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12 Jul 1999 description

1) Road access, between Rreshen and Kukes, temporarily closed due to erosion, has been restored.

2) Since 15 June, 380,326 refugees have returned to Kosova from Albania spontaneously and in organized repatriation plans. The care of refugees who remain in Albania, and the resolution of other issues related to the emergency continue to require concentrated, urgent attention. These include:

09 Jul 1999 description

UNHCR informed the local authorities that it will pay for repatriation transportation that is not scheduled by the EMG if the local authorities follow released guidelines, including the consent of the UNHCR Field Officer at least 24 hours in advance, adherence to transit and border crossing guidelines and other measures.


Total influx of refugees as of 17 June: 479,223

Number of refugees leaving Albania on:

07 Jul 1999 description

Organized repatriation is running at capacity and refugees continue to return spontaneously using their own transport. In addition, some NGOs and local government representatives have arranged other transport for groups of refugees. When not coordinated with the EMG, this adds to the overstrained workload of reception facilities in Kosovo; there have been examples of uncoordinated transport having put refugees at risk, for example the arrival of buses with refugees after curfew in Pristina. Please coordinate all movements with the EMG.

05 Jul 1999 description

The Emergency Management Group (EMG) has been restructured around four themes in order to facilitate timely response to the shifting needs of the refugees during the transitional phase and to provide a smooth transition between crisis response and post-crisis rehabilitation. The new cells are: repatriation (including security and logistics), winterization, rehabilitation and information. (See Information, below, for details.)