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01 Nov 1996 description

Humanitarianism is concerned with the universal right of all people to live without being subjected to violent, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or conditions. There is widespread evidence that these rights are being denied more than ever before particularly amongst those fleeing conflict and violence. At the same time many are demanding a greater levels of accountability and performance measurements from implementing agencies. This issue offers a look into developing minimum performance standards in humanitarian relief.

01 May 1996 description

Because of the risk of abuse, some essential drugs are under strict international control. The export-import control measures applicable to narcotic drugs, for example, make the timely international transportation of opioid analgesics to sites of emergencies virtually impossible. Face to this difficulty, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) agreed that there was an urgent need to find a practical solution to this problem.

01 Apr 1996 description

This report argues for the importance for international relief workers to have solid background knowledge about the characteristics of modern conflict as well the social, cultural and historical dimensions of its impact in the particular locality. It offers the following chapters:

- Epidemiology of modern conflict
- Collective experience of war and its socio-cultural dimensions
- Social construction of traumatic events
- Critique of psychosocial trauma projects for war-affected populations
- Basic principles for interventions

01 Jan 1996 description

These guidelines provide an outline of basic contraceptive logistics management principles and procedures for use by program managers in camps for refugees or displaced persons.

The guide seeks to help program managers design and implement a simple contraceptive logistics system in refugee camps where family planning programs are just beginning and can improve the system in a camp where family planning programs are underway.