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27 Mar 2002 description

International aid agency Children's Aid Direct is launching an appeal for cash donations to help out victims of the earthquake in the Baghlan province in Afghanistan. Up to 2,000 people are feared dead and 15,000 people have been made homeless.

26 Feb 2002 description

"Most of us cannot imagine the hardship these youngsters are facing."

30 Jan 2002 description

"Watching the daily reports coming out of Afghanistan and the region, I felt - like a lot of people - that I couldn't just sit on my hands doing nothing." (Dan Brennan, Operations Manager for Afghanistan.)

16 Jan 2002 description

International aid agency Children's Aid Direct has launched an appeal on ReliefWeb for funds to provide food and winter clothing in Afghanistan to ease the suffering of children and their carers who have had to move away from their homes in search of food or safety.

14 Jan 2002 description

"It is important that the West puts as much vigour into the humanitarian relief effort as it did into the military campaign."
(Reading West MP, Martin Salter.)
"We must act fast to give impartial aid to these innocent victims. Children's Aid Direct is an excellent charity which will do a wonderful job."

30 Nov 2001 description

"These children are scared, hungry and cold. This is not their war. They are dependent on us for their survival.

30 Nov 2001 description

Prepared by:
Wubeshet Woldemariam
Regional Programme Manager, Asia
Children's Aid Direct
Dr. Dayan Woldemichael, MD
Health programme Co-ordinator
Children's Aid Direct

October/November 2001


Official Name: Islamic State of Afghanistan

Population: 25,838,797 (July 200 estimate)

Age Structure:

0 - 14 years old: 42.2. %
15 - 64 years old: 55.01 %

19 Oct 2001 description

"This is some of the first EU funding for renovating destroyed homes as a result of the recent conflict and we are pleased that Children's Aid Direct has been chosen by the EU to carry out this work."
(Ron Langford, Children's Aid Direct's Country Representative for Macedonia)

18 Sep 2001 description

Young Berkshire actor Liam Hess has re-launched an appeal on behalf of international aid agency Children's Aid Direct to help starving children in Tajikistan. The radio appeal was suspended last week after just one day, following the events in America on Tuesday (11 September 2001).

12 Sep 2001 description

In light of events in America yesterday, Children's Aid Direct has decided to suspend the radio advertising aspect of our Tajikistan emergency appeal. This is for several reasons.
John Grain, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Children's Aid Direct, said: "We feel it would be insensitive of us to continue with our appeal campaign for Tajikistan this week in view of the events in America yesterday (Tuesday, 11 September).

28 Aug 2001 description

"Severe drought threatens the lives of 3 million people" (source Guardian)
Estimates in March showed that over 12% of children in the worst hit areas of Tajikistan were suffering from chronic malnutrition. With the further impact of increased drought this situation is only going to get worse. Children's Aid Direct is responsible for over 35,000 children in Tajikistan and is distributing supplementary food to those in need.

It costs just =A317.16 to provide a six-month supply of supplementary food to a malnourished child. Can you help?

30 Jul 2001 description

"The information we have is that there are more than 11,500 refugees in this area already and the number is growing daily."

15 Jun 2001 description

International aid agency Children's Aid Direct (C.A.D) has called on all sides involved in the current conflict in Macedonia to think of the children and to keep future generations firmly in mind when trying to find a solution to the country's problems.

08 Jun 2001 description

"The programme's overall aim is to improve the health and nutrition status of the target population in Bubanza Province by fostering sustainable approaches to health care."

29 Mar 2001 description

Children's Aid Direct makes an immediate and lasting improvement to the lives of children and their carers who are affected by conflict, poverty or disaster.

12 Jan 2001 description

Thames Valley woman Pat Lawton is getting ready to go to Azerbaijan to implement a pioneering project for mothers and babies in a newly-opened Health Centre for international aid agency Children's Aid Direct.

25 Sep 2000 description

25 September 2000 - Two typhoons in two weeks have hit North Korea causing death and significant destruction to the northern and southern areas of Hamgyong Provinces. The tropical storms have hit at a time when talks between North and South Korea indicate that there is a real chance for creating lasting peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula.

02 May 2000 description

International aid agency Children's Aid Direct, based in Reading, is to accelerate its response to the urgent needs of children who have been affected by the recent upsurge in fighting in Sierra Leone.

06 Dec 1999 description

Wave 105.2FM and international charity Children's Aid Direct have teamed up to launch a regional appeal to help the children of war get back to school for the Millennium. The Wave Care at Christmas Appeal is asking the people of xxxxx to collect simple items, such as pens and pencils, which will make up a School Gift Pack for children who have been unable to return to school because of civil war and conflict in places such as Kosovo, Liberia and Sierra Leone.