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01 Dec 1997 description
report UN Children's Fund

With its particular focus on children, UNICEF's 1998 annual report provides information on malnutrition, including its causes, approaches to combat it, statistical tables of vital indicators as well as panels and features on various relevant topics. Its main chapters include:

- Overview of the scale of malnutrition and the complex interplay of factors that cause it
- Approaches that work: Community involvement, food fortification, growth monitoring and promotion
- Bringing science to bear: Breakthroughs in the fight for better nutrition
- Statistical tables

28 Nov 1997 description

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)

By: Rebecca Norton, Consultant to the ACC/SCN and Jane Wallace, RNIS Co-ordinator, ACC/SCN

Summary of Main Points

Food production in DPR Korea is greatly reduced due to a gradual breakdown in the economy and a series of natural disasters.

Indications are of widespread food insecurity and declining nutritional status in many areas visited.

The full extent of the problem is not known and some areas of the country remain inaccessible.

01 Sep 1997 description
report UNAIDS

HIV can spread fast where there is poverty, powerlessness and social instability - conditions that are often at their most extreme during emergencies. In emergencies of war or civil strife, it is very likely that HIV/AIDS prevention and care services will be severely disrupted or break down altogether. People - no matter how well informed - will thus be left with little scope to protect themselves, and at a time when they are specially vulnerable.

01 May 1997 description

This document examines the rationale, implications and constraints of a multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS for technical cooperation programmes, focusing on GTZ-supported agricultural and rural development projects in Sub-Saharian Africa. For this purpose, it deals with the following main issues:
 - Personal safety and professional competence of project staff
 - Vulnerability of the project target group to HIV infection and AIDS impact
 - Linkage between HIV/AIDS and project objectives, strategies and activities

01 Jan 1997 description

This manual provides information to Vector Control Personnel for their immediate use during crisis situations in refugee camps. For this purpose, it deals with the following issues:

- Problem arthropods of the area
- Biological influences on the choice and effectiveness of control methods
- Vector-borne diseases of the area
- Basic control methods and equipment
- Pesticide safety and toxicity

01 Jan 1997 description

This report considers the broad range of factors increasing children's vulnerability to malnutrition brought about by armed conflicts. Case studies examine the impact of armed conflict on food and nutrition in Somalia, flight and loss of property in Liberia and using food aid in the Sudan. In addition, topics discussed include:

- Insufficient household food security
- Coping during conflict
- Insufficient health services and unhealthy environment
- Impaired caring capacities
- Response mechanisms

01 Jan 1997 description

This conference report examines the impact of displacement on vulnerability to HIV and the effect of HIV infection on situations of displacement, as well as discusses what NGOs can and should do immediately post-emergency and at later stages of displacement.

Attended by more than 90 people from 16 countries from NGOs, UN, governments and universities, the seminar sought to share experiences between NGOs and other international and governmental organizations and raise awareness of the connections between HIV and displacement.