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29 Jun 2005 description

by Omar Qargha, HTAQ Assistant Director

There are many challenges that relief workers face on a daily basis in Afghanistan. These challenges include, but are certainly not limited to, lack of substantial coordination, lack of an established infrastructure in the country, increasing psychological stress factors (escalated by recent security concerns), and of course the ever present challenge of finding funding to keep programs operating.

22 Feb 2005 description

Two and a half year passed from the Afghanistan Government formation, or in a clear way saying from the period of Hamed Karzai's Administration. Many small things have been constructed or reconstructed which mostly they are from private sectors. No planning exists for the jobless laborers who are

gathering and hours waiting around the large traffic circles every early morning. Very few of them by chance can get a day or half a day job in building construction, most will not. Some are so bad luck people that after long hours waiting they go back homes with no job at all.