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16 Oct 2017 description


The El Niño climate event in 2015 and 2016 caused widespread drought and frost in Papua New Guinea (PNG), peaking in late 2015 and breaking in early 2016. With three-quarters of the population reliant on their gardens for food security, only 40% of the population having access to an improved water source and only 19% of the population having access to an improved sanitation facility, the drought impacts were considerable.

24 Apr 2017 description

The people of Nipa in the Southern Highlands Province will have increased access to healthcare services with the opening of the Nipa District Hospital, and proper and more efficient electricity through rural electrification program.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, opened the new hospital and electrification project in Nipa on Thursday.

Thousands of people converged on Nipa Station from Mendi, Kutubu and the neighbouring Hela Province to witness the opening by their Prime Minister.

16 Jan 2017 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has announced that Cabinet will consider a comprehensive policy to strengthen the national road network, with high attention provided to dealing with damage caused by extreme weather that is made worse by climate change.

PM O’Neill also issued a stern warning to individuals who might seek to profit from road closures and public inconvenience, or might seek to obstruct public officials, saying these actions will be dealt with through prison terms.

23 Nov 2016 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has welcomed the commitment of fellow APEC Leaders to strengthen food security around the region, that he said will benefit both the people and food producers of Papua New Guinea.

After APEC Leaders delivered their Lima Declaration this week, the Prime Minister said APEC’s focus on regional food security will not only strengthen economies, but will open up skills training and technical support for Papua New Guinea.

18 Aug 2016 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, met with Australia’s Immigration Minster, Hon. Peter Dutton MP, in Port Moresby today specifically to discuss progress being made to close down the Manus Regional Processing Centre.

Following the meeting, Prime Minister O’Neill said he was satisfied that officials from Papua New Guinea and Australia were making progress and further announcements will be made in due course.

“Both Papua New Guinea and Australia are in agreement that the centre is to be closed,” PM O’Neill said.

09 Aug 2016 description

La Niña A Possibility in 2016

With the continued cooling of the Eastern Pacific, the chances of La Niña happening in 2016 stands at a 50% chance.

Even though the current indicators are all pointing to a neutral conditions towards the end of this year, the chances of La Niña forming during August-September-October is more likely than ever. All climate models are predicting that the cooling of the Eastern Pacific will continue, thereby suggesting increase chances of the possibility of La Niña developing towards the end of this year.

30 Jun 2016 description

The National Executive Council has appointed retired judge, Justice Warwick Andrew, as the Chair of the Commission of Inquiry into recent violence at university campus around the nation.

Justice Andrew will be supported by a team of technical and legal experts that will soon be appointed.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said the Commission of Inquiry was essential in helping to better understand what transpired in recent weeks, as well as to preventing a repeat in the future.

02 Jun 2016 description


  • WFP and UNICEF are planning to implement the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for food supply and nutrition assistance, during May 2016, to four severely food insecure Local Level Governments (LLGs) in Hela and Enga Provinces;

  • WFP conducted an assessment in Milne Bay area (April 2016);

  • Care International has been supporting the communities in Gumine in Simbu (Chimbu) Province with various food security related activities (March 2016);

04 May 2016 description

WHP Provincial Division of Agriculture and Livestock (PDAL) under the management of Mr Martin Pitt indicated major capacity gap faced by the province in their daily programs and given the disasters, Mr Pitt and his two senior officers expressed disparity and request capacity building assistance both in agriculture and provincial disaster office.

02 Mar 2016 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has been brought up to date with current recovery activities underway following drought and heavy rains in various parts of the country.

PM O’Neill said more than 25 million Kina has been spent by the national Government on recovery efforts since the drought situation worsened.

“The drought that has affected parts of the country has been severe and impacted on millions of people,” the Prime Minister said.

02 Mar 2016 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has announced that Papua New Guinea will this week provide 5.5 million Kina to Fiji for the recovery effort following cyclone Winston last week.

PM O’Neill said the funding is intended to purchase shelter, food and medicine for people affected by the serious tropical storm.

“We hope this funding will make a difference for many people who have lost family members, have lost their houses, lost their possessions and lost their sources of food,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

15 Feb 2016 description

This study aims to identify and document local indigenous knowledge related to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It presents a collection of indigenous practices that were developed over time by communities in PNG, in response to a variety of hazards including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, floods, droughts, landslides and tsunamis.

19 Nov 2015 description

There is a need for Papua New Guinea to develop a regional relief assistance framework that will build links across Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies.

This is given the fact that PNG faces major threats on natural disasters and this framework will help to develop regional and global solutions and responses.

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato said this in Manila after giving a rundown on the El Nino effect, among others.

10 Nov 2015 description

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O'Neill CMG MP, has announced that seedlings for hybrid drought resistant crops that can better cope with El Niño conditions will be distributed through drought and frost affected areas of the country.

PM O'Neill said the Government, working in co-operation with the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), will see the dispersal of seeds for growing in districts as part of the medium to long-term Government response strategy to ongoing drought and frost risk.