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18 Jul 2006 description

Australia is ready to assist Indonesia and surrounding region after an earthquake off the coast of West Java last night was followed by a tsunami, the Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said today.

The tremor was felt in Jakarta 355 km from the epicentre. Several small hotels along Pangandaran Beach have been destroyed with damage also to Cipatujah-Tasikmalaya, Cilacap and Kebumen.

Mr Ruddock said Emergency Management Australia (EMA) was on standby should Indonesia request any assistance.

31 May 2006 description

A team of medical personnel departs today for Yogyakarta as part of the Australian aid effort to the quake ravaged region.

28 May 2006 description

The Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has approved the activation of a mass casualty evacuation plan to bring injured people from East Timor to Darwin for treatment.

29 Mar 2005 description

Three strong earthquakes have occured below the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra with the possibility of a tsunami affecting islands in the region.

08 Mar 2005 description

Australia is leading a United Nations disaster assessment team being sent to help cyclone torn Pacific nations, Attorney-General Philip Ruddock announced today.

An officer from Emergency Management Australia (EMA), a Division of the Attorney-General's Department, has departed for the Pacific nation of Tokelau, joined by environmental damage and disaster recovery assessors from Samoa and Papua New Guinea to advise local administrators struggling to review devastation caused by recent Tropical Cyclones Olaf and Percy.

Mr Ruddock said the inclusion of EMA disaster assessment …

06 Jan 2005 description

The Australian Government is poised to provide additional public health and technical support to help restore vital infrastructure destroyed by the tsunami in Banda Aceh in Indonesia and the Maldives.

This follows requests for assistance from the Indonesian Government for urgently needed plastic water bottles and a public health team to further enhance the rehabilitation of communities in and around Banda Aceh.

The Maldives Government has asked for help to assess damaged critical airport navigational aids, aviation fire vehicles and equipment to restore safe aviation operational …

01 Jan 2005 description

"Guiding principles for school based response following disasters" outlines how shools should address the psychosocial effects of major disassters to children, drawing on the experience from the Indian Ocean tsunami.

15 Apr 2004 description

Torrential rain has caused widespread flooding in and around Fiji's capital, Suva, creating fresh havoc among homes, shops and crops.

29 Feb 2004 description

Australia is responding to the needs of Vanuatu's cyclone-torn community, by sending emergency consequence management advisers and emergency shelter and water supplies Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said today.

01 Jan 2003 description

This handbook provides information for senior emergency risk managers dealing with critical infrastructure. For this purpose, it deals with the following issues:

- Establish the context
- Identify risks
- Analyse risk
- Evaluate risks
- Treat risks
- Monitor and review
- Communication and consultation

01 Jan 2003 description

The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practitioners with insights, principles and strategies in key facets of assessment and delivery of psychological services in the disaster context. They aim to facilitate recovery, ensure ethical practice and to protect victims and support workers in their respective roles and have been endorsed by the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. The following sections are developped:

- Basis for the provision of psychological services
- Concepts of the psychological effects in disaters
- Psychological service providers

31 Dec 2002 description

This booklet outlines some practical steps to help you be better prepared for an emergency and to let you know what to do if one occurs. The following sections are developped:

- Preparing for emergencies
- What to do if an emergency occurs
- How to cope emotionally
- First aid tips.

The document is intended for those who have never experienced a major emergency and wish to understand better which impact an emergency can have on them and their family.

30 Sep 2002 description

These Guidelines for emergency managers working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities offer practical guidelines for providing equitable and accessible emergency services.

Based on the principle of "inclusiveness", the Guidelines have been tailored to assist emergency managers and practitioners in creating "safer sustainable communities" by advancing community and agency dialogue.

04 Jan 2002 description

About 20 tonnes (t) of emergency relief supplies will be transported early tomorrow in a Defence Force Hercules C130 from Australia to Tonga following extensive housing and infrastructure damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Waka on New Year's Eve.

Coordinated by Emergency Management Australia (EMA), the request from the Tongan Government for Federal Government assistance has been approved by Attorney-General Daryl Williams, who is responsible for EMA.

Some 6000 people in the Vavau group of islands in the north of the Kingdom lost their homes when Cyclone Waka passed directly over …

01 Jan 2002 description

These Guidelines provide an explanation of the process of loss assessment, and examines the steps required to carry out an economic assessment of disaster losses. For this purpose, it looks at the following issues:

- The framework for disaster loss assessment
- Disaster loss assessment process
- Loss assessment and disaster mitigation

Though focusing on the assessment of losses from hazards that produce inundation, the principles and much of the supporting material would apply to assessments of loss from other hazards.

01 Jan 2002 description

These guidelines seek to demonstrate how integrated land use planning can be used to reduce the impact of natural hazards and avoid risk to life, property and environmental systems from natural hazards. For this purpose, it considers the following:

- Natural hazards and disasters
- Managing risk
- Strategic planning and the performance-based approach
- Role of land use planning systems
- Integrating risk reduction into land use planning process

13 Dec 1999 description

Location: East Timor
Incident Date: 6 September 1999

05 Oct 1999 description

Location: East Timor
Incident Date: 6 September 1999

24 Sep 1999 description

Location: Taiwan
Incident Date: 21 September 1999