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03 Jul 2018 description

At an official ceremony in Harare this Tuesday, Zimbabwe’s political parties committed to respect a Code of Conduct for the first elections following the departure of former President Mugabe. Switzerland congratulates all political leaders on this key contribution to the prevention of violence and fraud, and calls on them to fully meet their commitments.

25 Apr 2018 description

On the occasion of the second Syria conference, held by the EU and UN in Brussels on 24-25 April, Switzerland is increasing its commitment to the Syrian crisis. In 2018 it will allocate CHF 61 million to support the population in need in Syria and neighbouring countries and a further CHF 7 million to promote peace in the region. Switzerland was represented at the conference by the FDFA's Deputy State Secretary Krystyna Marty.

15 Apr 2018 description

La République démocratique du Congo (RDC) est frappée par l’une des plus graves crises humanitaires au monde. Le pays est aussi confronté à une épidémie de choléra. Des millions de personnes dépendent d’une assistance humanitaire. Les représentants de plusieurs Etats et des organisations humanitaires se sont réunis aujourd’hui à Genève pour soutenir la réponse internationale à cette crise. Il s’agissait de la première conférence humanitaire de haut-niveau consacrée à la RDC. La Suisse soutiendra les opérations d’urgence à hauteur de 12,5 millions de francs pour cette année.

13 Apr 2018 description

Bern, 13.04.2018 - The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is gripped by one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The country now also faces a cholera epidemic, while millions of its people are dependent on humanitarian assistance. Representatives of several states and humanitarian organisations met today in Geneva to support the international response to this crisis. This was the first high-level humanitarian conference devoted to the DRC. Switzerland will provide CHF 12.5 million this year to support emergency operations in the country.

03 Apr 2018 description

Geneva, 3 April 2018
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Secretary-General Colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Swiss government, welcome to Geneva. My special thanks to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr Guterres, and to Ms Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden. It is an honour for the Swiss Confederation to chair this conference for a second time, alongside Sweden and the United Nations.

03 Apr 2018 description

Bern, 03.04.2018 - In 2017 the Swiss Confederation invested CHF 22.3 million in mine action activities for the clearance of contaminated areas, awareness of mine risks, local capacity building and monitoring the implementation of international laws and treaties.

03 Apr 2018 description

Switzerland's engagement in mine action

In 2017 the Swiss Confederation invested CHF 22.3 million in mine action activities for the clearance of contaminated areas, awareness of mine risks, local capacity building and monitoring the implementation of international laws and treaties.

25 Mar 2018 description

Comment se peut-il que dans un monde de surabondance, plus de 800 millions de personnes souffrent toujours de faim? Pourquoi le nombre des affamés est-il même en progression? Et que fait la Suisse pour lutter contre ce problème? Ces questions ont été au cœur de la Journée annuelle de l’Aide humanitaire suisse et du Corps suisse d’aide humanitaire (CSA). Un éclairage y a été apporté sur l’action menée par la Suisse et la communauté internationale pour remédier à la faim dans le monde, sur les causes de ce fléau et sur sa complexité.

24 Mar 2018 description

Bern, 23.03.2018 - How can it be that more than 800 million people are still starving in a world of plenty? Why is the number of starving people increasing? And what is Switzerland doing to combat this problem? These and other questions were at the heart of the Annual Conference of Swiss Humanitarian Aid and Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA). The key focus area was how Switzerland and the international community engage in tackling hunger, its causes and its complexities.

21 Mar 2018 description

Communiqué de presse, 21.03.2018

La Suisse soutient les efforts déployés par le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR) pour soulager la détresse et la souffrance. Lors de sa séance du 21 mars 2018, le Conseil fédéral a approuvé une enveloppe de 80 millions de francs pour le siège du CICR à Genève. La Suisse soutient ainsi l’une des rares organisations à avoir accès aux personnes en détresse dans le cadre de crises et de conflits. Depuis son siège à Genève, le CICR coordonne les activités de plus de 80 délégations dans le monde.

21 Mar 2018 description

Bern, 21.03.2018 - Switzerland supports the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in its work to alleviate need and suffering. The Federal Council pledged at its meeting on 21 March 2018 an annual contribution of CHF 80 million for the ICRC's headquarters in Geneva. Switzerland is thereby supporting one of the few organisations that has access to people in need during conflicts and crises. The ICRC coordinates its more than 80 delegations worldwide from its headquarters in Geneva.

10 Mar 2018 description


Nepal has ingrained traditions and seats of power that are occupied by the same sectors of society.
But the shift following the promulgation of the constitution to historic elections is showing that society is rethinking and redefining what it means to lead

27 Feb 2018 description

The World Bank Group’s (WBG) City Resilience Program (CRP) is an effort to assist city governments to build greater resilience to climate and disaster risks. For many major cities in the world, strengthening urban resilience is a multibillion dollar agenda that requires strong partnerships and new sources of capital. Cities are sometimes held back from pursuing the necessary investments because they lack the technical expertise and/or the access to capital to finance them. CRP tries to fill that gap by i.

23 Feb 2018 description

New Research Challenges Conventional Wisdom that “Violent Extremism” or Ideology is Predominantly Responsible for Driving Children Into Terrorist Ranks

New York, 12 February 2018 – Counter-terror efforts based on widely-held assumptions about the ideological motivations of children and youth recruited into extremist groups are unlikely to be effective, and could backfire, concludes new research released today by the United Nations University (UNU), a UN think tank.

13 Feb 2018 description

Bern, 12.02.2018 - The FDFA is monitoring with concern recent military developments in Syria and the major implications they have for the civilian population. Hostilities in the Afrin region, attacks against numerous medical facilities in Idlib Governorate, intensified bombardments in Eastern Ghouta and rocket fire in the Damascus suburbs have resulted in hundreds of civilian victims and destroyed major civil infrastructure. The FDFA is especially concerned about recent allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Idlib Governorate and Eastern Ghouta.

30 Jan 2018 description


Thanks in part to the attention and momentum devoted to the issue of localization of aid due to its inclusion in the Grand Bargain, a substantial number of organizations are undertaking or considering research projects to examine various questions related to local humanitarian action. The co-chairs of the Grand Bargain’s Workstream on Local and National Responders convened this workshop, intended as the first in a series of dialogues to bring together organizations with existing projects or plans in order to:

21 Dec 2017 description

Bern, 21.12.2017 - The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has opened a humanitarian office in Damascus to improve access to those in need, and to monitor and coordinate projects more closely. Up to now, Switzerland mainly provided humanitarian aid to people in need through one of its representations in neighbouring countries. The humanitarian effort in connection with the Syria crisis is currently Switzerland's biggest humanitarian operation.

21 Nov 2017 description

Les Ministres de l’Intérieur de l’Algérie, l’Autriche, le Tchad, la France, l’Allemagne, l’Italie, la Libye, Malte, le Niger, la Slovénie, la Suisse, la Tunisie et le Ministre des maliens de l’extérieur et de l’intégration africaine, le Commissaire européen chargé de la migration, des affaires intérieures et de la citoyenneté et le représentant du Service européen pour l’action extérieure, ainsi que le Ministre de l’Intérieur de l’Estonie assurant la Présidence du Conseil de l’Union européenne, réunis à Berne les 12 et 13 novembre 2017, dans le cadre de la troisième rencontre du Groupe de …

13 Nov 2017 description

Bern, 13.11.2017 - There is a need for stronger protection of refugees’ and migrants’ basic rights. This is a central theme of the declaration adopted in Bern on 13 November 2017 by the representatives of thirteen European and African countries situated on both sides of the Central Mediterranean Sea. The representatives met for the third meeting of the Central Mediterranean Contact Group, which was also attended by representatives of the EU, the UNHCR, the IOM and the ICRC.

24 Oct 2017 description

La communauté internationale s’est réunie aujourd’hui à Genève pour mobiliser des fonds en faveur des Rohingyas. Depuis le mois d’août, plus d’un demi-million d’entre eux ont dû fuir les violences au Myanmar pour se réfugier au Bangladesh. Face à cette crise humanitaire, la Suisse a décidé d’augmenter son assistance à 8 millions de francs. La Suisse réitère aussi son appel au gouvernement du Myanmar au respect du droit international et particulièrement à la protection des droits de l'homme et demande que les auteurs de violations soient jugés.