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01 Aug 2018 description

Background and Executive Summary

43 diaspora organisations supported by the DEMAC initiative showed their intention to be full participants in enhanced humanitarian response by creating and signing up to 17 joint diaspora commitments as part of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in May 2016.

14 Jun 2018 description
report Berghof Foundation

A powerful „su“ fills the library container of Relief International’s educational centre in the Jordanian refugee camp Azraq. Once the sound of their voices had faded, the 18 participants of the course conducted by Berghof Foundation shake out their arms and legs in relief. The joint exercise helps the Syrian women and men to release straining and stressful emotions, feelings, thoughts and experiences. All participants are Syrians volunteers working for various international organisations. The course supports them in their oftentimes challenging work.

09 Jun 2017 description
report Berghof Foundation

In May, Como-Berghof’s Andrés Home co-facilitated a strategy workshop with regional coordinators and the national office of Colombia’s Territorial Renovation Agency. Our team supports peace actors in Colombia in the implementation of the Peace Agreement between the former FARC Guerilla and the Colombian Government. The Territorial Renovation Agency (ART) is tasked with implementing rural development, a key element of the Peace Accord, through a process of participatory development of PDETs (Development plans with a territorial focus) in 16 subregions of Colombia.

06 Jan 2017 description
report Berghof Foundation

This guide offers a model and elaborates its recommendations for threatened human rights organisations and donor organisations on dealing with threat in an integrated manner. It specifically focuses on incorporating a psychosocial approach into the organisations’ routines, spaces and structures as a crucial element of integrated threat management. Drawing together lessons and insights from a joint learning process within the framework of the project “MAPA”, it emphasises how HRO and donors can work together towards achieving this goal.

19 Oct 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation

Véronique Dudouet & Stina Lundström, with support from David Rampf


22 Sep 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation
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Jenny Pearce


15 Jun 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation

From 29 May to 1 June 2016, the Berghof Foundation organized the 5th consultation meeting of Yemeni Eminent Personalities in cooperation with the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Yemen and with kind support from the German Federal Foreign Office.

The meeting took place in Jordan; it focused on the political process after the conclusion of the Kuwait negotiations, the resumption of political dialogue and the roadmap for the political transition processes.

06 May 2016 description

The DEMAC research report outlines the basic features of formalized collective interventions by Sierra Leonean, Somali and Syrian diaspora-based relief organisations and initiatives based in the UK, Denmark and Germany, respectively, by elucidating their responses to the humanitarian crises in their countries of origin/heritage and neighbouring countries.

05 May 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation

A month preceding the World Humanitarian Summit, the Berghof Foundation, together with its consortium partners AFFORD and the Danish Refugee Council, organized a preparatory workshop for diaspora organisations and initiatives engaged in humanitarian action. 11 representatives from Sierra Leonean, Somali and Syrian diaspora organisations that are invited to the summit in Istanbul attended the workshop on 21 April in Berlin.

22 Apr 2016 description

The study, titled Tradition- & Faith-Oriented Insider Mediators (TFIMs) in Conflict Transformation – Potential, Constraints, & Opportunities for Collaborative Support, launched this week in New York, conceptualises and contextualises a specific set of religious and traditional peacemakers as tradition- and faith-oriented insider mediators (TFIMs). The study considers their peace mediation roles, their potential and the constraints under which they work, and reflects on the opportunities for collaborative support that links various actors within conflict contexts.

04 Apr 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation organized and facilitated a consultation meeting of 14 Yemeni Eminent Personalities to discuss options to support UN-led negotiations to end the war and the resumption of political dialogue among Yemeni parties. The meeting took place in Jordan from 23-26 March 2016, it was organized in close consultation with the office of the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Yemen and kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

26 Jan 2016 description
report Berghof Foundation

The second consultation meeting of Yemeni eminent personalities was held in Jordan from 7-10 December 2015. The meeting was organized by the Berghof Foundation in close consultation with the Office of the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Yemen.

The meeting brought together a group of 14 eminent personalities from Yemen, representing a wide array of perspectives related to the various major social, political and geographical stakeholders. To allow for an open and constructive discussion, the participants were asked to contribute in a strictly personal capacity.

28 Apr 2015 description
report Berghof Foundation

Develops a basic concept of internationally oriented, context-related and process-oriented peace education with clearly defined target groups. Against this background, the author presents a comprehensive and practical approach to peace education in crisis and conflict regions, the aim being to promote conflict transformation. In this context, a fundamental distinction is made between direct peace education (encounter, inspiration, training) and structural peace education (pilot projects, curricula, implementation).