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29 May 2017 description


The Desert Locust joint survey in the spring breeding areas of the I.R. Iran and Pakistan has been undertaken on annual basis since 1995. The present survey of 2017 under report was the 23rd survey within the framework of the FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South-West Asia (SWAC).

In view of security concerns in the survey area of Baluchistan in Pakistan since 2009, two options were discussed for the joint survey in the 30th Session of SWAC held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 12–14 December 2016:

06 Aug 2015 description

Tehran, August 6, IRNA - The people of Japan has contributed 2,983,722 million dollars to UNHCR-Iran within the framework of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR), a regional, multi-year strategy, supporting voluntary repatriation, sustainable reintegration and assistance to host countries. Japan donates $2.9 million to Afghan refugees in Iran

18 Mar 2015 description

The Headman’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Boushehr Province said: one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six housing units have been constructed at first and second stages of reconstruction at Shonbe & Tasooj affected by earthquake regions of Dashti Township. Heydari added: for first stage was spent amount of three hundred and forty-seven billion Rials as figure of facilities and forty-nine billion and five hundred million Rials as figure of gratuitous aids.

03 Dec 2014 description

Amount of Fifteen Billion Rials are paid to damaged people by flood at Behshahr and Galogah Townships. This year and previous year, more than four hundred households damaged at Behshahr By flood. The Manager of Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution at these townships said: this rate is paid with five percent interest for reconstruction and renovation of housing at these townships. Abdi added: amount of three billion eight hundred and forty million Rials gratuitous aids are paying to stricken by flood.

01 Dec 2014 description

Head of Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: from three hundred and forty thousand constructed units of Maskan-Mehr at mentioned cities, so far, two hundred and seventy thousand units have been delivered to applicants. Tabesh expressed: till end of this year, also other forty thousand units of Maskan-Mehr should be completed and delivered to applicants at these cities.

01 Dec 2014 description

Headman’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Boushehr Province said: one hundred and thirty-seven billion Rials gratuitous facilities allocated to Dashtestan Stricken by Earthquake. Heydari expressed: at last year, earthquake was caused many damages to four thousand and eight hundred units. He reminded: due to this earthquake, rate of four hundred and fifty billion Rials loan was approved and paid to one thousand and eight hundred constructed units.

10 Sep 2014 description

Assistant of Reconstruction Affairs and Rural Housing at Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution informed about allocating of more than one thousand three hundred and sixty billion credits for reconstruction of Mormori affected by earthquake regions and said: The Government has allocated eight hundred and thirteen thousand billion two hundred and fifty million Rials credits for speedy of construction housing units at these regions.

07 Sep 2014 description

Head of Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution announced that payment of facilities is begun at Elam affected by earthquake regions as soon. Tabesh said: recent earthquake at Elam Province have differences with other earthquakes and any roof don’t fall and such that to be had fatal damage. He added: but due to urban houses had not suitable strucure and has damaged as figure of that is requiring to destroying and renovation.

23 Feb 2014 description

At visiting from Dashtestan stricken by earthquake, Deputy of Reconstruction Affairs and Rural Housing at Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution stated at present necessary credit is supplied for reconstruction of one thousand and eight hundred damaged housing units at this earthquake. Mahdiyan added: now, some of these units have done roofing stage and it is satisfaction. He told: the people have started reconstruction with their investment and gratuitous aids that is supplied by Housing Foundation.

17 Feb 2014 description

Director General of Boushehr Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: at present, seventy percent of households at Shonbe & Tasouj Stricken by earthquake regions have settled at their houses. Farzane expressed: from the beginning of this earthquake till now, has done very well functions at these regions. At first stage, one thousand two hundred and twenty-eight damaged units have renovated, retrofitted, completed and they have received work final. He added: more than eight hundred households at these regions were settled that main section is stricken by earthquake regions.

17 Feb 2014 description

Deputy of Reconstruction Affairs and Rural Housing at Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: About two thousand rural and urban housing units damaged due to Borazjan earthquake and also two thousand units had been damaged at South Khorasan that construction of seven hundred and fifty units has finished. Mahdiyan added: about one thousand and five hundred housing units were damaged that these units are requiring to repairs. He specified: at this city work was started and is reconstructing of damaged units quickly.

19 Jan 2014 description

West Azerbaijan Province has been part of high risk regions from view point of climate as the most important factors that caused damages are counted an example drought, cold and freezing, flood and hail and torrential rains beside of occurrence earthquake. In Iran, has recognized forty kinds of natural disaster that at this province has available field of thirty-six types of these disasters.

11 Nov 2013 description

The Manager of Nishabour Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand two hundred and fifty million Rials credit have allocated for reconstruction and retrofitting of two thousand and five hundred Nishabour stricken by earthquake housing units by banking and Housing Foundation facilities. Khajehei expressed: the mentioned credit has been allocated for five thousand nine hundred and fifty-four housing unit.

23 Sep 2013 description

Director General of South Khorasan Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution stated: now, working construction for Four Hundred and Forty-Nine of Housing Units have completed at South Khorasan Affected by Earthquake Regions and these units are ready for dwelling. Asemani Moqadam pointed to occurrence of earthquake at previous year and expressed: at this earthquake, had been destroyed and damaged two thousand housing units at four townships.

17 Dec 2012 description


  • A large number of tents in the affected areas are dismantled and people are living either in the multifunctional transitional shelters or rural permanent residential units.

  • More than 11,400 rural permanent residential units are roofed in 103 days

  • The weather forecast illustrates 2 days of precipitation of rain or snow and the temperature of 9 to -3 centigrade for the next 5 days.

19 Nov 2012 description


  • The first snowfall of the year blanketed the earthquake affected areas raising the concerns and psychological pressure imposed by chain aftershocks.

  • The precipitation and cold weather significantly affected the speed of reconstruction.

  • An aftershock of 4.9 Ms hit the affected town of Varzaghan and surrounding villages on Friday 16 Nov. 2012.

07 Nov 2012 description

Housing Foundation of Islamic Republic of Iran (HFIR)


  • Transitional shelter and resettlement programs accelerated and contributed significantly to reduction of the affected population under tents.

  • During the last 8 days, an approximate number of 2500 roofs is completed raising the figure of rural roofed permanent residential units to more than 7600 against total 9,500 above 60% damages rural residential units in 75 days.

  • The households who moved to their new houses receive household incentive packages.

30 Oct 2012 description

Housing Foundation of Islamic Republic of Iran (HFIR)


  • Against 9,474 above 60% damaged rural residential units, 9,319 steel frames and confined masonry structures have been erected and 5,134 roofs completed in the first 67 days.

  • Total number of 5,493 multi-functional transitional shelters have been completed.

  • Total number of 4,967 livestock shelters have been completed.

13 Jan 2004 description

Amman, Jan 13, IRNA - Mohammad Sadr, the special envoy of President Mohammad Khatami, here on Tuesday submitted Khatami's message to Jordan's King Abdullah II. At the meeting, King Abdullah underscored the need for Iran and Jordan to promote relations in all areas, and said exchanges of diplomatic visits between the two countries would increase. He recalled his last September trip to the Islamic Republic and expressed hope that Tehran-Amman relations would be further expanded in 2004.