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08 Jul 2011 description

By Sumbul Rizvi
(June 25, 2011)

Afghanistan has experienced over 30 years of continuous conflict, both at the national and the local levels, linked to a struggle for dominance by different tribes, ethnic groups, and political orientations. Added to this is the difficult terrain, which has made the country prone to drought, earthquakes, and flash floods. To be sure, the cumulative impact of these challenges on civilians has been severe. However, no less profound have been the challenges that Afghan civilians have faced as the result of violence-induced displacement.

08 Jul 2011 description

By Frédéric Grare and William Maley
(June 30, 2011)

01 Jul 2011 description

Contributions on Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) prepared for this project examine the humanitarian response to internal and external displacement following the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime in April 2003. Humanitarian intervention has more specifically focused on people forced to flee as a result of widespread insecurity and sectarian conflict in Iraq between early 2006 and mid-2007. It is important to mention at the outset that displacement has been a long-term feature of Iraq.

01 Jul 2011 description

Protracted displacement is a grim reality for millions of Sudanese civilians caught on the front lines of the interconnected civil wars that have wracked Sudan since its independence in 1956.