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15 Jan 2018 description
report BRAC

What you need to know today

  • A total of 655,500 forcibly-displaced Myanmar nationals have entered Bangladesh since 25 August (Source: ISCG report, 07 January 2018)

08 Jan 2018 description
report BRAC

What you need to know today

• A total of 655,000 forcibly-displaced Myanmar nationals have entered Bangladesh since 25 August (Source: ISCG report, 31 December)

04 Jan 2018 description
report BRAC

What you need to know today

• A total of 655,000 forcibly-displaced Myanmar nationals have entered Bangladesh since 25 August (Source: ISCG report, 26 December)

11 Sep 2017 description
report CGIAR

The climate-smart agriculture (CSA) concept reflects an ambition to improve the integration of agriculture development and climate responsiveness. It aims to achieve food security and broader development goals under a changing climate and increasing food demand.

23 Feb 2016 description

Republic of Korea - A pioneering initiative that will improve access to health care services, advance education and reduce climate vulnerability for communities on a remote Bangladeshi island is coming a step closer to reality today with the signing of a tripartite memorandum of understanding between KT Corporation, one of the largest telecommunication service providers in the Republic of Korea, the Government of Bangladesh and IOM.

22 Dec 2014 description


Bangladesh has unquestioned potential. Goldman Sachs listed it in their ‘Next 11’ economies, with high potential to become one of the world’s largest economies in the 21st century. However, the country has been sliding down the World Bank/IFC Ease of Doing Business rankings (currently 173rd out of 189 countries) in recent years. Foreign investment is relatively low, but exports exceeded $25.6bn in 2011, 48% up on 2009, largely from the garment, jute, leather, frozen fish and seafood sectors.

Achievement of the MDGs

08 May 2014 description
report World Bank


09 Apr 2014 description


About FrontLines

Insights from Administrator Rajiv Shah

Introduction: A Call to Action to End Extreme Poverty

Weathering the Storm: Rice Lifts Bangladesh Village from Saltwater Deluge

Investments, Not Charity, Provide Hope to Ethiopia’s Most Vulnerable Children

In Senegal, First an Implosion and Then a Transformation

Lifting Cambodia’s Poorest Out of Poverty with Health Insurance

Timor-Leste and ConocoPhillips Improving Incomes for Rural Farmers

14 Nov 2013 description

AMOUNT: EUR 12 500 000


Bangladesh is affected by several humanitarian crises due to, in particular, the consequences of recurrent natural disasters, the influx of refugees from Myanmar and the situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

22 Oct 2013 description
  1. Who are we?

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Bangladesh country office is made up of four delegates and 27 national staffs (18 professional and nine office support). The aim of the country office is to support and assist Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) in becoming a stronger National Society and provide targeted advisory services to plug gaps. The core areas of technical support are in disaster management (DM), health, organizational development (OD) and other socioeconomic development initiatives.

25 Apr 2013 description


The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) was established in May 2000 and provides direct grant assistance to the poorest and most vulnerable groups in developing member countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) while fostering long-term socioeconomic development. The grants target poverty reduction initiatives with the direct participation of nongovernment organizations, community groups, and civil society.

10 Apr 2013 description

Climate change is a major non-traditional security (NTS) challenge for Bangladesh. Sea level rise, and the possible loss of land mass, represents an existential threat to the country. More immediately, thousands of people are directly and indirectly suffering from the impacts of climate events. This NTS Policy Brief highlights key climate change-related challenges facing Bangladesh. It goes on to provide policy recommendations for governmental as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) dealing with the climate vulnerabilities experienced by Bangladesh.

18 Feb 2013 description


In Cox„s Bazar, Sirajganj and Kurigram district, flood has caused serious damage to local livelihood, economy and infrustructure. A total of 5,000 people are affected by flood in 8 districts. In this critical situation, Red Crescent Youth (RCY) in the mentioned affected districts has provided crucial support for affeacted people through distributing cash, conducting relief activities and delivering primary health care services. Respective ULOs, representatives of Frderation and Unit Youth members have worked collectively in relief activities.

23 Aug 2012 description
report The Guardian

Regular floods are destroying homes and livelihoods but also food crops, creating a generation of undernourished children

Read the Full Report by Syed Zain Al-Mahmood in Dhaka

20 Apr 2012 description
report AlertNet

By Thin Lei Win

HANOI (AlertNet) – Tens of thousands of small ponds in coastal zones that are the main sources of fresh water for millions of poor Bangladeshis are under threat from climate-induced hazards, initial research findings suggest.