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24 Aug 2018 description

In the year since the mass displacement of refugees from Myanmar into Bangladesh, Canadians have provided life-saving assistance to hundreds of thousands of people who desperately needed it. The Humanitarian Coalition (HC), through its seven member agencies, and with the support of the Canadian government and generous Canadians, raised $8.2 million and has responded to the needs of some 350,000 people.

05 Jun 2018 description

Canada is providing clean water and sanitation support to residents in Somaliland after an entire year’s worth of rain fell in just one day.

Tropical storm Sagar drenched the country with 300 mm of rain per hour and pounded the coastline with winds reaching up to 120km/h. At least 25 people died and close to 700,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

07 May 2018 description

More than 165,000 people in Ethiopia are dealing with extensive flash flooding, which was exacerbated when two dams broke. At least two people died and approximately 1,600 families had to be evacuated.

Rising waters washed away homes, livestock and crops and cut off many districts and left main roads impassable. The risk of disease, such as diarrhea and even cholera, have increased as residents have little to no access to safe drinking water.

26 Apr 2018 description

Canada is providing assistance to the Fiji islands after two cyclones struck in one week.

Thanks to the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund, the Humanitarian Coalition, through its member Oxfam Canada, will help survivors recover and prevent the spread of disease. Oxfam will rebuild and rehabilitate sanitation facilities and provide emergency livelihood support to the most vulnerable people, particularly women and children

26 Mar 2018 description

Earthquake survivors in Papua New Guinea are receiving life-saving aid from Canada thanks to $410,000 from the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund.

When a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits, extensive damage is extremely likely. When one hit Papua New Guinea in late February, the extent of the damage remained unclear for many days because of the remoteness and lack of access to the affected regions. The country was also racked by more than 130 aftershocks, many over magnitude 6.

05 Mar 2018 description

For many, the Tonga islands appear to be the ideal Pacific paradise of sandy beaches, warm sun and blue ocean. But the reality for Tongans is more complex, especially with climate change bringing more frequent and stronger storms.

So when Cyclone Gita tore through the two main islands (Tongatapu, pop. 75,416, and ‘Eua, pop. 5,016) with winds of nearly 200 km/hour and heavy rain, the islands incurred heavy damage.

04 Mar 2018 description

Every day, for a month, 370 people, 80% of them women and children, were crossing the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, seeking safety from an escalating conflict in the Kivu region of the country.

They were arriving tired, scared, hungry and traumatized, often separated from their families. What greeted them were already cramped refugee camps, housing close to 1.4 million refugees, close to two thirds of whom are children.

01 Mar 2018 description

March 1, 2018

This week's federal budget, with an additional $2 billion over five years for international aid, is welcome news for the humanitarian sector.

This funding includes a dedicated pool of $738 million for humanitarian assistance for 2018-19, which will increase Canada’s ability to respond quickly and more effectively to sudden crises.

12 Jan 2018 description

For many in the Philippines, Christmas celebrations were put on hold as they dealt with the aftermath of Typhoon Kai-tak, which hit the easternmost provinces of the country on December 16, 2017.

The Category 2 storm brought heavy rains and winds gusting up to 110 km/h. At least 47 people were killed and almost 2 million were affected. In Biliran, the worst hit province, the storm affected more than 65 per cent of the population, killing 42 people.

23 Nov 2017 description

The seven members of the Humanitarian Coalition are grateful for the Government of Canada's continued leadership in raising critical awareness of the ongoing Rohingya crisis and pursuing a political solution while ensuring humanitarian aid is available to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people affected.

The Minister of International Development and La Francophonie recently visited Bangladesh for a first-hand look at the situation on the ground, and was accompanied by a representative of the Humanitarian Coalition.

31 Oct 2017 description

The Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies welcome the Government of Canada’s decision to launch the Myanmar Crisis Relief Fund for the response to the Rohingya Crisis. Canadians have until November 28 to see their donations matched by the government into a response pool for the Rohingya Crisis.

29 Sep 2017 description

While most of the world’s attention was on hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria as they tore through the Caribbean and the United States, residents in Vietnam were dealing with their own disaster: Typhoon Doksuri.

19 Sep 2017 description

Over a week after Hurricane Irma’s ferocious winds and storm surge ravaged Cuba, people in the hardest-hit areas of the Caribbean island are still struggling to meet their basic needs.

Thanks to $320,000 from the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF), Oxfam Canada will help approximately 4,500 people in the province of Camagüey with immediate necessities. The storm damaged or destroyed more than 90 percent of the homes in the municipality of Esmerelda on the northern part of the island.

25 Aug 2017 description

Humanitarian Coalition members helping flood survivors in Nepal, Bangladesh

More than 20,000 people are receiving Canadian assistance following the worst monsoon season to hit South Asia in the last 100 years.

Through funding from the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF), Humanitarian Coalition members Plan International Canada and Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) will provide life-saving assistance in Bangladesh and Nepal respectively.

24 Aug 2017 description

Deadly mudslides in Sierra Leone’s capital last week has destroyed whole neighbourhoods and left thousands of already vulnerable residents homeless and exposed to disease.

Nearly 500 people were killed and at least 600 more remain missing more than one week after the catastrophe. Close to 6,000 people were directly affected by the mudslides, having either lost a family member, seen their homes destroyed or been injured in the disaster. Initial reports show that children and women are the most affected.

17 Aug 2017 description

With 20 million women, children and men struggling to find food and safe drinking water in parts of Africa and Yemen, Canadians donated more than $8 million to the Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies during the Stop Famine Together joint campaign.

Thanks to the Government of Canada’s Famine Relief Fund, which matched eligible donations, even more relief aid is available to those in need.

24 Jul 2017 description

A sharp increase in violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has forced more than 1 million people to flee their homes in search of safety. During heavy fighting between April 21 and May 5 in the Kasai Oriental region of the country, more than 125,000 people – roughly 8,000 a day – fled to safer areas of the country.

01 Jun 2017 description

The natural phenomenon of El Niño Costero in Peru has generated heavy rains since December 2016, resulting in severe flooding and landslides throughout the country. What has been called the worst storm in 30 years has affected more than 750,000 people, with approximately 810 towns and cities in a state of emergency. Many residents do not have access clean water and some public sanitation networks have collapsed.

28 Mar 2017 description

A priori, 36 $, c’est une somme peu importante. Mais pour les survivants du cyclone dévastateur qui a frappé Madagascar, cette somme permet de répondre aux besoins de base immédiats d’une famille complète pendant six semaines.

Grâce à des fonds en provenance du Canada, plus de 17 000 personnes recevront une aide essentielle qui les aidera à se rétablir des durs contrecoups de la catastrophe.

25 Mar 2017 description

At first glance, $36 may not seem much, but for survivors of a devastating cyclone in Madagascar, that amount provides the ability for a family to meet their immediate basic needs for six weeks.

Thanks to funding originating here in Canada, more than 17,000 people will receive life-saving assistance, helping them recover from this disaster.