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20 Apr 2018 description

This monthly review, produced by IOM, provides a summary of news related to the implementation of the peace accord in Colombia, including disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) processes.

Also included are statics on people in the process of reintegration and former child soldiers, the former of which are sourced from the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), and the latter from the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF).


Threats and attacks against presidential candidates intensify

26 Oct 2017 description

The global burden of Improvised Explosive Devices

Iain Overton and Jennifer Dathan

There is no day that goes past without the impact of an improvised explosive device (IED) making headlines around the world. Of all explosive weapons used, the IED is the most widespread, the most harmful and the most pernicious. Based on the belief that to overcome a problem, we must first understand it, this monitor is a small step in seeking to address the terrible realities of today.
It is a monitor that is, also, a response to a call to action.

31 Jan 2017 description

Over the five-year period since 2011, international support to mine action peaked in 2012 at $498.9 million, followed by a sharp decline in the next years all the way down to $352 million in 2015.

The top ten donors to mine action between 2011-2015 were: the United States, Japan, the European Union, Norway, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

09 Oct 2016 description
report DanChurchAid

DanChurchAid has been granted one Million Euro from The Dutch Government for our work to save lives and secure safe movement, this time in Libya.

As soon as the guns are silenced in the Libyan city of Sirte and government troops reclaim the city from Islamic State, DanChurchAid is ready to move in to secure the civilian population from lethal war debris.

02 Sep 2016 description
report DanChurchAid

The Dutch government has granted 11.6 million euros to DCA's efforts to create security in four of the world's hotspots. It is the largest donation from an international donor in DCA history

DCA’s can now intensify its efforts to create safety in four countries affected by conflict thanks to a large donation from the Dutch government.

29 Aug 2016 description
report HALO Trust

Abdul Hakim carries fragmentation in his shoulder and leg from a Russian mine which wounded him while he was fighting as a young mujahid in 1987 in the hills near Mazar-e-Sharif, but that doesn’t slow him down now as he walks these same hills with his 10-year-old grandson Kazim tending to their flock of 40 sheep. He explains why he refuses to register with the government to receive disability payments,

I’m strong because I drink goat’s milk! 

21 Jul 2016 description

Every day, 10 people are killed by landmines. Besides claiming such a substantial number of lives, landmines form an obstacle to post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Foreign trade and development cooperation minister Lilianne Ploumen said: ‘The devastating impact of landmines doesn’t stop when the violence ends. Emergency workers are left unable to reach the places where they’re needed, refugees can’t return home and farmers can’t access their land.

21 Jul 2016 description

The Netherlands has reserved €65 million for assistance to Iraq. The funds are intended for stabilization, demining, emergency aid, and military training. The pledge was announced by Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders on July 20 in Washington, D.C., during a special conference on Iraq co-hosted by the Netherlands.

Minister Koenders stressed that the Netherlands attaches great importance to the integration of the military offensive with political reforms, inclusiveness, and humanitarian efforts.

29 Feb 2016 description

Geneva, 29 February - Two days before the First International Pledging Conference for Implementation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention is to take place at the UN Geneva, the Treaty's Presidency has started receiving public pledges for mine action.

H.E. Bert Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, at a speech at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, announced a contribution of €45 million for the next four years, "to amplify the message that the world needs to take serious action on demining".

13 Nov 2015 description

Jurrian Kraak, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH, and Sezin Sinanoglu, UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in BiH, in the presence of Mr. Boris Jerinić, Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH, have signed the agreement on the award of 405,000 USD for the EXPLODE+ Project, allowing for disposal of 3,000 tons of chemically unstable ammunition, training for the Armed Forces personnel on the top-notch ammunition storage standards, and increasing of the weapon disposal capacity at TROM Doboj.

04 May 2015 description

Foreign minister Bert Koenders is earmarking €3 million this year for the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS), which works to clear landmines worldwide. Mr Koenders made the announcement while in New York, where he visited an interactive exhibition on demining.

‘Landmines tear communities apart. People are no longer able to use large areas of their living environment due to fear of explosions. Every day eight people – half of whom are children – are killed by landmines. Landmines also kill cattle; this has a negative economic impact,’ Mr Koenders said.

28 Aug 2014 description

Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, is providing more support for the stricken population of northern Iraq. In total, €6.5 million euros will be donated for various forms of emergency aid. Some will be earmarked for mine clearance. ‘The Islamic State (IS) laid different types of explosive devices over a very large area,’ the Minister said. ‘Now that they have left, the population wants to return home. That makes sense, but it entails a great risk to life.

25 Apr 2013 description
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L’évaluation a été confié au Centre International de Déminage Humanitaire de Genève (CIDHG) agissant en partenariat avec le programme universitaire indépendant Small Arms Survey. Le mandat comprenait:

  • L'évaluation de l'efficacité des activités de dépollution de la zone de Mpila à Brazzaville;

  • L'évaluation des processus de coordination entre les autorités nationales, l'équipe de l’action contre les mines des Nations unies (UNMAT), les partenaires d'exécution, les bailleurs de fonds et les autres parties prenantes;

19 Apr 2012 description

Geneva, 19 April 2012: A conference on the global ban on cluster bombs has concluded with news that 650,000 cluster munitions stockpiled by States Parties, containing 68.2million explosive submunitions, have been destroyed.