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30 Jun 2011 description

USAID Responds to Crisis in Abyei and Southern Kordofan

USAID is responding to humanitarian needs in Sudan, including assisting tens of thousands of Sudanese affected by recent fighting in the Abyei Area and Southern Kordofan State.

The humanitarian community estimates that the Abyei Area clashes displaced nearly 111,000 people. In Southern Kordofan, unconfirmed estimates put the number of displaced at approximately 73,000.

22 Jun 2011 description
report World Bank

New Report Highlights Potential to Save Lives, Protect the Environment, and Address Climate Change through Advanced Cookstoves

Press Release No:2011/561/SDN

21 Jun 2011 description
report UN Foundation

Karin Lornsen, 202-887-9040
Caleb Tiller, 202-887-9040
Aaron Sherinian, 202-758-5319

UN Foundation Board Points to Innovation and Partnership as Keys to Solving Global Problems

Board Meeting in Norway Focuses on New Ways to Help the UN Improve Livelihoods in Africa, Bolster Women’s and Children’s Health, and Combat Climate Change

17 Jun 2011 description


Disasters and conflicts can generate large quantities of solid and liquid waste that threaten public health, hinder reconstruction and impact the environment. Disaster waste (DW) can be generated by the actual disaster and later during the response and recovery phases.

Public health risks can arise from: direct contact with waste accumulated in the streets, hazardous wastes such as asbestos, pesticides, oils and solvents, and indirectly from vectors such as flies and rodents, and from postdisaster collapse of unstable structures.

15 Jun 2011 description

There has been a constant need for the Government of Indonesia to improve geographical targeting of more vulnerable areas for food and nutrition security related interventions. Recognizing World Food Programme (WFP) expertise in food security analysis and mapping, in 2003 the Food Security Council (FSC), chaired by the President of Indonesia, whose Secretariat is the Food Security Agency (FSA), collaborated with WFP to develop the national Food Insecurity Atlas (FIA) for Indonesia. The first FIA was developed and launched in 2005 and covered 265 rural districts in 30 provinces.

15 Jun 2011 description

This issue covers the period from November 2010 to May 2011. Its special focus is on climate change and climate variability and how these affect food and nutrition security and aggravate the problems of hunger and undernutrition. This edition aims to provide some basic understanding of the ways that climate change exacerbates humanitarian crises and to contribute to the debate about how to face this challenge.

15 Jun 2011 description
report Mercy Relief

Mercy Relief and Filipino partners revive ecosystems for Zambales’s coastal communities with integrated livelihood, water sanitation, healthcare & ecotourism projects

10 Jun 2011 description

NCCI’s brief provides an overview of what appear to be widespread, and often lethal, health effects from war contaminants in Iraq, namely Depleted Uranium (DU). Clearing DU-contaminated war remnants from areas across Iraq, as well as providing support to Iraqi victims of DU contamination, are critical issues for rebuilding this war-torn nation.

06 Jun 2011 description

This report covers the period 01 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

In brief

Programme purpose: Support the five National Societies in the Andean Region to effectively implement the Inter-American Plan 2007–2011 and Strategy 2020.

03 Jun 2011 description

Geneva, 3 June 2011 (WMO) – The World Meteorological Congress today endorsed an ambitious global initiative that will help all communities, and in particular the most vulnerable, cope with the impact of climate change, reduce the risk of natural disasters and safeguard food production, water supplies and health.

02 Jun 2011 description

UK aid is about generating opportunity and prosperity for poor people in developing countries.

This document sets out how we intend to put the private sector centre-stage in doing this.

Our new approach to working with the private sector is about us doing more with and for private enterprise, extending this work in new areas, and doing it better. We want private sector thinking to become as much part of DFID’s DNA as our work with charities and governments.

02 Jun 2011 description
report AlertNet

By Abjata Khalif

DADAJIBULA, Kenya (AlertNet) – An unprecedented drought is destroying the livelihoods of communities across northern Kenya, among them traditional healers and medicine men, who are at a loss to know how to respond.

Read the full article on Alertnet.

30 May 2011 description
report Radio Okapi

Dans un communiqué, rendu public le vendredi 27 mai, l’ONG de défense de droit de l’homme Action contre l’impunité des droits humains (ACIDH) interpelle les autorités provinciales du Katanga sur les risques de la pollution de la rivière Kafubu sur la santé des populations riveraines.

L’ONG affirme que les habitants de localités de Mapongo et Kinandu, situées à une dizaine des kilomètres de Lubumbashi sur la route Kipushi, ont constaté la mort des poissons entre le 8 et le 12 avril.

Mais, l’information n’a été relayée par la presse qu’un mois après.

24 May 2011 description


A. Poliomyelitis: mechanism for management of potential risks to eradication (resolution WHA61.1)

B. Onchocerciasis control through ivermectin distribution (resolution WHA47.32)

C. Climate change and health (resolutions WHA61.19 and EB124.R5)

D. Improvement of health through sound management of obsolete pesticides and other obsolete chemicals (resolution WHA63.26)

E. Improvement of health through safe and environmentally sound waste management (resolution WHA63.25)

20 May 2011 description
report CARE

Geneva, May 20, 2011. CARE International, a leading humanitarian organization, today launched its Annual Report for Financial Year 2010. The report provides a snapshot of CARE’s programs and the impact of CARE’s work. CARE International focuses on fighting poverty by empowering women and girls. “CARE is convinced that once we equip women and girls with the proper resources, they have the power to help families and entire communities to escape poverty,” says Dr. Robert Glasser, CARE International’s Secretary General.

19 May 2011 description

The Afghanistan Human Development Report 2011 is appearing at a critical moment. The world’s attention is focused on this impoverished landlocked country on the threshold of the 10-year countdown to the 2020 target of the Millennium Development Goals. There are worrying signs that scarcity is looming. During the past nine years, Afghanistan has achieved gains in health, education and the standard of living. Yet, the number and magnitude of the remaining difficulties are significant. Access to safe water is one of the chief challenges.

19 May 2011 description

In brief

Programme outcome: The International Federation representations and zone coordinators worked on implementing programmes and stabilising relations with the National Societies of the Middle East North Africa (MENA), partners and National Society networks. Networks strengthened and key components in disaster management, health and organizational development reinforced.

Programme(s) summary:

18 May 2011 description
report World Bank

Thousands to benefit from improved access to schools, hospitals, towns and markets

WASHINGTON, May 17, 2011—The World Bank’s Board of Directors today approved a US$20 million grant to repair and upgrade 110km roads between Dili, Aileu and Ainaro. The Road Climate Resilience Project will help connect more than 340,000 people living in the project area with schools, hospitals, towns and markets, and will support the Ministry of Infrastructure in developing sustainable systems for road maintenance.

16 May 2011 description

The youth-led upheaval in Tunisia has opened wide the doors to transformation of the Tunisian state and society and the building of a new social contract among Tunisians. Tunisian citizens, as individuals, civil society or the private sector, seek to build a state based on a common vision of democracy, social justice, equality, equity and prosperity that are enshrined in law and demonstrated in everyday interactions.