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30 Nov 2017 description


6.2 million people have been affected throughout the Caribbean due to extreme drought in 2015 - a consequence of the El Niño weather phenomenon.

€61 million for disaster preparedness since 1994 European Commission assistance to the Caribbean:

€540.5 million since 1994

  • €378.3 million for Haiti
  • €162.2 million for the rest of the Caribbean.


23 Nov 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Situation in numbers

+357,000 estimated # of children in need of immediate assistance in Cuba, ECA, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

+39,000 children in need of immediate assistance in ECA, with 20,000 children affected by Hurricane Maria in Dominica.

56% children remain out of school in Dominica.


22 Nov 2017 description

Difteria en las Américas – Resumen de la situación

  • Desde la semana epidemiológica (SE) 1 a la SE 45 de 2017 cinco países en las Américas notificaron casos sospechosos y/o confirmados de difteria: Brasil, Colombia Haití, la República Bolivariana de Venezuela y la República Dominicana. A continuación el informe de cada país.

  • En 2016, se notificaron 78 casos confirmados de difteria en toda la Región. Los casos fueron notificados por tres países: Haití (56 casos), la República Dominicana (2 casos) y Venezuela (20 casos).

22 Nov 2017 description

In September 2017, Haiti witnessed the passage of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Even though the impacts of the hurricanes were less than expected, they still reminded the humanitarian community of the vulnerability of Haiti to natural disasters. The IPC report for the period of October 2017 to February 2018 revealed that about 1.32 million people are facing severe acute food insecurity. The Department of Nord-Est, one of the departments most affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria, was classified in crisis phase.

17 Nov 2017 description

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, incluyen un objetivo (ODS 6) que busca la universalidad del servicio de saneamiento y el fin de la defecación al aire libre, prestando especial atención a las necesidades de las mujeres y las niñas y a las personas en situaciones vulnerables

16 Nov 2017 description

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some 889,798 Swiss francs decreased from 2,459,751 Swiss francs to enable the IFRC to support the Dominican Red Cross (DRC) to deliver assistance and support to some 20,000 people for 16 months, with a focus on the following areas of focus and strategies of implementation: Health and care, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, shelter and settlements (and household items), disaster preparedness and risk reduction and National Society capacity building.

08 Nov 2017 description


  • Commemoration of the first anniversary of Hurricane Matthew. Despite the current response, humanitarian needs persist.

  • Hurricane Season: Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused 5 deaths in Haiti in September.

  • The humanitarian community has revised the budget of the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan with 34% decrease


Number of IDPs still living in 27 camps set up in response to the 2010 earthquake (Sept. 2017) Source: DTM 37,667

08 Nov 2017 description

Points Saillants

• Commémoration du premier anniversaire de l’ ouragan Matthew . Malgré la réponse en cours, des besoins humanitaires persistent.

• Saison cyclonique : Les ouragans Irma et Maria ont fait 5 mort en Haïti en septembre.

• La communauté humanitaire a procédé à une révision du budget du Plan de Réponse Humanitaire 2017 avec une baisse de 34%.


Nombre de déplacés dans 27 camps du séisme de 2010 (Sep. 2017) Source : DTM 37,667

07 Nov 2017 description

Information on the level of Zika transmission is useful for public health professionals to evaluate the level of risk for people who may be planning to travel to or are recently returning from areas with possible local transmission. The information is updated at least once a month. It is also updated each time a new country reports local vector-borne Zika virus transmission.

04 Nov 2017 description

Washington, DC, 3 Nov. 2017 (PAHO/WHO) - The Pan American Health Organization and partner agencies recognized new Malaria Champions from Brazil, Haiti and the Dominican Republic today for work on “Closing local gaps toward Malaria Elimination.” Two projects, one in a remote area of the Amazon in Brazil and another one in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, won recognition for their outstanding work in interrupting malaria transmission and developing local systems to access malaria diagnosis and treatment.

02 Nov 2017 description

Crisis overview

Tropical Storm Maria formed in the central Atlantic Ocean and is the tenth most intense on record. At its peak, the hurricane caused catastrophic damage and numerous fatalities across the north-eastern Caribbean, and is considered to be the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica. It also caused catastrophic damage in Puerto Rico.

27 Oct 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


UNICEF remains one of the key actors supporting humanitarian response efforts across the hurricane-affected countries in the East Caribbean, through a combination of service delivery, technical assistance, communication and advocacy with a two-track approach: immediate humanitarian relief to affected populations and long-term recovery and resilience support. Specifically:

18 Oct 2017 description

Jessica Faieta

Subsecretaria General de la ONU y Directora del PNUD para América Latina y el Caribe

El mundo marca dos días internacionales claves este mes: uno para la Erradicación de la Pobreza el 17 de octubre y otro para la Reducción de Desastres, cuatro días antes. No es coincidencia que estén profundamente conectados.

17 Oct 2017 description

Cuernavaca, Morelos, 13 de octubre de 2017 - del 9 al 13 de octubre se llevó a cabo en Cuernavaca, Morelos un encuentro entre países de la región mesoamericana sobre salud y derechos humanos de las personas en situación de migración.

13 Oct 2017 description

This report is produced by OCHA ROLAC in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 06 September to 13 October 2017. The next report will be issued on or around 27 October 2017.


11 Oct 2017 description


Haïti a fait des progrès remarquables pour se remettre des multiples chocs subis au cours des dernières années. Cependant quatre principales thématiques sont observées : L’impact des désastres naturels, le choléra, l’insécurité alimentaire et la situation binationale entre Haïti et la République dominicaine.