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15 May 2003 description

Geneva, May 15 -- The Henry Dunant Centre (HDC) is pleased to confirm that both the Government of Indonesia and the leadership of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) have agreed to attend a Joint Council meeting in Tokyo this Saturday, May 17.

25 Apr 2003 description

The Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue regrets that the planned Joint Council is not taking place.

We believe that the agreement signed on 9 December 2002 is an historic opportunity for peace and that the problems recently encountered in its implementation can be resolved between the parties.

The Centre will soon therefore be putting forward to the parties a proposal for a Joint Council meeting with a date and a venue.

For more information contact: Andy Andrea +41 79 257 9974

06 Apr 2003 description

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, April 6 -- This morning, the office of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) Tri-Partite Monitors (TMT) in Langsa, East Aceh was destroyed by a fire that appears to have been deliberately set, with a crowd of more than 300 people present. No monitors were in the office at the time and all monitors have since been safely accounted for. No JSC employees were injured.

Today's incident marks the second time in just over a month that the JSC monitors and their offices have been attacked by crowds that were clearly organized.

27 Mar 2003 description


For immediate release

Dateline: Geneva, 27 March 2003

The Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HDC) is pleased to announce that the Governments of Japan and Canada have contributed funds to HDC's Monitoring Mission in Aceh, Indonesia, and would like to express its gratitude to Japan and Canada for their support.

20 Mar 2003 description


BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, March 20 - The Henry Dunant Centre (HDC) welcomes and applauds the publication of the Joint Security Committee (JSC) Verification Committee Report on the March 3 incident involving the Tri-partite Monitoring Team in Takengon Central Aceh.

HDC supports the key findings of the report:

1.Further Investigation is required by the JSC to determine the exact causes of the incident and, specifically, those individuals responsible.


19 Mar 2003 description

Geneva, March 2003
Toby Porter


Summary of findings


1. The RC/HC model, January 1995 to May 1997
1.1 Context
1.2 Commentary
1.3 Humanitarian action
1.4 Funding
1.5 Coordination

2. The Conakry period, May 1997 to March 1998
2.1 Context
2.2 Commentary
2.3 Humanitarian action
2.4 Funding
2.5 Coordination

3. UNOMSIL, March 1998 to October 1999
3.1 Context
3.2 Commentary
3.3 Humanitarian action
3.4 Funding
3.5 Coordination

4. UNAMSIL, October 1999 to May 2000

09 Dec 2002 description

This note is intended as HDC's interpretation of the clauses in the Framework Agreement relating to GAM weapons (Article 3) and provide guidance in the manner to carry out the responsibilities assigned to the HDC in that part of the Agreement.

By this Agreement the GAM has agreed to place its weapons in designates sites according to the time period outlined in Article 3b.

09 Dec 2002 description

Geneva, 9 December 2002

The Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HDC) would like to confirm that an agreement on a cessation of hostilities has been signed by representatives of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

The landmark agreement was signed at HDC's office in Geneva, Switzerland at 10.00am GMT by Mr S Wiryono and Dr Zaini Abdullah, the chief negotiators of both parties.

03 Dec 2002 description

Geneva, 3 December 2002

The Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HDC) is encouraged by the expressed support of the international community at the Preparatory Conference on Peace and Reconstruction in Aceh, being held in Tokyo.

HDC would like to express its appreciation to the Government of Japan for hosting, and to the Government of the United States of America, the World Bank and the European Union for chairing this conference.

With the support of the international community and the continued commitment of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) and the Free …

10 May 2002 description

For Immediate Release


The Henry Dunant Centre, facilitators of the meeting between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement, welcome the outcome of the talks, as represented in the Joint Statement.

Both parties worked hard to address key issues in order to make progress towards a peaceful solution to the conflict in Aceh, which has taken so many lives.

31 May 2001 description

Geneva, May 2001

Based on research by David Solomon


A. About this report

The objectives of this report are to:

28 Apr 2000 description

Mission of the Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue to the Republic of Congo
on behalf of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Working-Group

5-15 April 2000

C. Andrew Marshall

"Tell the world how we are now fighting for peace."
Colonel Moukanda, Cocoye Militia Commander, Sibiti, Lékoumou Province, 7 April 2000