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08 Jun 2016 description
report CGIAR, Pacific Community

New report on tackling climate threats to Pacific Island food security

Climate impacts in the Pacific Islands, a region dependent on fishing and small-scale farming for sustenance, are set to intensify pressure on food security, according to a new report published today on World Oceans Day.

But innovative, participatory approaches may help policy makers navigate possible future scenarios in order to develop the right policy responses.

07 Jun 2016 description

New Zealand aid money going into the Pacific is making a real difference, but there are still huge challenges in the region, Foreign Minister Murray McCully says.

McCully has just led the annual Pacific Mission, which visited Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Kiribati and Tuvalu are grappling with sea-level rise as a result of climate change, but they also have other critical problems.

Kiribati's tiny main island of Tarawa suffers chronic overcrowding and a lack of resources.

07 Jun 2016 description

New Zealand is urgently looking for ways to help as rising sea levels in central Pacific islands like Kiribati becomes more of a problem.

It is estimated that by 2050, up to 54 per cent of the main island, South Tarawa, will be inundated by sea water.

Much of the land is less than three metres above sea level, and king tides, which hit for several months each year, are doing increasing amounts of damage.

The village of Eita was first flooded by king tides in 2002, and each year residents prepare for floods just a little bit worse than the last.

16 May 2016 description

Climate change is now recognised as a factor driving the movement of people around the world.

Internationally, migration, displacement and human mobility are recognized in the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage, and further reinforced through the Paris Agreement in 2015. As Pacific Island countries increasingly experience the effects of climate change, more Pacific governments will need to consider options for dealing with human mobility.

05 May 2016 description

By Makereta Komai in Frankfurt, Germany

Six Pacific Island Countries will receive a 100 percent increase in their annual grants from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), from next year.

This has been made possible with the ground breaking initiative by the Bank to merge its lending operation, the Asian Development Fund (ADF) and its Ordinary Capital Resources (OCR), boosting its total annual lending and grant to as high as US$20 billion.

29 Apr 2016 description


Director’s Note and About Us

The Paris Agreement and the Pacific islands

Pacific islands display global leadership at signing of Paris Agreement

Multi-billion dollar climate fund approves Vanuatu Readiness proposal

New online Climate Prediction tool helps Vanuatu prepare for anticipated extreme climate events

Project focuses on resilience to climate change in urban environment

SPREP and Solomon Islands to strengthen Natural Solutions to Climate Change

26 Apr 2016 description

Climate change heightens Pacific island countries’ vulnerability, according to a new report by WHO

Ensuring a health-in-all-policies approach, health considerations should be incorporated into national policies and plans relevant to climate change

22 Mar 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

La campaña en Instagram #ClimateChain (#CadenaClimática) destacará el agua y el medio ambiente

NUEVA YORK, 21 de marzo de 2016 – En la víspera del Día Mundial del Agua, UNICEF dijo que el esfuerzo para llevar agua potable a millones de personas en todo el mundo va a ser aún más problemático debido al cambio climático, que amenaza el abastecimiento de agua y la seguridad del agua para millones de niños que viven en zonas propensas a sequías o inundaciones.

21 Mar 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

#ClimateChain Instagram campaign will highlight water and the environment

New York, 21 March 2016 – On the eve of World Water Day, UNICEF said the push to bring safe water to millions around the world is going to be even more challenging due to climate change, which threatens both water supply and water safety for millions of children living in drought- or flood-prone areas.

29 Feb 2016 description

Abaiang was selected as one of the two vulnerable islands identified by the Kiribati cabinet in August 2013 under the Whole of Island (WoI) approach. The WOI approach is an initiative driven by the government in support of a holistic approach to climate change and disaster risk projects, moving away from a sector-based and project-by-project paradigm.

18 Feb 2016 description

Sally Round, RNZ International - sally.round@radionz.co.nz

Claire Anterea, a climate activist from Kiribati, says the phrase "climate refugee" always brings her to tears.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International

12 Feb 2016 description

Pacific Island countries, some of which rise just a few meters above sea level, comprise one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change. The nature-based livelihoods and diverse cultures of these island nations are being challenged, and in some cases overwhelmed, by rising sea levels, air and ocean temperatures, acidification, and shifting rainfall and storm patterns - effects of climate change that are projected to worsen over the next 100 years.

09 Feb 2016 description

Pacific research goal is to improve accuracy of weather forecasts and models

NOAA scientists and partners have embarked on a land, sea, and air campaign in the tropical Pacific to study the current El Niño and gather data in an effort to improve weather forecasts thousands of miles away.

11 Dec 2015 description

Lessons of displacement from Fiji and Ocean Island

By Danielle Parry, Communications Officer for United Nations OCHA

08 Dec 2015 description
report IRIN

By Laura Humes

PARIS, 8 December 2015 (IRIN) - Anote Tong, president of the small Pacific island nation of Kiribati, is something of a celebrity at the climate change talks taking place in Paris. Kiribati is quite literally on the frontline of climate change. Rising sea levels have already engulfed large areas of the island. Nearly a quarter of the country’s population has had to move, and a majority of the remaining residents will almost certainly be forced to move in the coming decades.

03 Dec 2015 description

By Samisoni Pareti, Editor of Islands Business Magazine, amplifying the Pacific voice at COP 21

2 December, 2015, Paris, France, COP21 - Seventy per cent of households in Kiribati and Tuvalu, and 35 per cent of families in Nauru would migrate if impacts of climate change worsen in their islands, a survey on the three Pacific islands have shown.

24 Nov 2015 description

Posted by Richard Edwards

Climate change is already impacting the people of the Pacific. In Papua New Guinea, families are struggling to access water and put food on the table because of a severe drought. In Samoa, the owner of a modest beachfront resort has watched for years as her property erodes, with storm surges and flooding battering the shore, pulling her property toward the sea.

These are just a few of the courageous people I have met in the few months since I became the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Regional Coordinator for the Pacific.

10 Nov 2015 description

The University of the South Pacific hopes a new research centre dedicated to atoll research will help save low-lying islands from rising sea levels.

Read the full article on Radio New Zealand International