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30 Aug 2011 description


BAHAMAS: Más de 1,380 personas fueron evacuadas por paso del huracán Irene.

REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA: Huracán Irene deja 4 muertos y más de 37,740 personas evacuadas.

PUERTO RICO: El impacto económico por el huracán Irene se estima en más de US$130 millones.

GUATEMALA: Lluvias afectan a 685 personas en tres departamentos del país.

30 Aug 2011 description


  • BAHAMAS: Over 1,380 people were evacuated due to Hurricane Irene.

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Hurricane Irene left 4 dead and more than 37,740 people evacuated.

  • PUERTO RICO: The economic impact of Hurricane Irene is estimated at US$130 millions.

  • GUATEMALA: Heavy rains have affected 685 people in three departments in the country.

22 Aug 2011 description


  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Irene has become a Category 1 hurricane. 24 provinces are on red alert.

  • COLOMBIA: The year’s second rainy season is expected to be more intense. More than 4 million have been affected since 2010.

  • GUATEMALA: Since May 2011, some 8,800 people have been affected by rains.

  • PUERTO RICO: 80,000 people have been affected, 700 took refuge in shelters.

22 Aug 2011 description


  • REPUBLICA DOMINICANA: Irene llega como Huracán categoría 1. Hay 24 provincias es alerta roja.

  • COLOMBIA: Se espera que la segunda ola invernal de 2011 sea más intensa, Son más de 4 millones los afectados desde 2010.

  • GUATEMALA: En 2011, unas 8,800 personas han sido afectadas por lluvias desde inicios de mayo.

  • PUERTO RICO: 80,000 personas afectadas, 700 fueron ubicados en albergues.

09 Aug 2011 description


  • HAITI: Tropical Storm Emily causes flooding and affects approximately 300 families.

  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: 1.549 people housed in official shelters for Tropical Storm Emily.

  • PARAGUAY: The overflowing of the Paraguay River causes 2,500 families to evacuate.