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11 Feb 2015 description


The MISP Readiness assessment tool was developed by the Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health (RH) in Crises for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2013 to help country teams assess their readiness to provide the Minimum Initial Service Package for Reproductive Health in case of a humanitarian crisis.

23 Jul 2010 description

NEW YORK, USA - It has been 6 weeks since the onset of violence in southern Kyrgyzstan, which at one time displaced up to a half a million people in the country. UNFPA photographer William Daniels of Panos Pictures returned from a two week trip to the emergency-affected region in southern Kyrgyzstan where he documented the humanitarian situation there.

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The situation remains difficult for people in the region.

16 Jul 2010 description

Executive summary

i. Kyrgyzstan has experienced escalating violence since the previous government was overthrown on April 7 and an interim government took power. Subsequently, violent clashes took place in Osh and Jalal-Abad Oblasts (province) throughout April and May and fighting reached its highest intensity from June 10-14 during which shooting, killing, looting, and property destruction were widespread in cities as well as in rural areas leading to mass population displacements.

10 Jul 2010 description

UNFPA Requests $2.1 Million as part of Consolidated Appeal

OSH and JALAL-ABAD, Kyrgyzstan - To the left and to the right, you see houses completely burned to the ground, 26 in all, without roof or walls - each a hollow, empty shell that once was a home.

Multiply this by three blocks, and again by hundreds of communities in and around Osh and Jalal-Abad, and only then does one begin to comprehend the magnitude of the disaster and destruction. Then you notice a couple of houses amid the rubble still standing, completely untouched, and it becomes clear that some were spared, for a …

23 Jun 2010 description

NEW YORK - Some 300,000 persons have been displaced within Kyrgyzstan while as many as 100,000 have taken refuge in Uzbekistan as the countries face another week of crisis.

An emerging concern among humanitarian partners is the lack of basic reproductive health care for pregnant women and their newborns who have been affected by the emergency. About 60 per cent of the refugees are women and 35 per cent are children, according to UN reports.

17 Jun 2010 description

UNITED NATIONS, New York-UNFPA has been gearing up to meet the humanitarian needs of those who have fled their homes in Kyrgyzstan as a result of the violence engulfing the country since 11 June. The Fund is particularly concerned about the fate of pregnant women who will deliver their babies in shelters and refugee camps.

Some 400,000 people have been uprooted by the violence, reported UNHCR, citing figures provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations on the ground.

14 Nov 2008 description

NURA, Kyrgystan - On the night of 5 October, most of the children and older persons in the small village of Nura were tucked in their beds when a powerful earthquake struck.

The working adult population - mainly sheep herders - usually retires early along with the rest of their family members. But that evening, many were outside in the local schoolyard waiting to hear the results of a local election. As a result, many were spared from being buried beneath the rubble that was once their homes.