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28 Apr 2005 description

President Yoweri Museveni has said all Ugandans who strayed from the Movement ideology are freely welcome to rejoin the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Organisation because it is the only viable political venture in the country.

22 Apr 2005 description

Heads of State of the Great Lakes region have endorsed a further extension of the period of the Burundi Transitional Government to 26th August 2005 in line with the approved Burundi electoral calendar.

18 Apr 2005 description

President Yoweri Museveni has reiterated governments firm position of pursuing a double track approach while searching for total peace in Northern Uganda.He said talks initiated by the former Minister for Northern Uganda Mrs. Betty Bigombe with the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) terrorists would continue while the UPDF exerts pressure on the LRA remnants.

15 Apr 2005 description

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the defeat of Lord's Resistance Army's (LRA) terrorism has been protracted because the National Resistance Movement (NRM) believes in solving Uganda's problems systematically, patiently and without cover-up.
The President made the comments today while addressing members of Lira district council at the council hall in Lira town at the beginning of a security inspection tour of Northern Uganda.

23 Feb 2005 description

* By Hudson Apunyo - The Monitor

19 Jan 2005 description

By Alfred Wasike - The NewVision

CHIEF peace broker Betty Bigombe and a top rebel team have met again to discuss details of the draft peace terms to pave way for the signing of the peace pact to end the northern war.

17 Jan 2005 description

* By Frank Nyakairu & Emma Mutaizibwa The Monitor

KAMPALA - The government has given the Lord's Resistance Army rebels more time to study the peace proposals.

08 Dec 2004 description

Parliament has today passed a motion urging government to pursue peaceful initiatives to avert further deterioration of relations between Uganda and her neighbouring states of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The motion moved by Hon. Betty Amongi, MP Apac, also urged government to involve parliamentarians in regional peace processes. Parliament also expressed its full support for the spirit and content of the Dar es Salaam Declaration on peace, security, democracy and development in the Great Lakes Region.

30 Nov 2004 description

The recent double expulsion of diplomats by Uganda and Rwanda will not derail the two countries from pursuing peaceful means of addressing their problems, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hon. Augustine Nshimye has told Parliament this afternoon. Hon. Nshimye said in a ministerial statement that government obtained incontrovertible evidence showing that James Wizeye, an Administrative Attaché with the Rwandese Embassy was involved in activities incompatible with his diplomatic status.

31 Aug 2004 description


This Policy establishes the principles which will serve as a guide to 'Government institutions, humanitarian and development agencies while providing assistance and protection to Internally Displaced Persons in Uganda. The Policy specifies the roles and responsibilities of Government institutions, humanitarian and development agencies, donors and the displaced community and other stakeholders.

04 Feb 2004 description

By Richard Komakech - The NewVision

The Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) is to redeploy inside southern Sudan to pursue Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army rebels.

Army Commander Maj. Gen.

10 Nov 2003 description

Over 14 million children and mothers including foreigners were covered in the mass national measles immunisation exercise between October 15 and 19, reports Richard Komakech.

23 Sep 2003 description

* By Frank Nyakairu - the Monitor
KAMPALA - The army has rescued 149 children from captivity under the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels.

Army spokesman Maj. Shaban Bantariza told The Monitor yesterday that the children were rescued September 14-21.

"We have rescued 149 abductees? We have already handed them over to a children's organisation for rehabilitation," Bantariza said.

Humanitarian organisations estimate that the LRA rebels have abducted about 20,000 children over the last five years.

01 Aug 2003 description

By Richard Mutumba - The NewVision

12 Mar 2003 description

New Vision Story
By Emmy Allio in Aru, DR Congo

28 Jan 2003 description

The Government of Uganda sends out this six months (January-June,2003) flash appeal for support to the innocent and vulnerable citizens in northern Uganda. Over 800,000 Ugandans in northern Uganda, have been displaced by the Lord's Resistance Army rebels in northern Uganda especially in the districts of Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Pader and Apac and are living in protected camps for IDPs.

18 Jul 2002 description

The Government of Uganda sends out this three-month (July - September 2002) Flash Appeal for support to innocent civilian victims especially women and children of the humanitarian crisis they are faced with in Northern Uganda as a result of increased attacks on civilian targets by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).

08 Dec 1999 description

In order to enhance relations between our two countries and to promote peace in the regions, we make the following commitments:

16 Apr 1997 description
  1. At the invitation of President Benjamin William Mkapa of the United Republic of Tanzania, Presidents Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, Frederick Chiluba of Zambia, and Prime Ministers Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Celestin Rwigyema of Rwanda on 16th April 1997 in Arusha, Tanzania, held their fourth Summit on the Great Lakes Region to take stock of the recent developments in the Burundi conflict in particular. The President of Burundi, Major Pierre Buyoya was also invited to attend.
16 Aug 1996 description
  1. The Foreign Ministers of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zaire and Uganda met in Kampala on 16 August 1996 to examine the implementation of sanctions on Burundi as decided by the Arusha Regional Summit on Burundi held on 31 July 1996. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Zambia, representatives of Ethiopia and the Assistant Secretary-General of the OAU.