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08 Mar 2017 description

It is time we stop a hazard from becoming a disaster. Local communities have the knowledge and resilience.

24 Nov 2014 description

EFICOR with its dedicated team reached 13741 households in Jammu & Kashmir that was devastated by one of the worst floods in 106 years. Access to local communities has been major bottleneck so the team used different modes of transportation to reach the affected places. Trucks helped in wading across the water logged areas in some places and whereas in other places boats were used to reach places situated on the banks of lakes and river Jhelum.

14 Oct 2014 description

A month since the deluge hit the state of Jammu and Kashmir, causing massive destruction, lives are in disarray. Thousands of families who are displaced continue living in tents or with relatives and friends braving the chill autumn season. People who are in need, said, “We are not beggars, but extremely helpless and distressed”. People in both regions (Jammu and Kashmir) who lost houses, standing crops, livelihood and lives, have been uprooted in the one of the worst floods, are looking for help.

23 Sep 2014 description

Updates from Jammu and Srinagar

Updates from Jammu

Present situation
Even as the flood subsides, the impact of the floods is still unfolding. One devastating impact of the flood is the large scale displacement of thousands of residents living in Nowshera block of Rajouri district (Rajouri is a district of Jammu region in Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Line of Control(LOC ) lies to its west) in Jammu.

19 Sep 2014 description

EFICOR responded to the floods in Odisha destroyed many villages, by providing relief to 2000 families.

18 Sep 2014 description

Jammu & Kashmir popularly known as the "Paradise on the earth" has been ravaged by floods early this month. This picturesque tourist destination with its beautiful snow capped mountains, lakes, forests and meadows has now been devastated. Srinagar, the capital is completely inundated with water.

12 Sep 2014 description

The Kashmir valley is known all over the world for its beauty and charm, set like a jewelled crown on the map of India, is now facing one of the worst disaster situations after the Independence. Unprecedented floods caused by the uninterrupted heavy downpour for the past five days wreaked havoc in Kashmir Valley.

01 Nov 2013 description

Coastal Orissa had a respite this week from the persistent rain during last fortnight. The relief distribution is progressing well and is expected to be completed this week.

A severe cyclone ‘Phailin’ struck coastal Orissa on Oct 12, 2013 which affected 18 districts and 13.2 million population. The rooftops of many houses were blown away by the cyclone and the rain damaged all the household items.

23 Oct 2013 description

While a team of EFICOR staff were implementing the Uttarakhand flash flood Rehabilitation as ‘Cash for Work’ programme, we are faced with another challenge—the ‘Phailin Cyclone’.

One of the most severe cyclone since 1999 made its landfall at Gopalpur in Ganjam district of Odisha on the night of 12th October 2013. The cyclone with a wind speed of 210-220 kmph caused widespreaddestruction and damage. 900,000 people were evacuated and brought to 500 odd relief shelters in the affected districts of Odisha.

16 Oct 2013 description

Hardly a month since EFICOR completed the flood relief in Bihar, and had just started restoring the livelilhood for the flood affected people in Uttarakhand, coastal Orissa experienced the recent ‘The Phailin’ Cyclone killing 23 people.

30 Aug 2013 description

The relief distribution was completed with the last batch 130 families receiving their kits at Lambagarh in Joshimat area, Chamoli District on 10th August. The quality of relief kits was so much appreciated that there was overwhelming demand for relief materials in Phata, with other villages also asking for relief kits. EFICOR thanks all the partners, staff and well wishers in appreciation of their support and generous contribution.

09 Jul 2013 description


  • Two teams conducting assessments of villages in Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts.

  • Meeting with Uttarakhand Government and NDMA for NGO co-ordination

  • Assessment in Chamoli district in progress

  • Distribution of 500 Hygiene kits in Ukhimat Block, Rudraprayag on July 8 planned.

  • Government requires 212 doctors and 96 specialists for 2– 3months.

05 Jul 2013 description

The Relief team left Tilwara (28th morning) for Gaurikund to assess the 19 affected villages. The normal route from Tilwara to Gaurikund was just 45 kms uphill. But the incessant rains and flash flood have caused several landslides, blocking the road. The Relief team had to take a round-a-about route covering a distance of 130 kms to reach Phata, an eight hour drive.

01 Jul 2013 description

Report from the Field:

Early monsoon rains in Uttarakhand coupled with cloudbursts caused swelling up of rivers sweeping away villages, houses, livestock and people on 14th June, 2013.

With inputs from Sphere India Network, Inter Agency Groups in Dehradun, other NGOs and the Government, EFICOR has decided to work in the most affected districts of Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi and Chamoli.

26 Jun 2013 description
Uttarakhand Floods - Update 2

EFICOR responds to the recent Uttarakhand floods and landslides caused by the continuous rainfall which occurred from 14th June, 2013. EFICOR proposes to provide relief kits to 1000 affected families, which would consists of food, blankets and other items for their immediate needs.

Heavy rains continuing for four consecutive days caused increase in water level in the two main rivers – Alaknanda and Bhagirathi along with cloudburst caused flash floods and landslides in various locations causing heavy loss of lives, livestock and livelihood.

22 Aug 2012 description

In the worst natural tragedy to hit the Uttarkashi district since 1978, a cloud burst on 4rd August midnight triggering landslides, cloud bursts and flash floods flattened homes, stranded hundreds of pilgrims and rendered thousands of people homeless.

09 Apr 2012 description

A multi purpose flood shelter constructed to provide temporary shelter to flood affected communities living in Lakhnaur was inaugurated on 17th March by Mr Sanjeev Hans (IAS), District Magistrate of Madhubani. Other government officials present at the event were Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh( I.A.S ) SDO, Jhanjharpur, Mr. Babu Ram (I.P.S ) A.S.P and Jhanjharpur, Mr. Prabhat Datt - C.O , Lakhnour. Mr. Pramod Kumar Prabhat- Up Pramukh- Lakhnour, Rev. K.Gunasekaran- Regional Director, GEMS and Mr. Kameswar Kamti, IAG Madhubani- Coordinator also participated in the function. Rev.Rev.

17 Jan 2012 description

“I work as weaver on daily wages earning around Rs.70 to 100 per day. ‘Thane’ destroyed our house and I have lost opportunities to work. I do not know how to get back to normal life. I am still waiting for assistance from the government.” Says 70 year old Rajalingam, who lives with his wife Ramachi at MGR Nagar, Meenachipettai in Kurinjipadi block of Cuddalore district.

26 Sep 2011 description

A massive earthquake of magnitude 6.8 rocked Sikkim on 18th September killing many people, injuring thousands of people and rendering more than 15000 people homeless with the collapse of houses and buildings. The epicentre was Mangan, which is 54 kms from Gangtok (the state capital) on the Sikkim-Nepal border. The earthquake shook the entire northeast and northern parts of the country, including the national capital.