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08 Oct 2015 description

Mitchell Plitnick and Matt Duss

In recent weeks, an upsurge in violence in Jerusalem has brought the embattled city back into the headlines. According to Danny Seidemann, founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem and one of the leading experts on the city, this violence, boiling at a level unseen in Jerusalem since 1967, actually began over a year ago, and it is not just another spoke in the “cycle of violence.”Occupation in Jerusalem

06 Oct 2015 description

October 5, 2015

Mitchell Plitnick and Matt Duss

In what has almost become an annual ritual, an upsurge in violence has again put Jerusalem on edge. Originally centered on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount area in Jerusalem’s Old City, the clashes have now spread beyond, into the West Bank.

14 Apr 2014 description



Only hours before U.S. president Barack Obama’s March 3, 2014 White House meeting with Israel prime minster Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported that the number of construction starts in West Bank settlements had more than doubled in 2013 to 2,534 units, which is more construction than took place in Tel Aviv.


25 Feb 2014 description



U.S. efforts to end the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians are now focused on the presentation by Secretary of State John Kerry of a U.S.-drafted “framework for negotiations.” This will be an American document, but Kerry has said both sides may offer reservations.


11 Feb 2014 description


ENDING OCCUPATION—THE BEST AND ONLY CONFIDENCE-BUILDING MEASURE In a series of reports during the last decade, international institutions led by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have highlighted the vital contribution of strong institutions to state building in the Palestinian territories.

Strong, transparent, and well-run institutions are certainly desirable, but such institutions and practices, while vital to effective policy making and execution, have never been a prerequisite for sovereignty or statehood.

17 Jan 2014 description


How much longer must children suffer from hunger? How much longer must women die in childbirth for lack of medical care? How much longer must we be barred from the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus and the many thousands of desperate and vulnerable civilians caught up in Syria’s conflict? How much longer will we allow such unimaginable civilian suffering?

23 Aug 2011 description


Political Stalemate and Security Cooperation Equals Continuing Occupation

The occupation is more distant from everyday Israeli concerns than at any time in the last two decades. Israelis are protesting about internal domestic issues, from the price of cottage cheese to the critical lack of affordable housing. In contrast, relations with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or the grinding expansion of settlements, hardly rate attention.

To Our Readers

04 Jul 2011 description


Running in Place: U.S. Policy Runs Out of Steam
In a series of speeches in late May, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu each sought to make his case before an international audience whose frustration with U.S. leadership and Israeli rejectionism has increased the prospect of support for UN action on the creation of a Palestinian state in September.

29 Apr 2011 description


Israel’s Fateful Choice—“Iron Wall” or Accommodation
Having failed to win a settlement freeze and now focused on the extraordinary developments throughout the Arab world, Washington has apparently exhausted its ability to direct the Israel-Palestine diplomatic process.

27 Feb 2011 description


Egypt at Center Stage
Despite declarations to the contrary, the U.S. effort to revitalize talks in the wake of the failure of the settlement freeze effort lacks both content and commitment. Instability in Egypt virtually assures an extended “time out” in U.S. efforts.

To Our Readers
The mass popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are stunning evidence that Middle Easterners are no exception to the trend of modern history that flows toward freedom, democracy, and human dignity.

31 Dec 2010 description

Overview of the FMEP Settlement Report

The Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories is distributed by mail and e-mail at no charge to subscribers by the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

31 Oct 2010 description


Barack Obama Loses the Battle for a Settlement Freeze

The Obama administration is now attempting to win from Israel a two month re-imposition of the moratorium in order to convince PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas to resume direct talks, which stalled when the moratorium lapsed.

To Our Readers

After over a year of unsuccessful efforts to win a settlement freeze and promote real negotiations, Washington is now offering extraordinary strategic benefits to Israel in return for what seems to be a trivial two-month renewal of the settlement freeze in the hope that this will …

31 Aug 2010 description


Moving Beyond a Settlement Freeze - The Obama Administration Looks for a New Course

The settlement moratorium is set to expire on September 27, 2010.

30 Jun 2010 description


Will Proximity Talks End the Occupation?

The formal inauguration of proximity talks between Israel and the PLO signifies the high-water mark of 17 months of diplomacy conducted by the Obama administration.

27 Mar 2010 description


The Obama Administration Talks Tough

The announcement of a routine planning approval for 1,600 dwellings in the East Jerusalem settlement neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo precipitated a crisis in relations that highlights not only Israel's intention to expand settlements-in East Jerusalem and elsewhere-but also the need for a more effective U.S.

02 Feb 2010 description


By Geoffrey Aronson

After a year of well-intentioned but counterproductive diplomatic effort, President Barack Obama's interest in and ability to achieve a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians appear to be waning.

In a common assessment of the impact of the stunning Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, Ha'aretz's Aluf Benn wrote, "Obama spent his first year in office on fruitless diplomatic moves that failed to restart talks between Israel and the …