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04 Sep 2002 description

The International Seminar on Displacement: Implications and Challenges for Governance, Democracy and Peace

Bogota, Colombia, September 4, 2002 - I would like to express my solidarity with the participants of this international seminar who are seeking to raise greater awareness to the plight of internally displaced persons in Colombia and to find effective and practical solutions for the problems that they face.

01 Apr 2002 description

Aiming to compile reliable and agreed statistics and mark out the scope of responsibility of particular institutional mechanisms, this discussion paper explores the issue of when an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) ceases to be an IDP. For this purpose it examines the following topics:

- Guidance that can be distilled from the Guiding Principles
- Relevance and implications of the issue of cessation in the refugee experience
- Case studies where internal displacement has been, or may risk being, determined to have ended
- Possible criteria for consideration

04 Feb 2002 description

Statement by Erin D. Mooney
Deputy Director, Brookings Institution-CUNY Project on Internal Displacement

Presented at UNDP Workshop: "Lessons Learning from Experience for Afghanistan"

01 Dec 2001 description

This compilation of material on internal displacement is intended for both scholars and practitioners interested in gaining a better understanding of internal displacement and the national, regional and international strategies being developed to address the problem. In addition to geographic categories, the following themes are discussed:

- Basic texts and sources of information
- Web resources
- Early writings on internal displacement
- General overview of displacement
- Legal framework
- Institutional framework
- Vulnerable groups

21 Sep 2001 description

A seminar on internal displacement in Indonesia was held on June 26-27, 2001 in Jakarta to focus on the large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in that country and identify ways of improving the national and international response. Conference participants called for more concerted efforts by the Government of Indonesia to address the needs of IDPs (now numbering more than one million).

01 May 2001 description

This report examines internal displacement in the Americas, including its distictive features and the problems affecting the internally displaced. In addition, innovative efforts in addressing the crisis at national and regional levels and the use of the Guiding Principles for IDPs are considered.

The report aims to provide guidance to those working on forced displacement in the Americas, but is also of relevance to problems of displacement in other parts of the world.