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26 Sep 2017 description

Los desastres y epidemias que azotaron las Américas recientemente demuestran la necesidad de una mayor preparación

Washington, DC, 25 de septiembre de 2017 (OPS/OMS) - Los huracanes que devastaron partes del Caribe y los terremotos que causaron muertes en México ,ocuparon hoy un lugar central en la apertura de la 29ª Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), que reúne hasta el viernes en Washington, DC, a los ministros y altas autoridades de Salud de las Américas.

14 Oct 2015 description

PAHO/WHO calls for more collaboration between governments and indigenous communities in preparing for emergencies and disasters

Washington, D.C., 6 October 2015 (PAHO/WHO) -- Involving indigenous communities in disaster risk reduction activities can save lives during catastrophes, experts with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) said on the eve of the International Day for Disaster Reduction 2015.

21 Nov 2012 description

Climate Change Needs to be Addressed as Another Hazard

R ising sea levels, together with coastal erosion and salt water intrusion, increase in the intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as disruptions in rainfall and freshwater supply represent a significant threat to countries in the region. The Caribbean is considered as a priority for immediate intervention by the International Climate Fund (ICF).

19 Nov 2012 description

El cambio climático también debe ser considerado como un riesgo

E l nivel del mar en ascenso, junto con la alteración de las precipitaciones, el aumento de la intensidad de las tormentas y los huracanes tropicales, las sequías, la erosión de las zonas costeras y la infiltración del agua salada representan amenazas importantes para los países de nuestra región. El Fondo Internacional para el Clima considera que regiones como el Caribe constituyen una prioridad para la intervención inmediata.

27 Apr 2012 description


¿Alcanzaremos la meta fijada para el 2015 en el Plan de Acción de las Américas?

Hospitales seguros: una responsabilidad compartida, una meta a nuestro alcance

26 Apr 2012 description

Special Edition SAFE HOSPITALS
Will we meet the goal set for 2015 in the Plan of Action of the Americas?

Emergencies and disasters damage people, their property, and their environment in multiple ways. Whatever the impact, the priorities will be always to protect lives and the well-being of the affected communities and to reduce human suffering. The social, economic, and environmental cost of these events is enormous. Their impact can be felt for many years, particularly when health facilities stop functioning precisely when they are most needed.

17 Dec 2011 description


Action needed to mitigate the effects of climate change on health

The PAHO/WHO Directing Council, at its 51st Meeting held in Washington, D.C., in September 2011, approved a Strategy and Plan of Action on Climate Change. It calls for countries to strengthen the ability of health systems to monitor and analyze climate change, to promote joint efforts of health and other sectors to reduce climate-related health risks, and to reduce the carbon footprint of the health sector in each country.

30 Sep 2011 description

Measures will strengthen health systems and reduce their carbon footprint

Washington, D.C, 30 September 2011 (PAHO/WHO) – Health officials from throughout the Americas agreed today to take a series of actions to prepare their countries to cope with and mitigate the health effects of climate change.