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16 Jun 2014 description
report American Red Cross

The American Red Cross contributed $100,000 to assist with relief efforts in Vietnam following the devastation caused by Typhoons Wutip and Nari in the fall of 2013. The funding is being used to provide cash grants, which help people rebuild their lives, farms and communities. In April, the American Red Cross also deployed a specialist to assist with training and monitoring the disbursement of these cash grants.

21 Mar 2013 description
report American Red Cross

Vietnam is constantly barraged by cyclones and dangerous floods, with an average of 160 natural disasters occurring a year, and a joint training program initiated by the American Red Cross is teaching residents to be much better prepared.

In one training, an elderly woman holds tightly to a rope in the rain, while a Vietnam Red Cross volunteer leads her to safety. Another woman, screaming for her missing son, holds up the line of those evacuating, but the Emergency Response Team members are trained to handle this.

22 Jan 2013 description
report American Red Cross

Twenty five men and woman are gathered in a small open-air building in a rural commune several hours north of Hanoi in Vietnam. Sitting closely on long wooden benches, they brainstorm and jot ideas on large pieces of paper, as a woman in a Red Cross vest makes her way from table to table, answering questions. This is part of a home-based care training for family members of people living with HIV, funded by the American Red Cross.

22 Nov 2000 description
report American Red Cross

After suffering more than three months of torrential rains and raging flood waters, people across Southeast Asia and India are still living in deluged villages. An estimated five million people have lost their homes in eastern India, southwestern Bangladesh, Cambodia, southern Vietnam and parts of Laos and Thailand.

24 Nov 1997 description
report American Red Cross

Typhoon Linda, which tore through southern Vietnam during the night of November 2, 1997, was the worst typhoon to strike that area in 100 years.