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12 Oct 2018 description

La evaluación de Seguridad Alimentaria se desarrolló del 14 de agosto al 15 de septiembre del 2018, en 8.631hogares de 612 centros poblados en 26 municipios de 8 departamentos del corredor seco; teniendo por objetivo principal determinar las pérdidas agrícolas, la situación de Seguridad Alimentaria y la capacidad de respuesta de las instituciones de gobierno ante las necesidades de los hogares dedicados a actividades agrícolas afectados por la falta de lluvias.

21 Jun 2018 description

In the Gaza Strip the coastal aquifer, recharged mainly by rainfall, is the only and most precious water source for more than 2 million people.

Since 2000, due to the high demand, the quantity of extracted groundwater is exceeding the aquifer recharge rate, resulting on a continuous falling in the groundwater level. According to the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), more than 200 million cubic meters were extracted from the aquifer during 2017, three times more than the aquifer can afford, for domestic and agricultural purposes, leading to a severe deterioration of aquifer.

12 Oct 2016 description
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Los hogares de bajos ingresos, principalmente pequeños productores de granos básicos, en por lo menos 40 municipios del Corredor Seco de Guatemala están soportando el deterioro prolongado de su seguridad alimentaria desde 2013 como resultado de sequías prolongadas ocasionadas por el fenómeno de “El Niño”. Como consecuencia de la disminución de lluvias en los meses de mayo a agosto de 2015, el Grupo Humanitario País, calcula que 1.5 millones de familias padecen inseguridad alimentaria y de esta cantidad, 248,000 tienen necesidad de asistencia alimentaria.

16 Apr 2016 description

RAMALLAH, State of Palestine, 14 April 2016 – Today the Palestinian Water Authority, UNICEF and GVC appealed to the donor community to mobilize resources as 35,000 Palestinians, nearly half of them children, are at risk of being deprived of safe drinking water this summer.

A project providing extremely vulnerable communities in the West Bank with water at affordable prices is at risk of being discontinued as funding has been exhausted.

15 Jul 2014 description

Continued military operations are compounding a health care crisis in Gaza, with hospitals ill-prepared to meet the critical needs arising from a wide-scale emergency right now. The signatory organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire, noting that all parties must respect international humanitarian law and abide by their obligations to protect civilians from harm.

11 Jul 2014 description

Military actions by all parties must stop. Since 2009, history has shown that military operations have failed to bring peace and security for people in Gaza and in Israel.

Over the years we have repeatedly called for ceasefires and for all sides to protect civilians from harm. Sadly, these ceasefires have not lasted and we have had to revert back to life-saving relief and emergency programs, aiding innocent people to cope with the trauma, and rebuilding Gaza time and time again.

14 Jun 2012 description

Gaza 14 June 2012: Fifty international charities and United Nations Agencies have unanimously called for the lifting of the blockade of Gaza. The organizations have published a simple three line statement to mark the fifth anniversary of the tightening of the blockade of the Strip.

It reads:

For over five years in Gaza, more than 1.6 million people have been under blockade in violation of international law. More than half of these people are children. We the undersigned say with one voice: “end the blockade now.”

30 Jul 2010 description


The Jordan Valley has always been considered one of the most important strategic, economic and cultural areas in the Palestinian territories, affected by drought as well as by Israeli restrictions. It has been studied by several actors during the last years and data rationalization is extremely important to share information.

31 Dec 2007 description

Summary of the report

The present nutrition and health survey was carried out in the Katakwi district of Uganda to assess the nutritional and health status of the population after the floods which hit the Region of Teso from July to October 2007.

Data were collected from December 14th to 21st, 2007. The methodology follows SMART guidelines using a two stage 30x30 cluster sampling.

30 Apr 2006 description

The present study was conducted in the context of the 'Emergency initiative in support of the populations hit by the seaquake in Indonesia', financed by the Italian Embassy and foreseen as part of the activities of the project for the 'Rehabilitation of irrigation canals' carried out by the GVC in the District of Bireuen between 2005 and 2006.

The area covered by the study is not limited to the coastal band directly hit by the seaquake. It also covers areas further inland, the economic performances of which have been strongly influenced by the effects of the cataclysm.