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13 Oct 2017 description

by Martha Holley Newsome | Sep 27, 2017

The past month has unleashed what seems to be a startling increase in natural and manmade disasters – hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and violence. Bringing healing to people in crisis is core to who we are as an organization. It compels us to act, and to prayerfully consider where Medical Teams can help most – where the health needs are greatest, where we can gain access to those in need, and where we have the resources to respond.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

01 Jun 2016 description

Summary: Zika virus is an emerging mosquito-borne virus predominately transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquitoes (A.aegypti and A.albopictus) - the same type of mosquitoes that spreads dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. The Zika virus is spreading rapidly and increasing scientific evidence is demonstrating the impact of the virus, especially on pregnant women and their infants is far greater than first reported.

21 Jul 2015 description


  • FLOODS AND RAINS: Rains in Bolivia have affected about 26,200 people. In Brazil some 140 cities are under a state of alert and about 40,000 people are affected.

  • COLD WEATHER: 156,782 people are suffering from respiratory and health issues in Peru related to below freezing temperatures. Authorities declared state of emergency in districts in 10 regions.

  • EARTHQUAKE: A 6.5 (Richter) earthquake was registered in Barbados.
    No major damages were reported

21 Jul 2015 description


  • INUNDACIONES Y LLUVIAS: Las lluvias que han afectado a Bolivia han dejado a unas 26,200 personas afectadas. En Brasil alrededor de 140 ciudades se mantienen en estado de alerta y 40,000 personas están afectadas.

  • HELADAS: La salud de 156,782 personas ha sido afectada en Perú. Autoridades declararon estado de emergencia en algunos distritos de 10 regiones.

  • SISMO: Un sismo de 6.5 grados en la escala de Richter se registró en Barbados. No se reportaron daños de importancia.

29 Mar 2005 description

The ruinous track of Hurricane Georges, September 20-26, and the even more devastating path of Hurricane Mitch, October 23 - November 3, 1998. A category 3 hurricane when it hit the Dominican Republic, Georges caused extensive damage as it moved slowly over some of the most populated and productive regions of the country. When Mitch struck Honduras the following month, it was a category 5 (the most intense on the hurricane scale). Though Mitch lost strength inland, its heavy rains caused catastrophic flooding and mudslides while it was stalled over Central America.