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01 Dec 2010 description

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) made important strides in 2010 with the convening of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC) and the ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting Plus Eight (ADMM Plus Eight). The establishment of these institutions reflects ASEAN's focus on the development of responsive regional mechanisms.

01 Dec 2010 description

As the global population grows and incomes in poor countries rise, so too, will the demand for food, placing additional pressure on sustainable food production. Climate change adds a further challenge, as changes in temperature and precipitation threaten agricultural productivity and the capacity to feed the world's population. This study assesses how serious the danger to food security might be and suggests some steps policymakers can take to remedy the situation.

Using various modeling techniques, the authors project 15 different future scenarios for food security through 2050.

01 Nov 2010 description

This year's Report celebrates the contributions of the human development approach, which is as relevant as ever to making sense of our changing world and finding ways to improve people's well-being.

Indeed, human development is an evolving idea-not a fixed, static set of precepts-and as the world changes, analytical tools and concepts evolve.

So this Report is also about how the human development approach can adjust to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

31 Oct 2010 description

IN THIS ISSUE October 2010 | vol 04

03 September in a glance

04 Tawilla’s newly displaced population
06 Seasonal journey of the Baggara
07 IDPs speaking with one voice

08 Henna, the traditional body art

10 Combating climate change

12 Investing in safe child delivery
14 Promoting women’s rights

01 Sep 2010 description
report Irish Aid

In a world already facing serious global development challenges, including the impact of climate change, food insecurity, population growth and persistent and growing inequality, the economic and financial crisis has had a particularly severe impact on people living in the poorest and least developed countries. Coming in the wake of huge increases in food prices in 2007 and 2008, the crisis will make it more difficult for the poorest developing countries, particularly in sub- Saharan Africa, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

01 Sep 2010 description

Catastrophes environnementales, risques urbains, crises économiques et alimentaires, dangers d'épizooties, risques technologiques ... Comprendre et se préparer aux risques à venir.

01 Sep 2010 description

The past two decades have delivered unprecedented progress in the quality of life across the developing world. Progress has not been uniform, and there have been setbacks and disappointments. But, overall, the rate of progress in reducing poverty and increasing access to basic health, education, water and other essential services has been without precedent in many countries' histories.

31 Jul 2010 description

In this Issue

4| Protecting civilians: UNAMID’s top priority
5| UNAMID Indonesian Police Unit gains people’s trust

6| Nyala’s youth debate future
6| Keeping Darfur heritage alive

8| Making bricks, a community affair
10| The re-awakening of a village
11| High-tech blocks make quick impact

12| Having their say
12| Profiling Darfur’s women leaders

14| The Police Commissioner’s road trip

01 Jul 2010 description

Le rapport sur la coopération internationale est publié par la Direction du développement et de la coopération (DDC) et le Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie (SECO). Structuré par zones géographiques d'engagement, le rapport montre au travers d'exemples concrets les domaines dans lesquels la Suisse, par la coopération au développement, la coopération avec l'Europe de l'Est et l'aide humanitaire, aide à trouver des solutions aux problèmes locaux, régionaux et mondiaux.

02 Jun 2010 description


• Introduction: food and nutrition security in West Africa: opportunities and challenges 1

• Soaring food prices, climate change and bioenergy: new challenges for food security and nutrition 2

• Collaborating on nutrition and food security: Implications for the health and agriculture sectors 7

• Capacity development: challenges and opportunities 11

• Implications of a resilient and sustainable smallholder food production system in West Africa on food security, nutrition and health of the population 14

01 Jun 2010 description
report UNOPS

UNOPS has published its 2009 annual report, detailing the support the organization provided to its partners' humanitarian, peacebuilding and development goals last year through the implementation of more than 900 projects around the world.

01 Jun 2010 description
report CHF International

The FY 2009 edition of Building a Better World, our Annual Report, is now available.

This year's report has the theme 'Integrated Approach to Development' and focuses on CHF's ability to bring together communities, government, the private sector, local organizations and other stakeholders to provide integrated, holistic development programming in the communities where we work around the world.

The report has three main sections:

1) Who is CHF International?

This section, written for a broad audience, explains who we are and how we work, particularly addressing …

01 Apr 2010 description
report European Union

Ten years ago, world leaders agreed to take decisive action to combat world poverty in its different dimensions. Using time-bound and measurable targets, they agreed that by 2015:

01 Mar 2010 description
report Government of Japan

This White Paper introduces (A) the global financial/economic crisis and assistance to developing countries, (B) Assistance to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and (C) Japan's specific cooperation in response to the issues of environment and climate change. It also includes analysis of Japan's ODA in FY 2008 and assistance implemented according to priority issues and regions, and also describes various challenges in tune with today's needs.

02 Feb 2010 description
report Oxfam

The central commitment of our Strategic Plan 2007-2012, ‘Demanding Justice’, which will guide our joint work during the plan period, is:

“We are outraged by the persistent poverty and injustice in the world, which must and can be overcome. Unjust policies and practices, nationally and internationally, must be challenged and people’s rights must be respected. If we join forces and act together now we can achieve a just world without poverty.

01 Feb 2010 description

The UNEP Year Book 2010 reports on new environmental science and recent developments in our changing environment. It looks at progress in environmental governance; the effects of continuing degradation and loss of the world's ecosystems; impacts of climate change; how harmful substances and hazardous waste affect human health and the environment; environmentally related disasters and conflicts; and unsustainable use of resources. The chapters correspond to UNEP's six thematic priorities.