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14 Nov 2017 description


‘InsuResilience’ Initiative for Vulnerable People Moves into New Higher Ambition Phase

Bonn/Berlin, Nov 14 - An international initiative aimed at providing insurance to 400 more million poor and vulnerable people by 2020 moved into a higher gear with the announcement of additional funding and many more partners.

14 Nov 2017 description

Bonn, 11 de noviembre de 2017 – Hoy viernes, el sector del transporte mundial anuncia una nueva Alianza de Descarbonización del Transporte (ADT) para que las acciones por el clima lleguen más lejos y más rápido, y para estimular un mayor liderazgo político en el sector.

14 Nov 2017 description

12 NOVEMBRE 2017 | BONN, ALLEMAGNE - Aujourd’hui, à la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP23), l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé a lancé, en collaboration avec le secrétariat de la Convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC) et en partenariat avec la présidence fidjienne de la vingt-troisième Conférence des Parties (COP23), une initiative spéciale pour protéger les habitants des petits États insulaires en développement des conséquences sanitaires des changements climatiques.

12 Nov 2017 description

Joint news release UNFCCC/WHO

12 NOVEMBER 2017 | BONN, GERMANY - Today, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23), WHO, in collaboration with the UN Climate Change secretariat and in partnership with the Fijian Presidency of the twenty-third Conference of the Parties (COP23), has launched a special initiative to protect people living in Small Island Developing States from the heath impacts of climate change.

15 Oct 2017 description

Éditorial d’Achim Steiner, Patricia Espinosa et Robert Glasser

De Miami à Porto Rico, en passant par La Barbade et La Havane, les ravages de la saison des ouragans dans toute l’Amérique latine et les Caraïbes ont sonné comme un rappel du fait que les effets du changement climatique ne connaissent pas de frontières.

14 Oct 2017 description

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction - Joint op-ed By Achim Steiner, Patricia Espinosa and Robert Glasser

From Miami and Puerto Rico to Barbuda and Havana, the devastation of this year’s hurricane season across Latin America and the Caribbean serves as a reminder that the impacts of climate change know no borders.

07 Jul 2017 description

This summary report was produced by the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This document provides concise descriptions of global and regional initiatives supporting adaptation or climate resilience in urban settlements, which offer national and subnational governments five opportunities for action on adaptation to climate change: learning, accessing technical support, committing to action, financing, and uniting with a wide variety of stakeholders for climate-resilient urban development.

15 Dec 2015 description

Conferencia de las Partes 21er período de sesiones París, 30 de noviembre a 11 de diciembre de 2015 Tema 4 b) del programa Plataforma de Durban para una Acción Reforzada (decisión 1/CP.17) Aprobación de un protocolo, otro instrumento jurídico o una conclusión acordada con fuerza legal en el marco de la Convención que sea aplicable a todas las Partes

Aprobación del Acuerdo de París

Propuesta del Presidente

Proyecto de decisión -/CP.21

La Conferencia de las Partes,

12 Dec 2015 description
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Arabic version

Proposal by the President

Draft decision -/CP.21

The Conference of the Parties,

Recalling decision 1/CP.17 on the establishment of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action,

Also recalling Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the Convention,

Further recalling relevant decisions of the Conference of the Parties, including decisions 1/CP.16, 2/CP.18, 1/CP.19 and 1/CP.20,

05 Dec 2015 description

On Action Day at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that a broad group of organizations would partner in 2016 to maintain momentum for multi-stakeholder climate implementation.

18 Nov 2015 description


Egypt, a developing country with a population of 88 million,a has achieved measurable success in improving population health over the past few decades (World Bank, 2015).

18 Nov 2015 description


Ghana, with a population of 26 million, has abundant natural resources that have played an important role in the agricultural, industrial, economic and social development of the country. However, Ghana faces a number of risks due to climate change, including frequency and intensity of extreme weather events increasing the risk of flood, landslides, drought and heat stress. This could subsequently intensify existing challenges of poverty, food insecurity and infectious and vector-borne diseases.


18 Nov 2015 description


Malaysia, with a population of 29 million,a has had steady recent economic growth and succeeded in nearly eradicating poverty [World Bank, Country Overview, 2015]. In international climate discussions (COP21, Copenhagen), Malaysia announced a conditional voluntary target of up to 40% reduction in carbon intensity of GDP by 2020 compared to 2005 levels. Malaysia has also had a strong focus on the development of sustainable energy policies (see section 5).

18 Nov 2015 description


Morocco’s climate is very diverse, with a warm, Mediterranean climate in the northern coastal region, continental inland areas and semi-arid areas in the south. Morocco has ambitious renewable energy targets and is making political and strategic efforts to conserve biodiversity and to mitigate and adapt to climate change.