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29 Dec 2011 description

ANERA is pleased to announce that Majid Al Futtaim Charity Foundation has donated $250,000 to ANERA to help fund its work to improve the health and well-being of Palestinian children

07 Nov 2011 description

Abed Al-Moeti Safi sits with his grandchildren in front of his grocery store in Al-Amal Zone in western Khan Younis and smiles with relief at the clean street before him. Abed Al-Moeti describes what living and working on this street was like before a wastewater project changed his life, “Before the wastewater network [was installed], sewage used to flood into the streets of the neighborhood.” Abed Al-Moeti is in his seventies and lives with 25 people in the same house.

28 Oct 2011 description

Walking through the narrow winding alleyways of Ein El Helweh Palestinian refugee camp, the first impression is of a concrete jungle. Electric wires criss-cross overhead and down the gray concrete walls, often leaving hardly any room for sunlight to penetrate into the camp, which is home to over 70,000 refugees.

26 Oct 2011 description

The ANERA car loaded with closed boxes arrived at El-Wejdan Preschool just as the children headed out for their regular class break. Peering out from classroom windows, they were all so curious about what was inside all those boxes. Five-year-old Mohammed summoned the courage to ask and he ended up being among the first group at the school to try on a brand new pair of shoes.

06 Oct 2011 description

Dr. Zohair Barzak, director of the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza (PRCS) was amazed when he saw ANERA’s list of in-kind shipments. “I was reading, as usual, the list of medicines brought to me by ANERA’s in-kind program when suddenly I saw the hydraulic bed.” He couldn’t believe the coincidence. The special bed was exactly what he and his colleagues were urgently seeking for the intensive care unit. “Before a surgical operation, the anesthesiologist prepares the patient and after the operation the patient is in recovery and needs a comfortable bed,” explained Dr. Barzak.

09 Aug 2011 description

The conference room at the Galleria Hotel in Jnah was alive with chatter as the participants of the Medical In-Kind Project Capacity Building Initiative workshop enthusiastically shared ideas and asked questions in a collaborative environment. It was clear that those in attendance were taking the opportunity to add value to their operations so their patients would get better health care.

09 Aug 2011 description

Not very long ago, Latifa Jaber, a land owner from JinSafut, could barely provide for her four children. The land she had inherited from her deceased husband needed continuous care and, most importantly, water, which she couldn’t always afford.

“I used to get a small-sized tanker for 40 shekels ($11.50) to water the thyme, but I would usually finish all the water in just one day. Considering my monthly income of 200 to 300 shekels ($57 to $86), it’s quite burdensome.”

28 Jun 2011 description

An empty hill with a sunset view was all Nahalin’s high school girls ever needed to drift into daydreams about their future after graduation. Their hopes and dreams are as ambitious as they are diverse. Isra’a wants to be a civil engineer and Samar wants to study computer science. Ansam wants to study gynecology and obstetrics and Abeer is set on a career in media and broadcasting. Unfortunately, these dreams were likely to remain just that – dreams.

20 May 2011 description

In the early morning, the spring sun warms the fertile fields of Gaza. It’s time for planting but first it’s time for cleaning. Wearing hats against the hot sun, workers spread out across the green fields to collect the plastic sheets covering last season’s strawberry plants. This planting season offers a glimmer of hope for farmers who were allowed to export a limited amount of strawberries, after inspection, to European markets.

10 May 2011 description

May 12, 2011 | Amman, Jordan – ANERA is pleased to announce the launch of a project to help disabled children in Madaba Camp and the surrounding area. The year-long, three-phase program will identify cases of visual and hearing impairment and other physical disabilities and provide appropriate diagnostic and rehabilitation services. The project also includes an important awareness campaign and training workshops for parents.

01 May 2011 description

In Al-Maghazi, in central Gaza, people line up outside ANERA’s distribution center to receive food parcels. Six staffers inside the warehouse help people register, double checking to make sure there are no discrepancies or duplications.

Yasser El-Sha’aer, father of six, says this is his first time receiving a food parcel. “For me, this is a lifeline. Unemployment in Gaza is so high and I have no job. I used to work in Israel,” he said. “It saddens me to feel that I am paralyzed to feed my family. My youngest child is only three months old.”

28 Apr 2011 description

Cremisan, Beit Jala – Today, ANERA signed a contract to install sewage collection pipelines for Beit Jala’s Cremisan area. The project is being implemented by ANERA under the Emergency Water and Sanitation and Other Infrastructure (EWAS II) Program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contract was signed by Jamal Al Aref, ANERA’s EWAS II Chief of Party, and Mr. Tayseer Abu Shukhedem, owner of Al Petra Company for Excavations, in the presence of Mr. Gaby Abboud, USAID Projects Manager. Also in attendance were the Mayor of Beit Jala Eng.

24 Feb 2011 description


Agriculture is an important cultural tradition vital to the economy of the West Bank and Gaza. Farming families have been a part of Palestinian life for thousands of years. They not only provide communities with food and jobs, they are a source of pride and a means of self-sufficiency.