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19 Jan 2018 description
report Plan International

Gender inequality is a barrier to both social cohesion and economic prosperity. Despite some progress over the years, there has been no real shift in power which - at home, in the workplace and in public life - lies firmly in male hands.

Global efforts to tackle gender inequality have traditionally focused on improving policies and laws, and increasing the participation of girls and women in sectors like education, health and employment.

18 Jan 2018 description
report Shelter Cluster

About this Information Brief

This information brief was prepared by the Bangladesh Shelter Cluster to support agencies delivering emergency shelter to:

16 Jan 2018 description

Disaggregating disease prevalence by gender can go a long way in addressing the continent’s health problems.

Africa has the highest prevalence of communicable diseases in the world – both in terms of mortality (death) and morbidity (illness). This phenomenon has consequences for the health of both women and men, and increased gender mainstreaming in health programmes can help tailor solutions.

16 Jan 2018 description

This national action plan is the UK government’s 5-year strategy for how we will meet our Women, Peace and Security commitments under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 to reduce the impact of conflict on women and girls and to promote their inclusion in conflict resolution. It is part of wider efforts to ensure that the UK’s foreign policy consciously and consistently delivers for women and girls.

15 Jan 2018 description

This report is produced by ISCG in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers 31 December until 11 January 2018. The next full situation report will be issued on 28 January 2018.


  • 655,500 new arrivals (Since 25th August) have beenreported as of 14 January (IOM Needs and Population Monitoring and UNHCR Family Counting).

  • The number of arrivals is holding steady with no significant influx over the past several weeks.

15 Jan 2018 description

The International technical guidance on sexuality education (the Guidance) was developed to assist education, health and other relevant authorities in the development and implementation of school-based and out-of-school comprehensive sexuality education programmes and materials. It is immediately relevant for government education ministers and their professional staff, including curriculum developers, school principals and teachers.

15 Jan 2018 description
Executive Summary

In the report, A Feminist Perspective on Post-Conflict Restructuring and Recovery – the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina we argue that an economic reform agenda introduced in a post-conflict country that is not underpinned by a rigorous feminist conflict and gender analysis, will contribute to a continuum of entrenched structural and gender inequalities.

10 Jan 2018 description

Dorothea Hilhorst Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Holly Porter Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Institute of Development Policy (University of Antwerp) and Conflict Research Group (Ghent University), and Research Fellow, Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, London School of Economics and Political Science,
United Kingdom, and Rachel Gordon Independent research consultant, former SLRC researcher, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University, United States

03 Jan 2018 description


Global estimates suggest that approximately 10 million people worldwide are living without any legal citizenship. Stateless persons face overwhelming obstacles that limit their access to basic entitlements and protections, leaving them vulnerable to discrimination and abuse. Research on health and access to care is generally limited among stateless persons and, currently, there is a dearth of information on statelessness and its relationship to gender based violence (GBV).

27 Dec 2017 description

En Centrafrique, la participation des femmes et des enfants dans les processus de paix formels est très faible. Pour pallier cette situation, un atelier a été initié, du 18 au 19 décembre 2017, relatif aux indicateurs sur le genre et le rôle des femmes dans le processus de paix et de sécurité, et a réuni des représentants de chaque section de la MINUSCA.

22 Dec 2017 description
report UN Women

The year 2017 has seen some turbulent changes. Protest movements, legal reforms, political upheavals dominated the headlines. Will 2017 be the watershed moment for gender equality, as brave women break their silence on gender-based violence in unprecedented numbers, and men and women come together to challenge inequality and stereotypes?

21 Dec 2017 description

19 December 2017 - A workshop was held in Bogota, Colombia, from 30 November to 1 December to begin the process of incorporating gender analysis into adaptation planning process in Colombia. The workshop was organized with the objective of identify opportunities to promote gender-responsive adaptation in the agricultural sector.

21 Dec 2017 description

Plus de 200 femmes se sont données rendez-vous dans la salle de conférence du gouvernorat de la région de Gao, ce 18 décembre, en quête d’informations sur la mise en œuvre du processus de la Réforme du Secteur de la Sécurité et du Désarmement de la Démobilisation et de la Réinsertion (RSS-DDR).