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15 Jun 2018 description

The Pakistani authorities must end the current crackdown on human rights defenders, activists, journalists and other members of the civil society and ensure that human rights are fully respected and protected in the lead up to next month’s general elections, Amnesty International said today.

On 25 July 2018, in general elections held across the country, Pakistanis will elect their next civilian government. Amnesty International is alarmed by the ongoing wave of arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, attacks on the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

15 Jun 2018 description
  • Japanese beer company admitted its subsidiary made three donations during recent violence in Rakhine State
  • Head of military filmed receiving donation which he said was for security forces
  • Kirin admits it does not know how its donations were used

Japanese authorities must urgently launch an investigation into payments that a subsidiary of the multinational brewing giant Kirin made to Myanmar’s military and authorities at the height of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the …

15 Jun 2018 description

In the face of the serious situation of confinement of communities of people who live in the Naya river basin in the departments of Cauca and Valle de Cauca by multiple armed actors, and the lack of presence of the Colombian state, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said:

15 Jun 2018 description

by Diana Quick

ChildFund Alliance, together with 23 other civil society organizations, wrote an open letter regarding the situation of children in Yemen to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, ahead of the publication of this year’s Children and Armed Conflict Annual Report.

14 Jun 2018 description

Honduras: Las autoridades niegan el debido proceso a personas detenidas en protestas poselectorales

Las autoridades hondureñas han persistido en la violación de los derechos humanos de las personas detenidas en las protestas poselectorales del año pasado, negándoles su derecho al debido proceso y recluyéndolas en condiciones inhumanas, afirmó Amnistía Internacional en un informe publicado hoy.

14 Jun 2018 description

Honduras: Authorities are denying due process to people arrested during post-election protests

Honduran authorities have continued to violate the human rights of people arrested during last year’s post-election protests by denying their right to due process and holding them in inhumane conditions, said Amnesty International in a report released today.

14 Jun 2018 description

Responding to the news that Yemeni forces backed by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition have launched an offensive on the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah, Amnesty International’s Middle East Research Director Lynn Maalouf said:

“The assault on Hodeidah could have a devastating impact for hundreds of thousands of civilians – not just in the city but throughout Yemen.

“With an estimated 600,000 people living in and around Hodeidah, all sides to the conflict must take all feasible precautions to ensure that the civilian population is protected.

13 Jun 2018 description

The Government of Bangladesh must launch a prompt, impartial and effective investigation into killings of at least 127 persons by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) of the Bangladesh Police Forces. Amnesty International calls on the government to bring all those suspected of criminal responsibility of any unlawful killings to justice in fair trials before ordinary civilian courts and without recourse to death penalty. The killings have occurred in the wake of a nationwide crackdown on alleged drug offenders, which began in May 2018.

13 Jun 2018 description

This submission, prepared for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Nigeria in November 2018, evaluates the implementation of recommendations accepted by Nigeria in its previous review in 2013. These relate to criminalizing torture, ending human rights violations by the security forces, strengthening accountability mechanisms, addressing communal violence, the status of economic, social and cultural rights implementation, and improving women’s rights.

12 Jun 2018 description

Amid reports of an escalating humanitarian crisis in the besieged Libyan city of Derna, Amnesty International is calling on the leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA), General Khalifa Haftar, and all parties involved in the fighting to urgently open humanitarian corridors to give impartial assistance and save the lives of civilians still trapped in the city as the army advances.

12 Jun 2018 description

More than 200 indigenous Nasa Embera Chamí from La Delfina reservation in Buenaventura (West), Colombia, are currently displaced following an armed attack to a member of their community on 8 June. They are in need of decisive security measures to protect them and access to humanitarian aid such as food, health services and shelter.

12 Jun 2018 description
  • Escalade de la violence caractérisée par des homicides aveugles et des déplacements de grande ampleur

  • Les forces de sécurité ont détruit des villages et torturé au moins 23 personnes, dont des mineurs, pour leur extorquer des « aveux »

  • Des séparatistes armés ont attaqué 42 écoles et tué 44 membres des forces de sécurité

12 Jun 2018 description

​​​Cameroon: Anglophone regions gripped by deadly violence

  • Escalation of violence marked by indiscriminate killings and mass displacement

  • Security forces destroy villages, torture at least 23 including minors to extract “confessions”

  • Armed separatists attack 42 schools, kill 44 security forces members

10 Jun 2018 description

Responding to news that the UN Security Council has placed global asset freezes and travel bans on six leaders of human trafficking networks - Ermias Ghermay, Fitiwi Abdelrazak, Ahmad Oumar Al-Dabbashi, Mus'ab Abu-Qarin, Mohammed Kachlaf and Abd Al Rahman Al-Milad - Amnesty International’s North Africa campaign Director Najia Bounaim said:

10 Jun 2018 description

Following the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s decision to acquit Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, the former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Solomon Sacco, Head of the International Justice team at Amnesty International, said:

“The decision to acquit Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo is an important reminder that international justice is only possible if all suspects receive stringently fair trials before an independent and impartial judiciary.

10 Jun 2018 description

The Ethiopian government must intervene to protect thousands of ethnic Amharas who are on the verge of displacement due to violent attacks on their homes by ethnically-motivated youth groups in Oromia Regional State, Amnesty International said.

Oromo youth groups this week surrounded Amhara homes, beating residents, and looting property in the Siyo District of Qellem Wollega Zone, Oromia State. At least 20 Amharas have been killed in such attacks since October 2017 but residents say the authorities have done nothing to stop them.

10 Jun 2018 description

In response to a decision by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to pull 71 staff out of Yemen due to ongoing insecurity, threats and blocks to their work, Samah Hadid, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director of Campaigns, said:

09 Jun 2018 description

Responding to reports that Russian aircraft carried out an attack in Idlib province last night, killing at least 44 people, Lynn Maalouf, Middle East Research Director at Amnesty International, said:

08 Jun 2018 description
  • Amnesty International calls for swift action to protect villagers from killings

  • At least 37 people have been killed in the past two weeks

06 Jun 2018 description

In a response to the “**Draft Declaration of Support for the People of Nicaragua**” presented by the permanent missions of the United States and Nicaragua, to be discussed and voted at the 48th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said the following: