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11 Jun 2018 description

Ciudad de Guatemala, 10 jun (AGN).- El Gobierno de Guatemala solicitó hoy el acompañamiento de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) para que verifique y transmita con transparencia la información sobre la ayuda internacional que se está recibiendo para los afectados por la erupción del volcán de Fuego, hace ocho días.

18 May 2018 description
report Taiwan Red Cross

The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan) arrived at Hualien today (May/7/2018) for the third time to help with disaster relief missions, which was caused by the devastating earthquake that struck the eastern county of Taiwan in early February.

19 Jan 2018 description

Drought, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, volcanoes, and civil unrest, compounded by limited government response capacity in some countries, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) region. Between FY 2008 and FY 2017, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a range of natural and complex emergencies in the region.

02 Dec 2017 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 26 November - 2 December 2017 and includes updates on influenza, plague, monkeypox, yellow fever, chikungunya, dengue and Zika.

07 Apr 2017 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 2-8 April 2017 and includes updates on influenza, MDR TB and Measles.

24 Mar 2017 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 19-25 March 2017 and includes updates on influenza, Legionnaires' disease and rubella.

18 Sep 2016 description
report Taiwan Red Cross

This year, the TRC volunteers and staffs spent the Mid-Autumn Festival with their colleagues. Typhoon Meranti and typhoon Malakas took a swipe at Taiwan one by one during the four-day holidays. All four of the TRC Disaster Rescue Teams and the TRC Disaster Preparedness Centers, Branches and Chapters across Taiwan were already on standby before the typhoon made its landfall.

24 Aug 2016 description

After the emergency relief aid to the survivors of Typhoon Nepartak in Taiwan, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation continuously cooperates with Tzu Chi Hospital to provide free medical care for them.

19 Jul 2016 description


Cover story

Bright ideas, local solutions

As humanitarians explore new technologies and innovation, how do they make sure these developments empower the people who need them most? A pilot project in two informal settlements in Kenya and South Africa offers some answers.

Phones, drones and beyond

24 Apr 2016 description
report Taiwan Red Cross

Earlier today, the Taiwan Red Cross launched another delivery of condolence pay, monetary support and household electronic appliances at Kun Shan Elementary School in Tainan City. More than NT$18 million was distributed to beneficiaries of 120 cases.

05 Apr 2016 description
report Redhum

Nicaragua, 04 de Abril 2016
Fuente: El Nuevo Diario

El Gobierno de Taiwán donó hoy al Ministerio de Salud (Minsa) de Nicaragua 850.000 dólares para ser invertidos en la compra de medicinas.

El donativo fue entregado por el embajador de Taipei en Managua, Rolando Jer-Ming Chuang, a la titular del Minsa, Sonia Castro, en un acto oficial celebrado este lunes.

Te interesa: Inicia jornada nacional de vacunación en Nicaragua

17 Mar 2016 description

The devastating earthquake on Feb. 6, 2016 in Tainan, Taiwan did more than the devastation of 117 killed and more than 500 people injured. It also caused heartache, guilt, regrets, anguish, and many other mix emotion for hundreds of affected families, just as they were preparing for the most important Chinese holiday of the year. Celebrations for Chinese New Year were canceled.

17 Feb 2016 description

Brenda Larios

Guatemala, 16 feb (AGN).- Durante una visita oficial al Hospital Departamental de Amatitlán, el presidente de Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, y el embajador de la República de China (Taiwán), Chien-Chung Lai, informaron sobre la donación de 2 millones de dólares para ese nosocomio.

En el recorrido por el hospital, el mandatario indicó que esta donación será distribuida en medicamentos e insumos para solucionar el problema de desabastecimiento.

16 Feb 2016 description
report Taiwan Red Cross

Following the Tainan earthquake that rocked Southern Taiwan on 6 February, the Taiwan Red Cross is announcing our plans for a recovery project. The Tainan Earthquake Recovery Project will include condolence pay for the bereaved or those injured in the disaster, monetary support for injured victims in need of recovery care, monetary support for amputees, emergency welfare funding, psychosocial support, monetary support for educational fees for children, and funding to replace damaged household appliances.

11 Feb 2016 description

Five days after the 2/6 Tainan earthquake disaster, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi volunteers continue to provide hot meals and material and emotional care for survivors and family members at four relief service stations, hospitals and funeral homes around the city.

With around 1000 volunteer shifts per day, volunteers have cared for 388 affected families as well as 179 patients and family members at the hospitals from Feb 6 to 10. A total of 5977 volunteer shifts included 61 medical professionals.

09 Feb 2016 description

At least 40 people were killed in the magnitude-6.4 earthquake that rocked southern Taiwan on 2/6. At this time, over 100 people are still missing, and almost 500 injured.

In Tainan, volunteers of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation mobilized within minutes after the earthquake happened. For the past 80 hours, Tzu Chi volunteers have tirelessly provided humanitarian aid for the survivors and accompanied the rescuers.

Presently, Tzu Chi’s relief aid has included:

08 Feb 2016 description

The situation

Following a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that affected the city of Tainan near Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, the Taiwan Red Cross Organization (TRCO) has mounted an emergency response in support of ongoing efforts of the authorities. The shallow quake – with a depth of 10 kilometres – struck at 03:57h local time (UTC +8) on Saturday, 6 February 2016, when most residents were still sleeping. The quake caused considerable damage to buildings, including multi-storey residential apartments.

07 Feb 2016 description

By Hler Gudjonsson, IFRC

The death toll continues to rise in Tainan City after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Kaohsiung province in the South of Taiwan on Saturday morning.

As extensive rescue operations continued late Sunday, 26 deaths have been confirmed, and around 520 people are known to have been injured. 121 people are believed to be still trapped in a number of collapsed buildings and rescue teams are working around the clock to find survivors.