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10 Apr 2002 description

Map showing areas of concern in Eastern Europe.
US Department of Agriculture Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division.

31 Mar 2002 description

The Seventh Report on Israeli Land Sweeping and Demolition of Palestinian Buildings and Facilities in the Gaza Strip

19 Mar 2002 description


Most parts of the country have experienced a dry spell for the past 2-3 weeks, threatening crop production prospects for the season.

Widespread consumption and theft of green maize due to the current maize shortage may adversely affect the final harvest outcome and compromise food security for the 2002/2003 consumption period.

The Government has declared the current food security situation a "disaster" and has appealed for assistance from various sources, including the donor community.

15 Mar 2002 description

Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division, FAS, USDA

09 Mar 2002 description


Most parts of the country received normal rainfall by the end of January. The rains have generally been well distributed throughout the season and, as a result, most crops are expected to do better than last year.

01 Mar 2002 description

Famine Early Warning Systems Network FEWS NET
Save the Children (UK)

01 Mar 2002 description

Under the map is an explanation of the different Food Economy Zones.

21 Feb 2002 description

Rome, 21 February 2003 - A loan agreement was signed today at the headquarters of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) by H.E. First Vice Minister Han Changfu, and by Mr. Lennart B=E5ge, President of IFAD. The loan, in an amount of USD 28.97 million, will help fund the 'Environment Conservation and Poverty-Reduction Programme in Ningxia and Shanxi', which is worth USD 90.31 million. The World Food Programme is a cofinancer of this programme with an equivalent of USD 7.28 million.

19 Feb 2002 description


Zambia continued to experience a generally normal to below-normal rainy season. The dry spell in the southern parts of the country is of great concern as this has extended into some high-producing districts in Southern Province (Choma District), Western Province (Kaoma District) and the southern parts of Central Province.  Crop yields in these areas are expected to be significantly reduced as a result.  In some areas, crops have passed the permanent wilting point.

04 Feb 2002 description

Africa Vegetation Health Index -- Compares current conditions with previous year's period.
ORA VCI Pages by Felix Kogan, Robert M. Carey and David Forsyth.
For information, contact Felix.Kogan@noaa.gov

19 Jan 2002 description


Rainfall has been increasing over areas that had been experiencing a two- to three-week dry spell, including Southern, Lusaka, and Eastern Provinces, and parts of Central Province. As a result, crops are recovering in all but parts of Southern Province, where replanting has been necessary.

The seasonal update by the Department of Meteorology for the remainder of the growing season indicates that during January to March, the country will likely receive normal to above-normal rainfall.

17 Jan 2002 description


Most parts of the country received planting rains around mid-December, about a month later than normal.

Locally heavy rains toward the end of December caused flooding in parts of Karonga, Salima, and Chikwawa Districts.

Despite an overall food surplus in 2001/02, the maize stocks at both national and household levels are not adequate to meet maize demand.

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) received about 40,000 MT of the planned 150,000 MT of maize imports from South Africa by the end of December 2001.

The Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation …

13 Jan 2002 description

UN Special Envoys to revisit Zimbabwe

01 Jan 2002 description

Arguing for the centrality of food, agriculture and rural development to poverty alleviation and the eradication of hunger, this annual report for 2002 attempts to provide an overview of the current situation and to reflect on some of the major challenges faced in eliminating world hunger and poverty and ensuring the sustainable use of our natural resources.

I - World review
Current agricultural situation - Facts and figures
The global economy and agriculture

II - Regional review
Asia and the Pacific
Latin America and the Caribbean

01 Jan 2002 description

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