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05 Nov 2018 description

The United Nations condemns the attack against Jalaa Hospital for Women and Childbirth in Tripoli, by militias. The attackers shot one doctor and threatened the safety and security of the medical staff at the hospital, resulting in a three-day halt of all non-emergency medical services.

02 Nov 2018 description

Tunis, 1 November 2018 – From 1 October to 31 October 2018, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) documented 10 civilian casualties – eight deaths and two injuries – during the conduct of hostilities across Libya. All victims were men.

The civilian casualties were caused by gunfire (four killed and one injured) and explosive remnants of war (ERW, four killed and one injured).

UNSMIL documented civilian casualties in Benghazi (four killed and one injured), al-Fuqha (four killed), and al-Zawiya (one injured).

02 Nov 2018 description


The children dance under the mango tree wearing paper hats with crayon-written messages of peace.

Their parents wait patiently in the sweltering hot sun. Together with hundreds of other families they have crammed into a grassy area next to the local church in Yei. The crowd is here to share their stories of suffering in a region that continues to be plagued by violence, despite the much-vaunted revitalized peace agreement.

01 Nov 2018 description

Tripoli, 1 November 2018 - The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has observed over the last several days the illegal use of force and intimidation against private and public institutions in Tripoli, notably Aman Bank al-Siyahia Branch and the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO). The assaults aimed to seize control of these institutions and gain privileged access to financial resources.

29 Oct 2018 description

Tripoli, 29 October 2018 - The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) strongly condemns the deadly attack on al-Foqha, a town in central Libya, in what local authorities say was a brutal act of revenge conducted by ISIL. The Sunday attack resulted in four civilians killed – two of whom were executed in public, and at least nine abducted.

19 Oct 2018 description

Tripoli, 19 October 2018 - UNSMIL deplores the deterioration of the security situation in Libya’s South and calls on the Libyan authorities to take prompt and effective action against the lawlessness engulfing the region.

The Mission condemns the violations perpetrated by foreign armed groups on Libyan territory and encourages regional actors to support the national authorities in addressing the situation in a manner respectful of Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

09 Sep 2018 description

Zawiya, 9 September 2018 - The United Nations Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) hosted a meeting today to discuss the consolidation of the 4 September 2018 ceasefire, agree on a monitoring and verification mechanism and begin talks on the security arrangements in the Greater Tripoli area.

The meeting, convened in the western Libyan city of Zawiya, was attended by representatives of the Government of National Accord and the military commanders, security apparatuses and armed groups present in and around the Capital.

06 Sep 2018 description

Mr President,

I would like to congratulate the United States of America on its presidency of the Council this month and thank you for this opportunity to update the Council.

Mr President, Members of the Council

In each and every briefing I have given to this Council, I have stated that the status quo in Libya is untenable.

The violence that consumed the Capital beginning 26 August shattered the façade of calm that had prevailed in Tripoli since May 2017.

04 Sep 2018 description

Zawiya, 4 September, 2018 – The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) thanks the Libyan parties who accepted the Mission’s invitation for dialogue and congratulates them on reaching a ceasefire agreement to end the fighting afflicting Tripoli since 26 August. The agreement was signed under the auspices of Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Libya Dr. Ghassan Salame.

04 Sep 2018 description

Tunis, 4 September 2018 – From 1 August to 31 August 2018, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) documented 25 civilian casualties –22 deaths and three injuries – during the conduct of hostilities across Libya. Victims included 14 men, two woman, four boys and two girls killed, and two men and one woman injured. The actual number of civilian casualties is believed to be higher. UNSMIL continues to seek to confirm additional civilian casualties in the course of ongoing hostilities in Tripoli.

02 Sep 2018 description

Tripoli, 2 September 2018 – On the basis of the relevant Security Council resolutions and the offer of the UN Secretary General to mediate between the various Libyan parties, and responding to requests by the various parties, including the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, to hold an urgent dialogue on the current security situation in Tripoli, UNSMIL invites the various concerned parties to an expanded meeting on Tuesday noon at a venue to be announced later.

02 Sep 2018 description

Tripoli, 2 September, 2018 - The United Nations condemns the escalation of violence that has now reached to several residential areas in Tripoli. According to recent reports, 14 civilians, including four children, have been killed and over 100 injured.

Families in Tripoli are living in fear due to indiscriminate shelling landing in their neighbourhoods from a far with no knowledge of who is behind these attacks and where they are coming from. The violence is also forcing families to flee their homes and has caused damage to a medical facility.

29 Aug 2018 description

The UN Support Mission in Libya condemns the escalation of violence in the Greater Tripoli area, now in its third day and call for an immediate ceasefire on all fronts.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) in Libya, Dr. Ghassan Salame, has reached out to the concerned Libyan parties to immediately cease all hostilities, resume ceasefire talks and find longer term solutions to ensure the safety and security of the capital, its institutions and its residents.

19 Aug 2018 description

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya expresses its strong condemnation of the violence, intimidation and obstruction to the work of Libya’s sovereign institutions by militiamen. Members of brigades nominally acting under the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Accord are attacking sovereign institutions and preventing them from being able to operate effectively. Interference with sovereign institutions and with Libya’s national wealth is a grave matter and must stop immediately.

19 Aug 2018 description

Civilians are not a target

Tunis, 19 August 2018 - This World Humanitarian Day, we continue to recognize the suffering of civilians caught in conflict and we celebrate the courage of humanitarian workers who strive to bring relief and care to those in need.

16 Aug 2018 description

Tripoli, 16 August 2018 - The verdict announced on 15 August 2018 by the Criminal Circuit of the Court of Appeal of Tripoli is a cause of concern, given the 45 death sentences pronounced. UNSMIL recognizes efforts by the Libyan judiciary to hold people to account for crimes committed during the 2011 Revolution, especially amid armed conflict and political polarization. However, the United Nations opposes the imposition of the death penalty as a matter of principle.

10 Aug 2018 description

The UN in Libya strongly condemns the forced eviction of displaced Tawerghan families from Tariq al-Matar Camp early this morning, leaving them homeless for a second time in seven years.

“Entering an IDP camp while people are sleeping, demolishing homes and forcing people to flee, rendering them homeless, violates their dignity and their right to protection under International Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws,” said Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General to Libya, Ghassan Salame.

06 Aug 2018 description

Tripoli, 6 August 2018 – As part of its efforts to strengthen the participation of all Libyans in the process of reconciliation, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) today launched the “Al-Solh Khair” (“Reconciliation is Good”) media campaign.

This nationwide initiative aims to raise awareness among citizens about the importance played by dialogue, local reconciliation agreements and social cohesion in achieving peace in the country.

01 Aug 2018 description

Tunis, 1 August 2018 – From 1 July to 31 July 2018, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) documented 8 civilian casualties –three deaths and five injuries – during the conduct of hostilities across Libya. The casualty toll is the lowest on record since the beginning of the year. Victims included one man, one woman and one boy killed, and four men and one boy injured.

The majority of civilian casualties were caused by gunfire (two killed and five injured), followed by explosive remnants of war (ERW, one killed).

30 Jul 2018 description

Trafficking in persons is a vile crime that feeds on inequalities, instability and conflict. Human traffickers profit from peoples’ hopes and despair. They prey on the vulnerable and rob them of their fundamental rights.

Children and young people, migrants and refugees are especially susceptible.
Women and girls are targeted again and again. We see brutal sexual exploitation, including involuntary prostitution, forced marriage and sexual slavery. We see the appalling trade in human organs.