12 Mar 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Bolivia is experiencing the worst flooding in its history. While flooding is a common natural hazard in the country at this time of year, heavy rains over the last three months have caused various rivers that feed the Amazon to overflow even more than normal. The floods have washed away homes, destroyed cattle and crops and caused landslides that have blocked off roads, isolating many rural communities and ruining livelihoods.

14 Feb 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Earlier this month, AmeriCares responded to the natural disasters and civil unrest that have devastated Somalia and forced more than 395,000 people to flee from their homes.

Partnering with the international aid organization Islamic Relief, AmeriCares provided more than $600,000 worth of vital medicines and medical supplies to the people of drought and war-stricken Somalia.

01 Feb 2007 description
report AmeriCares

STAMFORD, CT, January 31, 2007 -- AmeriCares, the international relief and humanitarian aid organization, launched an airlift of tons of medicines, vitamins and medical supplies from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport yesterday bound for conflict-affected regions in Darfur.

The plane landed this morning (Eastern Time) and its cargo has already been unloaded and is in the hands of the International Rescue Committee (the IRC).

This is the first of three scheduled airlifts to the crisis-torn region.

19 Jan 2007 description
report AmeriCares

While the world hopes a temporary cease-fire will take hold in strife-torn Darfur, the humanitarian crisis persists. More than two million Sudanese have been displaced from their homes, forcing them to take refuge in temporary camps where the conditions are crowded and the population is at risk of disease and illness.

11 Jan 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Hydrocephalus, often known as "water on the brain," is a disease that affects two out of every 1,000 births in the U.S.; fortunately, for most infants here a somewhat simple operation allows them a greater chance at a normal life. In Haiti however, where access to medical care is extremely limited and few physicians are trained in surgical techniques, the outlook for most young children is grim.

05 Jan 2007 description
report AmeriCares

Colombo, January 05, 2007 - AmeriCares, a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid agency, is supporting the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition's post-tsunami initiative to upgrade the District base hospital at Elpitiya to a level 'A' facility hospital. The foundation stone of the new building was laid on 11 January, 2007 with the participation of the Minister for HealthCare and Nutrition, the Honorable Nimal Siripala De Silva.