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18 Oct 2017 description

UNHCR in 2017 – by the numbers

As of September 2017, UNHCR’s budget is at an historic high of $7.763 billion, which is currently 46% funded

This growth is concurrent with the unabated levels of global displacement, with 67.7 million people of concern to UNHCR worldwide.

The funding gap is widening, now standing at 54%. Based on indications received from donors and analysis of funding trends, UNHCR estimates the gap may reduce to 47% by year’s end.

18 Oct 2017 description

Con esta, culmina la serie de jornadas de atención programadas en España para el 2017 organizadas por el Grupo de Atención a Víctimas en el Exterior de la Unidad para las Víctimas.


Con un gran número de víctimas atendidas y orientadas en la ruta de atención a víctimas en el exterior, culminó la jornada programada para Valencia, España, que se desarrolló los días 11, 13, 14 y 15 de octubre.

18 Oct 2017 description

Mauritania hosts over 2,000 urban refugees and asylum seekers and almost 52,000 Malian refugees in Mbera, a camp established in 2012 in the arid south-eastern region close to the Malian border.

Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, large-scale returns of Malian refugees are not expected due to persistent violence in northern Mali. In September alone, 471 new arrivals were registered in Mbera.

18 Oct 2017 description

Conditions in the mainland are generally improving as the Government is closing temporary sites and people are moving into housing. However, arrivals peaked this month when 6,000 people this people arrived by sea and land. Border reception centres became critically overcrowded, conditions deteriorated and protection risks increased including of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

18 Oct 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
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Ukrainian version

18 October 2017 KYIV. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with financial support of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine has provided the National Children's Hospital Ohmatdyt with the latest medical equipment GeneXpert (Manufacturer: Cepheid Inc., USA) for the rapid diagnostics of tuberculosis, HIV and viral hepatitis. The funds ($ 30,000) for the equipment were donated by Chamber Member Companies during charity events organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

18 Oct 2017 description

Severe drought and food insecurity continues across the country with around 6.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance according to monitoring agencies.

Projected outcomes of Deyr rainfall and warmer temperatures could increase displacements and vulnerability of displaced persons.

Working with Partners

  • As part of the UN integrated mission to Somalia, UNHCR maintains close collaboration with UN agencies, national and international NGOs.

18 Oct 2017 description

The monthly dashboard summarizes the progress made by partners involved in the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) and highlights trends affecting people in need. Partners in Lebanon are working to: 1) ensure protection of vulnerable populations; 2) provide immediate assistance to vulnerable populations; 3) support service provision through national systems; and 4) reinforce Lebanon’s economic, social, institutional and environmental stability.

18 Oct 2017 description

Following the massive bomb explosion in Mogadishu on 14 October, the Federal Government of Somalia, humanitarian organizations, the UN, NGOs, donors, the private sector, member states and civil society organizations are stepping up search and rescue efforts, including providing urgent life-saving assistance through the government-led emergency response center. Assistance provided so far include earthmoving and fire equipment, ambulances, cash, medical and food supplies and tents.

18 Oct 2017 description

Le sort des enfants victimes du conflit armé dans les régions du Kasaï et de l’est du pays reste une préoccupation permanente pour la MONUSCO. Durant la semaine écoulée, la section Protection de l’enfant de la MONUSCO a documenté 36 violations graves des droits de l’enfant et a eu connaissance d’un nombre inquiétant d’allégations de recrutement et d’utilisation d'enfants comme combattants, porteurs, cuisiniers, gardiens de fétiches, etc.

18 Oct 2017 description

Faits saillants

  • Suspension des interventions humanitaires au Sud-Lubero due à la dégradation de l’accès sécuritaire

  • Hausse de prix des denrées alimentaires suite à la dégradation du tronçon Masisi-Nyabiondo

Aperçu de la situation

La situation de la province du Nord-Kivu reste dominée par l’activisme des groupes armés provoquant des mouvements de population et limitant l’accès humanitaire.

18 Oct 2017 description

Genève /Bamako (CICR) – A la suite d’une intrusion d’hommes en armes dans l’une de ses résidences à Kidal, le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) se voit contraint de suspendre une partie de son assistance en faveur des populations de cette région du nord du Mali.

18 Oct 2017 description

A la demande des autorités malgaches et à la suite à l’épidémie de peste, le centre de crise et de soutien du ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères a coordonné l’envoi à Madagascar d’une aide humanitaire (sous la forme de matériel médical spécifique) et, en lien avec l’agence nationale de santé publique, d’une mission d’experts médicaux.

18 Oct 2017 description

Cox’s Bazar – “The world has rarely witnessed a refugee crisis of such speed, with more than half a million crossing into Bangladesh in just over a month. The arc of misery that exists between Northern Rakhine State and Cox’s Bazar is deeply upsetting - too many people suffering desperately with too little support,” said the UN Migration Director General William Lacy Swing today (18/10), as he completed a three-day visit to Bangladesh. IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is coordinating the humanitarian response to the crisis in Bangladesh in support of the Government's efforts.

18 Oct 2017 description

Mogadishu, 18 October 2017 - The United Nations has mobilized its staff members and resources in response to appeals from federal and government authorities to aid Somalis affected by last Saturday’s bomb blasts in the capital Mogadishu.

18 Oct 2017 description


The Task Force for Population Movement (TFPM) is a Technical Working Group to the Inter-Cluster Coordination Mechanism. (ICCM) The TFPM implements an information management tool that gathers data and location of displaced persons across Yemen.

As of 01 Sep 2017, the TFPM has identified, 2,014,026 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (335,671 households) who have been displaced due to conflict since March 2015, dispersed across 21 governorates.