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22 Apr 2010 description

To date, the countries of the Region have reported a total of 344,346 cases of dengue, of which 7,838 are severe dengue. They have reported 144 deaths, with a regional fatality rate of 1.84%. This update provides a breakdown by subregion (Central America and Mexico, Andean Subregion, Southern Cone, Caribbean) with the number of cases, severity, serotypes in circulation, affected areas, and measures taken, concluding with general recommendations for dengue prevention and control.

08 Mar 2010 description

Brotes de dengue en las Américas

La información que figura en esta actualización se obtiene a partir de los datos proporcionados por los Ministerios de Salud de los Estados Miembros a través de los informes enviados a la Organización Panamericana de la Salud / Organización Mundial de la Salud (OPS/OMS) o de actualizaciones en sus páginas Web respectivas.

Hasta la fecha de elaboración del informe, los países de la Región notifican un total de 146,006 casos de dengue, de los cuales 2,706 son dengue grave. Se reportan 79 fallecidos con una tasa de letalidad Regional del 2.9%.

08 Mar 2010 description

Up to the date of this report, the countries of the Region reported a total of 146,006 cases of dengue, out of which 2,706 were severe dengue. A total of 79 deaths have been reported, with a Regional fatality rate of 2.9%. Specific sections of the report are devoted to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico, including data and/or maps as well as indications of severity, serotypes in circulation, affected areas, and measures taken. The report also includes recommendations for dengue prevention and control.

28 Aug 2009 description

This report was prepared based on the indicators in the document Human infection with pandemic (H1N1)2009 virus: updated interim WHO guidance on global surveillance available at: http://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/notes/%20h1n1_surveillance_20090710/en/index.html

The qualitative indicators for surveillance of the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 are described in Table 3 of this report.

07 Jul 2009 description

Los datos e información se actualizan diariamente y están disponibles en: http://new.paho.org/hq/index.php?option=com=5Ffrontpage&Itemid=1 Los datos pueden cambiar al recibir nuevas notificaciones de los países.

La información es obtenida a través de los sitios oficiales de los Ministerios de Salud de los países de la Región e informes oficiales remitidos por los Centros Nacionales de Enlace (CNE) para el …

06 Jul 2009 description

Main findings

Infectious diseases cause close to 14 million deaths every year worldwide. But the mortality rate should not be the only factor considered and can even be misleading. Even though noncommunicable diseases are now responsible for the majority of deaths worldwide, this report shows that communicable diseases are still indeed the dominant burden in poor and vulnerable settings. This further increases the inequality for health and care between rich and poor countries.

Red Cross Red Crescent operations responding to epidemics more than tripled between 2004 and 2007.