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17 May 2010 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague - The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia will cooperate in the rescue operations and the removal of damage during the current floods, the prime ministers of the three countries agreed.

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer who is now on visit to Armenia consulted the flood situation with his Slovak and Polish counterparts, Robert Fico and Donald Tusk, Fischer=B4s spokesman Roman Prorok told CTK.

Fischer will travel to Mongolia and he is to return home on Thursday night.

The swollen rivers threaten Central Europe. The flooding has claimed five lives in the region so far - three …

12 Aug 2008 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague - A special military plane with aid to the war-afflicted Georgia will fly to Yerevan on Wednesday and on its way back it will take on Czechs who have decided to leave the Caucasus, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zuzana Opletalova told CTK today.

The Czech Republic will send to Georgia medical materiel worth about two million crowns, particularly bandages, first-aid kits and possibly also blood, but this is yet being discussed with the Health Ministry, Deputy Interior Minister Lenka Ptackova Melicharova told CTK.

Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg decided on Monday to allot …

16 May 2008 description
report Czech News Agency

 Prague- The Czech Republic will sent medicines, mainly antibiotics and painkillers, worth one million crowns to China, hit by a massive earthquake on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zuzana Opletalova told CTK today.

The medicines will get to China aboard a military plane taking a Czech parliamentary delegation to the country on Sunday.

Lower house deputy head Jan Kasal who will lead the delegation said the MPs are to meet China's agriculture and environment ministers.

13 May 2008 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague - The funds raised by Czech organisations to aid Burma hit by cyclone Nargis on May 3 have reached about four million crowns, according to information CTK received from representatives of the People in Need humanitarian organisation, ADRA Czech branch and the Charity of the Czech Republic today.

07 May 2008 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague- The Czech Foreign Ministry has earmarked another 2.5 million crowns in support of Burma, devastated by a cyclone, thus raising the overall sum of its humanitarian aid to 5 million crowns, the ministry told CTK today.

The disaster in Burma claimed the lives of 22,500 and left about a million people homeless.

Aid to Burma will also be provided by Czech humanitarian organisations such as Charita Czech Republic or People in Need.

The ministry said that only a very limited number of NGOs and humanitarian organisations can operate in Burma due to the local political …

19 Nov 2007 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague - Czech humanitarian organisations and the Czech government will send aid to Bangladesh hit by the disastrous cyclone Sidr on Thursday, their representatives said today.

Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg decided to earmark 1.5 million crowns for the region.

11 Jan 2007 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague- The new Czech government of the Civic Democrats (ODS), the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the Greens plans to send the 6th field hospital to Afghanistan, Defence Ministry spokesman Andrej Cirtek has said, adding that minister Vlasta Parkanova will propose this to the cabinet on Wednesday.

If the government and parliament approve the hospital's mission, it could leave for Afghanistan in March.

02 Apr 2006 description
report Czech News Agency

Prague- The government declared the state of emergency in seven out of 14 Czech regions that battle the floods, at its extraordinary session.

26 Jan 2006 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE- The government decided on Wednesday that the he Czech Republic will contribute 25 million crowns to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, government spokeswoman Lucie Orgonikova said.

Of the total 15 million crowns are destined for the reconstruction of destroyed or damaged buildings and equipment.

The state will launch tenders for projects that NGO's will look after.

Another 5 million crowns will be earmarked for mine disposal with focus on regions where Czech military units are deployed.

The rest will be handed to the local U.N.

11 Jan 2006 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE- Czech military doctors returned to Prague from a humanitarian mission in Pakistan, along with 10 Pakistani children suffering from congenital disorders who will be treated in Czech hospitals, mission commander Marek Kocvrlich has told CTK.

29 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

BASRA, April 29 (CTK special correspondent Jakub Dospiva) - Czech and Slovak troops are now bringing clean water several times per week to Basra, the second-largest Iraqi city, and the construction of the Czech field hospital there is also proceeding with speed.

29 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, April 29 (CTK) - The government decided last night to earmark 20 million crowns for immediate humanitarian aid to Iraq, Premier Vladimir Spidla (Social Democrats, CSSD) told journalists today.

The sam sum has been allotted to cover the stay of 20 Czech experts who will help the local authorities and the public of Iraq after the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein and will provide advise to Czech countries interested in participation in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq, Spidla said.

29 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, April 29 (CTK) - Americans are airlifting the rest of the 7th field hospital to Iraq and the first flight by the Galaxy aircraft of the planned 30 flights took place on Monday, Defence Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik said.

The costs are covered by the USA. The Czech Republic is discussing the payment of the first flights from the Czech Republic to Kuwait, which were secured by the Russian-Ukrainian company Volga-Dniepr by its An-124 Ruslan aircraft, Tvrdik said.

Yesterday there was the first flight, today three are to follow.

16 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

NEW YORK, April 16 (CTK) - Members of the U.N. Security Council today termed the Czech military hospital approved for deployment in Iraq to be humanitarian aid, not binding the Czech Republic to the military coalition, the office of the President of the U.N. General Assembly Jan Kavan said.

Kavan, the former Czech foreign minister, informed all U.N. ambassadors of member states of the Security Council, including Mexico as this month's presiding country, as well as the U.N.

09 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, April 9 (CTK) - The American Defense Department agreed on Tuesday that it would assume part of the costs for the deployment of the 7th Czech military field hospital in Iraq, Czech deputy defence minister Jan Vana told journalists.

Though the exact amount of the American contribution still remains to be agreed, the Czech Republic has calculated 10 million dollars in its proposal, around three-fifths of the total costs of the hospital's operation for half a year.

07 Apr 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, April 7 (CTK) - The Czech field hospital may leave for Kuwait as early as April 18, Deputy Defence Minister Jan Vana told journalists.

The deployment of the Czech health personnel with Iraq as their eventual destination is yet to be approved by parliament.

The Czech troops are to be first moved to Kuwait.

26 Mar 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, March 26 (CTK) - The government approved today the Finance Ministry's proposal for the distribution of over Kc4bn that the Czech Republic has received from the EU Solidarity Fund for covering damage caused by last year's catastrophic floods, cabinet spokeswoman Anna Starkova said.

Each affected region will thus get the same percentage of the value of damage it has suffered.

The EUR129m (Kc4.087bn) will be distributed as follows: Kc1.095bn for covering the costs of rescue work and liquidation of damage and Kc2.286bn for rebuilding flood-hit areas, with each region to …

19 Mar 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, March 19 (CTK) - The State Fund for Housing Development will release Kc850m for the construction of tenement flats for people who lost their homes in last year's floods, government spokeswoman Anna Starkova said, adding that the cabinet accepted the proposal of Minister Pavel Nemec.

Nemec is Minister for Local Development. His ministry has already spent Kc200m on the construction of tenement flats for people who lost their homes in the floods last year.

03 Jan 2003 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, Jan 3 (CTK) - No catastrophic floods similar to that which hit 15 percent of the Czech Republic last August are threatening, Premier and Social Democrat (CSSD) chairman Vladimir Spidla said at a press conference today.

He said he was aware of the tension which had recently been growing in the country in connection with the raising levels of Czech rivers, especially in the south and northwest of Bohemia. "However, the situation is being coped with and is under control," Spidla said.

Although less than six months have passed since the devastating floods in the summer …

27 Nov 2002 description
report Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, Nov 27 (CTK) - The Chamber of Deputies today passed the law on a Kc12bn loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) which the government wants to use for the repair of damage caused by the summer disastrous floods, drawing Kc7.5bn next year and the remaining Kc4.5bn in 2004.

Deputies for the Civic Democratic Party ODS expressed some reservations about the bill arguing that while MPs will continue to discuss a draft state budget for next year with a proposed deficit of Kc111.3bn with the loan the deficit will actually rise to Sk119bn. The Chamber should discuss the draft budget …