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18 Jun 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Community-based violence in Tillabery region (Abala and Efrakane), at the border with Mali, resulted in the death of over 40 civilians between 26 and 28 April. Community-based tensions intensified due to cross-border movements of non-state armed groups from Mali to the Tillabéri region.

  • Violence against civilians included armed banditry, cattle theft, and the kidnapping of a humanitarian aid worker from an international NGO on 11 April, between Ayorou and Inates;

18 Jun 2018 description

Following continued clashes in Derna, at least 1,791 households (approximately 8,955 individuals) have been displaced to the baladiyas of Shahat and Umm Arrazam over the past three days, bringing the total number of families displaced to surrounding areas of Derna since mid-May to 3,854 (approximately 19,270 individuals). While the majority of displaced households are staying in private accommodation, some are currently sheltered in schools in the communities of Martuba, Shahat, Soussa, Tamimi, Umm Arrazam, Al Bayda and Al Qubba.

18 Jun 2018 description

In Tunisia, UNHCR aims to support the establishment of a national asylum system, and to build national capacity for refugee protection.

UNHCR identifies, assists and protects refugees in a context marked by mixed migration movements. UNHCR also maintains preparedness efforts in view of a potential major influx.

Together with its partners, UNHCR identifies solutions to help refugees build a new life through socio-economic integration, resettlement and other alternative pathways.

Working with Partners

17 Jun 2018 description

Valencia, 17 June 2018 – Red Cross emergency teams are assisting hundreds of people who disembarked this morning from the Aquarius and two accompanying vessels at the Spanish port of Valencia.

The people spent almost a week at sea after being rescued from inflatable boats off the coast of Libya. Some are in need of medical attention, having suffered hypothermia, dehydration and other injuries.

15 Jun 2018 description

Key Figures
- 179,400 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)
- 372,022 returned IDPs (returns registered in 2016 - March 2018)
- 52,739 registered refugees and asylum-seekers in the State of Libya
- 15,316 persons arrived in Italy by sea in 2018
- 603 monitoring visits to detention centres so far in 2018
- 1,275 asylum-seekers and refugees released from detention so far in 2018 (including for evacuations)
- 1,609 vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers evacuated since November 2017

Population Movements

12 Jun 2018 description


  • 1,287 Refugees evacuated from Libya to Niger as part of the ETM (Emergency Transit Mechanism) from November 2017 – May 2018

  • 2,036 Persons profiled by UNHCR in Agadez seeking asylum within the mix migration flow

  • 13,900 Persons internally displaced in the Tillaberi region

Operational Context

The key situations include:

12 Jun 2018 description

Geneva – As the Aquarius rescue vessel makes the three-day journey to Spain, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 35,504 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea as of Sunday, 10 June 2018. This compares with 73,748 arrivals across the region during the same period last year. So far this month, 2,746 arrivals to Italy, Greece and Spain have been recorded, the majority of which arrived in Spain. The 14,330 migrants, who are registered as having arrived by sea to Italy this year is 76.81 per cent lower than that reported last year in the same period, which was recorded as 61,779.

12 Jun 2018 description

Zintan – Last Tuesday (05/06), IOM, the UN Migration Agency, helped 171 stranded Nigerian migrants return home via the Organization’s first charter flight departing from the Libyan city of Zintan (136 kilometers southwest of Tripoli). Among the migrants were 75 women, seven of whom were in their early stage of pregnancy.

12 Jun 2018 description


• As of 11 June, the Libyan National Army (LNA) is now reportedly in control of most areas of the eastern coastal city of Derna.

• Since 6 June, reportedly at least 2,272 households have been displaced from Derna to the baladiyas of Shahhat, Alqubba, Albayda, Umm Arrazam and Benghazi. Within Derna, at least 800 families have been displaced between neighbourhoods. Reportedly, as of 9 June, at least 160 families are being hosted in IDP shelters in schools inside the city.

11 Jun 2018 description

Over the past three days, at least 1,643 households (approximately 8,215 individuals) have been displaced from Derna to the baladiyas of Shahat, Al Qubba, Al Bayda, Umm Arrazam and Benghazi. The majority of displaced families are currently staying in private accommodation while some are being sheltered in schools in the communities of Shahat, Soussa, Umm Arrazam, Al Bayda and Al Qubba. Reported priority needs include food, cooking utensils, NFIs and basic medical supplies.

08 Jun 2018 description

On 15 May, the BiH Council of Ministers discussed and adopted the Emergency Measures Action Plan to address needs vis-à-vis the current refugee and migrant situation at their 142nd session.

The BiH Authorities opened the Refugee Reception Centre in Salakovac for 269 asylum seekers on 18 May. The UN is a key partner working closely with MHRR and MoS.

Despite the high proportion of arrivals expressing intention to seek asylum, the number of asylum application interviews offered and conducted by the Sector for Asylum fell in May.


08 Jun 2018 description

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Elizabeth Throssell
Location: Geneva
Date: 8 June 2018
Subject: Libya – escalating risks

We are deeply alarmed at the escalating risks to the population in the eastern city of Derna in Libya, where fighting has intensified in recent days with the Libyan National Army group – the LNA - reported to have taken over densely populated districts.

There have been increasing allegations that civilians have been arbitrarily detained, while others have been prevented from leaving the city.

06 Jun 2018 description

After abandoning their village during the 2011 civil conflict, 500 families have returned to Gwalish and set about rebuilding their homes and the local school.

By Sufyan Ararah in Gwalish, Libya

Nestled among the twisted olive trees that cling to the slopes of the Nafusa Mountains – the arid range in northwest Libya that separates the Mediterranean coastal plain from the Tripolitanian Plateau to the south – lies the village of Gwalish.

06 Jun 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

On the 15th of May 2018, the conflict in and around the militarily encircled Libyan city of Derna escalated sharply, with rapid advances of the frontline, heavy armed group activity and unprecedented levels of shelling. According to OCHA, as of May 30th roughly 600-1,300 households have been displaced from outlying mahallas, or neighbourhoods, into central Derna. Driving force behind displacement has been the heavy bombardment of residential areas.

05 Jun 2018 description

As the security situation in Derna escalated in the second half of May 2018, local population have been displaced to the sourrounding areas of Martuba, Shahat, Al Qubba, Soussa, Tobruk and Al Bayda. Over the past 24 hours, another 115 households (~575 individuals) were reportedly displaced to Tobruk, Shahat, Al Qubba and Al Bayda, bringing the total number of displaced from Derna over the past two weeks to 540 families (~2,700 individuals).

05 Jun 2018 description

The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) handed over two mortuary freezer units to the Sebha municipality. The local authorities will install the freezer at Sebha Medical Center to boost the hospital’s capacity to cope with its tragically high volume of dead bodies.

The equipment is part of a list of priority projects identified by the municipality to achieve local stability.

During the handover ceremony, which took place at Sebha Medical Center, the Mayor, Mr. Hamid Al - Khayali, stated:

04 Jun 2018 description

Following continued shelling and clashes in Derna, at least 175 families (~875 individuals) were displaced on 30-31 May 2018 to the surrounding areas of Martuba, Shahat, Al Qubba, Soussa and Al Bayda, bringing the total displacements from Derna to adjacent areas in the last two weeks to at least 425 families (~2,125 individuals). Reported priority needs in Martuba and Soussa include Food, NFIs and basic medical supplies.