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01 Dec 1994 description

Aiming to provide a short, accessible overview of 'good practice' in designing and implementing emergency supplementary feeding programmes (SFPs), this review seeks to highlight some hard-and- fast rules about how to design and implement emergency SFPs.

The review is aimed primarily at NGO, UN, and donor staff who are not specialists in nutrition and emergency feeding but who may, in the context of some future emergency, be involved in decisions about feeding programmes.

01 Jan 1994 description

This document highlights the advantages of the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a responsive and useful index of the nutritional status of the adult in a community. After defining chronic energy deficiency, the authors examine the following issues:

 - BMI as a reflection of body energy stores
 - BMI as an indicator of CED
 - BMI and factors affecting access to food
 - Functional consequences of low BMI in adults
 - Health and BMI
 - BMI distribution in developed and developing countries