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30 Aug 1996 description

By Alan Philps in Moscow

THE Russian government yesterday disavowed the Chechnya peace plan worked out by President Yeltsin's national security adviser, Gen Alexander Lebed, and accused the rebels of breaking the ceasefire agreement.

This added to a growing feeling that the struggle to succeed the ailing Mr Yeltsin was intensifying, and that Gen Lebed's rivals were keen to trip him up. After a meeting of ministers and senior officials, a spokesman for Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Prime Minister, said the Lebed plan still needed serious work.

29 Aug 1996 description

By Nanette van der Laan in Moscow

COLUMNS of Russian troops rumbled out of the Chechen capital of Grozny yesterday, most of them relieved to be going home after a humiliating defeat at the hands of the separatist fighters.

The Chechen rebels were jubilant, for they left the capital as clear victors.

28 Aug 1996 description

By Nanette van der Laan in Moscow

RUSSIAN and Chechen commanders announced yesterday that they had resolved their remaining differences and signed a ceasefire.

26 Aug 1996 description

By Alan Philps in Grozny

WAR reached a humiliating conclusion for the Kremlin yesterday when the first Russian army column withdrew from the Chechen capital, Grozny, under terms which, if implemented, effectively hand the city to the rebels.

Gen Alexander Lebed was back in Moscow last night, amid growing uncertainty that he would get full backing from President Yeltsin for the accord he has made with the Chechen separatists. This would give them autonomy for five years, with a referendum on full independence at the end of that time.

21 Aug 1996 description

By Nanette van der Laan in Moscow

THOUSANDS of civilians fled the Chechen capital yesterday after the Russian commander in the area said "large-scale military operations" against separatist rebels in the city would start tomorrow.

Konstantin Pulikovsky said Grozny would be attacked by artillery. Throughout yesterday military helicopters dropped leaflets on the city warning civilians that they had 48 hours to escape. But refugees said planes had already started bombing, forcing them to run for their lives.

13 Aug 1996 description

By Marcus Warren in Moscow

RUSSIA'S security chief, Gen Alexander Lebed, took charge of policy towards Chechnya yesterday, meeting the Chechen chief of staff near Grozny before launching an outspoken attack on Russia's military and politicians for their conduct in the war.

Russian commanders announced a halt to air strikes against rebels but fighting continued for a seventh day, with Chechen irregulars retaining control of much of the city.

Gen Lebed also voiced suspicions that his appointment as President Yeltsin's special representative to Chechnya last weekend was …

12 Aug 1996 description

By Marcus Warren in Moscow

PRESIDENT Yeltsin called yesterday for the officials responsible for Moscow's latest debacle in Chechnya to be brought to book, as Russian troops fought for the sixth day to dislodge rebels from Grozny, the Chechen capital.

In crisis talks with Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Prime Minister, Mr Yeltsin ordered an investigation into the "gross miscalculations" that allowed the Chechens to seize control of the city.

From his meeting with the leader Mr Chernomyrdin rushed to a top-level government gathering which discussed imposing a state of …

08 Aug 1996 description

By Marcus Warren in Moscow

CHECHEN rebel forces closed in on the headquarters of the republic's pro-Moscow government last night, seizing control of the centre of Grozny.

The attack dealt a devastating blow to President Yeltsin's hopes of a dignified end to Russia's agony. Members of the government fled to an army base at nearby Khankala.

01 Aug 1996 description

By Louise Tunbridge in Bujumbura

29 Jul 1996 description

THE Somali warlord Gen Mohamed Farah Aidid has been seriously wounded during fighting at the south Mogadishu district of Medina, according to Radio North Mogadishu, which is controlled by his arch rival, Ali Mahdi Mohamed.

It said that his life was in danger after he was shot in the stomach. But an aide to Aidid denied the claim which could not be independently confirmed. AFP, Mogadishu