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09 Aug 2017 description

WCLAC contributes to the upcoming universal periodical review for Israel – This year, WCLAC contributed to the Human Right’s Council’s Universal Periodical Review for Israel by submitting a report on the situation in Israel/ Palestine regarding the treatment of Palestinian women, and presence of gender based violence. WCLAC put forth recommendations to Israel to identify specific issues which are having the largest and most detrimental effect on women.

30 Jun 2017 description

WCLAC’s director, Ms.Randa Siniora, participates in special side-event on Violence Against Women: The Case of Palestinian Women Under Occupation – During the 35th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva this month, WCLAC’s director co-organised and participated in a special side-event which brought together women’s rights advocates to address and discuss the aspects of occupation which have a detrimental effect on Palestinian women. Advocates analysed how occupational violence is intertwined into gender based violence in Palestinian society and family.

12 Feb 2017 description

In 2016 UN Resolutions promote the rights of Palestinian women and people: WCLAC contently welcomed the achievements made at the international level in 2016 to promote Palestinian women's and people’s rights. The approved UN resolution on the "Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women" provided deeper insights on the field reality while calling for occupying power's accountability.

16 May 2016 description

Palestinians commemorate Palestinian Prisoners’ Day – On 17 April 2016 Palestinians commemorated Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. Latest prison statistics, issued on 29 February 2016, show a total of 6204 Palestinian political prisoners have been held in Israeli detention facilities. Among them were 39 female prisoners and 12 girls all of whom were held in prisons inside Israel in violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is estimated that between 750,000 and 800,000 Palestinian men, women and children have been detained by Israel since 1967.

08 Mar 2016 description
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The Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council (PHROC) is gravely concerned with ongoing attacks against Al-Haq, in particular the death threats targeting its employees, including its General Director, Mr.
Shawan Jabarin, by external and organised sources. PHROC stands in solidarity with Al-Haq along with other Palestinian human rights organisations confronting the Israeli occupation by promoting the rule of law as a means to attain freedom and the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people.

05 Oct 2015 description

WCLAC submission to the UN on settler violence – On 2 September, WCLAC lodged a submission with two UN Special Rapporteurs providing an update on the situation on the ground relating to the impact of settler violence on women in the West Bank. This follows the publication of a UN report on Israeli settlement activity in January 2013 (UN Report) which found, inter alia, that the establishment of the settlements has fragmented the West Bank placing at risk the possibility of a Palestinian State, and by implication, a viable two state solution – a stated policy goal of the US, EU and UN.

26 Jun 2015 description

[26 June 2015] – Today, WCLAC lodged a submission with four UN Special Rapporteurs concerning the widespread and systematic use of night raids by the Israeli military on Palestinian family homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The submission details the devastating impact that repeated night raids have on affected communities and is supported by 100 testimonies collected from women in 34 locations who experienced raids in 2014 and 2015.

02 Feb 2015 description

ICC Prosecutor opens a preliminary examination of the situation in Palestine – On 16 January 2015, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, opened a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine.

29 Jan 2015 description

On 26 November 2014, a woman from Silwan, in East Jerusalem, is attacked by a group of settlers who try to drag her into a vehicle.

Sana lives with her husband and children in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan. Her youngest child is three-years-old. Sana suffers from severe migraines for which she need specialized medical help. “On 26 November 2014, I had a migraine all day. I took my medication but nothing seemed to help.”

18 Jan 2015 description

Testimony - On 10 December 2014, a group of settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian home in the West Bank village of Al Mughayer. Halimeh lives with her husband and children in the West Bank village of Al Mughayer. Halimeh’s youngest child is aged five. “On 10 December 2014, at about 12:30 a.m., my husband and I woke to the sound of someone trying to open our front door. We looked out of the window and saw a group of Israeli settlers and soldiers accompanied by a number of military vehicles.

02 Dec 2014 description

The New York Times: Minority life in Israel - My mother, Zakia, was so proud that my sister and I spoke better Hebrew than Arabic. Osman, my father, believed that by achieving the highest levels of education, we would one day be treated as equal in our country, Israel. He sincerely believed that Palestinians capable of articulating their narrative would win the hearts and minds of Israeli Jews. My parents believed in the promise of a democracy that transcends ethnicity. I still retain that dream, but it is tested every time I go home.

31 Oct 2014 description

Testimony – A woman describes being attacked by settlers during the Olive harvest - On 11 October 2014, a woman and her husband are attacked by a group of Israeli settlers as they harvested their olive trees. Alla lives with her husband and three daughters in the West Bank village of Yasuf. The village is surrounded by three Israeli settlements of Tappuah, Kfar Tappuah and Rechalim. “On 11 October, at about 10:30 a.m., my husband and I were picking olive trees on our land located near the settlement of Tappuah.

04 Sep 2014 description

[4 September 2014] – On 26 August an open-ended ceasefire came into effect bringing an end to the latest fighting in and around Gaza. During the previous 50 days of armed conflict 2,104 Palestinians were killed, including 253 women (12 per cent) and 495 children (24 per cent). During the same period, 69 Israelis were killed including four civilians (6 per cent). According to the UN, at least 69 per cent of Palestinians killed were civilians.

04 Sep 2014 description

Gaza: 50 days of conflict - On 26 August an open-ended ceasefire came into effect bringing an end to the latest fighting in and around Gaza ("Operation Protective Edge"). During the previous 50 days of armed conflict 2,104 Palestinians were killed, including 253 women (12 per cent) and 495 children (24 per cent). During the same period, 69 Israelis were killed including four civilians (6 per cent). According to the UN, at least 69 per cent of Palestinians killed were civilians.

04 Aug 2014 description

Gaza – On 8 July, Israeli forces commenced bombarding the Gaza Strip from land, sea and air. Ten days later ground forces moved into Gaza with the stated purpose of destroying tunnels and halting rocket fire. This Bulletin is devoted entirely to the conflict in Gaza.

15 Jul 2014 description

Tensions rise after the abduction of children – June was marked by a rise in Israeli military activity in the West Bank following the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers who were hitchhiking in occupied territory on 12 June. Nineteen days later the bodies of the three teenagers were found in shallow graves a few kilometres from where they were abducted. Reports indicate they were murdered shortly after being taken. While no organization claimed responsibility, the Israeli authorities attributed the act to a Hamas cell.

21 Jun 2014 description

The recent wave of arrests, attacks, killings and total closure of large parts of the West Bank following the disappearance of three Israeli settlers is a clear form of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. Since the disappearance of the three settlers on Thursday 12 June, Israeli forces in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, have killed a Palestinian man, Ahmad Sabarin, 20, and have arrested approximately 200 Palestinians across the West Bank.

03 Jun 2014 description

Night raids in the West Bank continue – As part of WCLAC’s ongoing monitoring programme, women in the West Bank record the number of night raids that are conducted by the Israeli military into their local communities. In April, the village of An Nabi Saleh (population: 600), which is situated approximately 15 kilometres north of Ramallah, was raided by the Israeli military on five separate occasions at night. The village is situated 500 metres away from the Israeli settlement of Halamish (population: 1153) which was established in 1977 in violation of international law.

08 May 2014 description

In this joint letter, Palestinian and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, urge Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to ensure that Palestine pursues the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) by promptly acceding to the Rome Statute and/or filing a further declaration accepting the Court’s jurisdiction over crimes committed on Palestinian territory from 1 July 2002.

23 Oct 2013 description

Name: Samaher B.
Age: 35 Location: Mak-hul, West Bank Date of incident: 23 September 2013 Nature of incident: Property destruction

On 23 September 2013, Israeli forces entered a small Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley and destroyed a number of homes.